My man!
Here I am sitting on the toilet doing this shit for a retard
So what’s the GME high going to be in March?!
God Bless the TSLA bulls. They paid off my student loans, my car loans, and soon a healthy college fund for the kids.\n\n\nThey are the real selfless heroes and we can't thank them enough.
Is Mutual Fund Monday a real thing and does that mean my calls possibly aren’t fucked
Wall Street failing = economy tanking which results in people losing jobs. So unless you are rich enough, or have a job that thrives in times of economic distress then you shouldn't want the market to fall.
this is the way
I’m good at buy high, sell low in a panic
Sometimes it can, but not always
That's what I thought bitch 😎
There are some ETF that's roughly track the price. Or you can always go with oil companies.
clearly 2+2 would make it clear that you just answered your own question you salty fish , quit tweaking !!! LOL
Where was I agreeing or disagreeing with anyone's opinion? Can you specifically point it out because I didn't. I asked a user about scrubbing their history from their account. Pretty simple.
Unpopular stance, but I plan on still using RH for options. Getting approval on other platforms is more challenging than RH (especially if ur a poor). Got TD for ROTH, and I plan on moving to WeBull for stocks. Sorry everyone
This is the confirmation bias I was looking for
This guy fucks! This is what we need! Now get this stonk past $800!!!
you can suck peter thiels and alex karps dick
Plan B
Hold on, so you're telling me you think investing in GME will bring down the entire market, and, give me a minute, you think that would be a good idea.\n\n The thing is, I don't think you're wrong, but you should probably take into account the psychology- a very visible irrational GME number is telling everyone the market is unstable, freaking them out, and making them want to sell. \n\nI however, just a piddly nobody with less than 30k in my 401k turned IRA cannot pull that shit off the market once I put in. I'm sure lots of brokeass people are in the same boat.\n\nMy point is, DEAR BABY JESUS STAHP.
I've managed to buy all the peaks so... yeah... Not very good at this am I?\n\n​\n\nBut all and all I've averaged from 330 to 200. So it's something (insert stickfigure trying to do ballet\*
What’s the current short interest on GME?
It's in a better place. Its on a farm in vermont where it can run free and have all the treats it wants
Chamath says: \n\n <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">And then sell to retail at $100B or greater, it will be the ultimate form of stock manipulation. <br><br>If the stock snaps back at a much lower valuation, each private txn preceding the DL seems manipulative.<br><br>Good luck to all the players...I’m sitting out. The process stinks.</p>\&mdash; Chamath Palihapitiya (@chamath) <a href="\_src=twsrc%5Etfw">February 25, 2021</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>
He is just hyping up stonk he is bagholding while making unrealistic bet so he won’t get banned.
This is the G M E thread.
I've had a life long addiction to learning, information, conversation and reading. I'm hooked on stocks now, an itch in my brain. Friends want my time during market hours, I told them to pretend I was an unrepentant chain smoker who would be going outside at least every 15 min to look at my phone, otherwise there is no way I'm going to be able to consintrate. And I only have about $100 in the game.
Yeah when you can’t refute any of the well reasoned logic you just have to laugh and insult and hope nobody notices you’re so wrong you couldn’t come back with anything. Enjoy your losses. Thanks for giving your money to me and my short positions.
Is there any point in learning about the stock market? Can we consistently gain an edge?\n\nFor example, Michael Burry and Cathie Wood have opposing views on Tesla. Both are well respected in the investing world.\n\nFor bit currencies, JPMorgan/Warren Buffett bashed it so hard while Paypal/Fidelity/Tesla embraced it.\n\nThere are so many opposing views on almost any stocks/assets from respectable individuals and entities. You could be standing on any side and some big figures have the same stance as you. Only on hindsight you will know who is correct.\n\nI guess the only point of learning about the stock market is to avoid truly shitty companies. What do you guys think?
Except the fines aren't massive and there are no real sanctions. FTD is a joke and being abused.
Keeping em warm in your GF’s mouth
It could be worse: they could have played pltr.
By Sumer time AMC WILL BE $850 no bs
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"Hey- Lots of interest in AMC. Let's put our most junior market maker on it, not net out long and short positions this week, and go into expiry without having hedged our theoretically unlimited exposure"- said no market making firm, ever.
Hahahahahahahahaha my view is contrarian dummy yours is mainstream lolol can’t wait to come back to this. We’ll talk soon 😘
Gonna sell some CSPs on PLTR at market open Monday and if I get assigned it would still bring my cost average down 😂
I see the logic, depression means lots of time on the couch.. Cheap and tradeable games can be found at GameStop.. No need to be rich to go there to get quality, besides, you want your kids happy and occupied so you can get some peace of mind during this rough period.
so many heroes out there guiding the flock. Thank you brother. I had zero interest in stock/investing because quite frankly it's just not a star in my orbit - but no longer. People like you, u/HeyItsPiixel et al have helped me make sense of it all. Though i'm cautious about positions that people post, my due diligence usually rules in favor of their strategy. \n\nanyway... thanks for taking the time to lay calm. I'm an emotional buyer so this is much needed insight.
Watching for Japan/Australia this afternoon/night to potentially continue or break the trend
Maybe a little bit of both honestly.... I think initially they were on the losing side big time and I’m almost 100% certain that they covered quite a bit when people were unable to purchase shares of conveniently restricted companies on many different platforms and market manipulation was rampant only allowing people to sell and not buy and raising margin requirements forcing positions to be closed and driving the price Down I saw a very similar thing happened in 2011 when Silver and Gold Hit all time highs and they raised margin requirements on SLV AND GLD many times over in order to suppress the price and force people to close positions and it worked That combined with the FEDS quantitative easing and buying mortgage backed securities to keep interest rates low and money cheap encouraging spending to give this false illusion that the economy is fine and running on all cylinders.... Anyway no one can know for certain if the hedge funds have been buying call positions to cover their shorts, I’m almost certain they are,.... however it might not just be the hedge funds that are shorting the stocks any longer I feel like a lot more retail investors also started shorting these stocks just as much as the people who are buying it and one thing is for certain stock can go infinitely higher but it only can go so low, plus with all the exposure all over the Internet and television/news outlets over the past 2 months talking about these meme stocks being a joke they might as well just be encouraging regular retail investors on TV to short these (MEME) companies and capitalize on the retail investor shorting this time while holding and adding to long positions themselves hence possibly screwing over the retail investor in the opposite direction this time. \nAgain this is all speculation but there’s a lot of short interest still in these stocks and it’s coming from somebody and we can capitalize on it again. I’ll be honest I really feel like a lot of these hedge funds probably closed ALOT BUT NOT ALL SHORT POSITIONS and covered their short positions when many of these brokerages were preventing people from buying and the price dropped like a rock it only makes sense it was a short window for them and I’m almost 100% sure they capitalized on it who is shorting the stocks right now?... Who knows but somebody is in there are a lot of them and when the stocks go up it’s a very bad time for them. Next week should be exciting
Give me some confirmation bias will STONK go money
The entire thing is a casino, it’s someone else willing to pay more for something than you did in the future(a gamble). Anyone who attempts to wrap it up as anything else eats way more crayons than me. The day they pulled the plug proved it to me, the machine starts to pay out to the wrong gambler they modify it. Please drop back to $40 again so I can load up on options and shares. 50 @ $137 not gonna sell until there is a real squeeze.
Cream inside
Low entry fee to chase tendies. Chasing is what concerns me
Anything positive with $WKHS or is it over bros
Apple Partner Foxconn to Form EV Partnership With Fisker
(Bloomberg) -- Foxconn Technology Group will develop an electric vehicle with Fisker Inc., part of the manufacturer’s efforts to boost its automotive capabiliti...
Different OP. Karma farm
There won’t be any trading for meme stocks and you will loose everything
As a reptilian i approve
Please realize they're happy to lose millions on accidentally benefitting another counterparty, and that it's not *all* hedgefunds colluding but likely only a handful, the ones with GME short positions.\n\nThey stand lose billions in the best case, and *literally go so bankrupt that even the owners' personal assets are threatened.*\n\nThey are backed into a corner and the punishment for being caught cheating is a slap on the wrist and a wink from their future employees. Do you honestly think these people, who *have already previously been convicted of actual market manipulation*, some *multiple times* and fined *millions* already, wouldn't cheat?
New ape sells when all apes sell
They’re so irresponsible here that starting monday we can’t even leave town boundaries.
That influx of fresh stimulus money from all US Apes are gonna kick these rocket engines in to place and fuck the HFs right in the ass! \n\n$800 is not a moon!
I'm blind in the morning.....
Could be Dichael Gordan too.
These are the convos I’m on Reddit for
You maybe right but I don’t know those countries. Could you point a couple out and their payout per person in USD?
I’ve been watching classic Wall Street movies like some kind of poser.
Doesn't mean they're gonna marry you.
Remindme! Two weeks “This guy laughed at a wiser and successful investor who tried to help him and save him from epic losses. Ask him if he’s still laughing.”
$AMC is basically storebrand $GME 😆
U are home
I’d like to name you king of the retards
Tfym rebroke? Everyone always say oh yeah gme it will go up so much and then there are ppl like you with this negativity bruh
No, I bought stock because of FOMO and this group over hyping it to the point of a Ponzi. You are essentially victim blaming because I was sold a bill of good by the wolf of Wall Street. These are chicken Hawks at their finest
Fuuuckkk I gotta stop procrastinating shit and get off this sub. 95% of my account is in cash rn what am I even doing\n\nEdit: Hey mods, mind giving my like a 12 hour ban so I'm actually productive today?
Ok but he said restrict buying. Not the same thing as an exchange halt. So?
I told myself id never play apple again lmao. Good luck tho
Eating some chicken tendies in honor of you fucking cunts.
Here’s my take after doing research: PLTR his 50 in the next 6 months, can’t hold price so it dips slowly over the rest of the year. Closes the year out below their IPO value. By 2024 it’s a penny stock.
You forgot the biggest drawback of WS. No option trading.
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Im in 56 @ $29.5ish and even though Ive might have jumped the ship a little too fast, I have full faith in their business.\n\nThey have been getting big goverment deals and they are moving more into retail as well. From my understanding they are also gonna help keeping an overview of who have been vaccinated for covid.\n\nIt has a high chance of going places and staying at those places because of their sticky model. They become rooted into the bunisesses they have contracts with.\n\n&#x200B;\n\nIf GME goes to the moon there is a good chance some of that is being tossed into PLTR.
The memes should be the movie
Remindme! 5 days "is he retarded"
Its supposed to be a free market. Except we don't have a free market. The only fears I've had is that the sec would step in and screw us out of the moon again. But last night I got drunk with my wife's boyfreind. He really inspired me. He said "you know man if this does go down and these apes make hostery. Your gonna regret it for the rest of your life. And if you lose it all. It's ok. I'll spot you gas to get to work." So fuck it. I'm YOLO n at 98. He'll that will be the lowest I've bought anyway. I like the stock.\n\nEdit: it wasn't financial advice. My wife's boyfriend is slightly retarded.
Sir, this is a casino.
Imagine GME indefinitely sitting on the NYSE at 420,690 a share lol
This is a very important point. Also ISM and ADP reports on Monday and Wednesday might hint if the forecast of +105,000 for Feb is realistic. Let’s hope the forecast is way off like in Jan. \n\nOnly thing I plan to do Monday to Thursday is buy more GME if it slips below $80.
From what I’ve seen, it will likely have some support at about $91.00 and then who knows what happens... The stimulus could make quite an impact as well. \n\nIt certainly feels like it’s possible that HFs are willing to break any and every law written under the notion that whatever punishment they could receive isn’t as bad as their potential losses.
This will 100 percent not happen but I enjoy the future loss you post
AMC isn’t a value play when it’s priced 4x higher than it was pre-pandemic.
Has bills to pay, yet probably just threw away $300 on whim before it blew up recently.
Baby like actual puppy or just call him your baby? Sucks good luck
I am now investing in DRUGS since I am far past the using stage ...we have now advanced to spinal injection stage & I couldn’t be more retarded
He don't think it do like it did but it done.
I’m not selling till 100k. I want to bleed then dry and then some.
Sub 40 by open
This might be the most smooth brained thing I've ever seen.
Fuck onions
yeah, and theres 20% more stock out there now so there won't be a squeeze, and AMC isn't in good shape financially, they just arent QUITE as fucked as they were before. Streaming is going to fucking decimate them, and the year long lockdown has pretty much turned everyone into an introvert so I wouldnt expect much more than a brief resurgence of people wanting to go to the movies before they remember why they stopped going 5 years ago.
IF you lost you lost bcs of ... was what i wrote
I'm a semi pro advantage player actually. But yes am also ape
My hands are locked up so hard I'm turning my yellow crayon into 💎
try to blaze my own path so I don't get viewed as a barnacle
also their cost structure is very sensitive to low-wage labor, so they'll be a lot less profitable if the minimum wage gets hiked
Dude no way, Patrick Mahomes is here?
It’s hedge funds vs hedge funds, we are just riding the waves.
Fuck I’m really about to up my measly shares of 1 gme up to 5 arent I? Lol taxes and stimmy coming things are about to get wild.
When do the futures of the futures open?
Never used RH. Have been using webull for a few months while learning to read charts. Tried fidelity, td/tos, vanguard, schwab, but could not get used to the interfaces, webull’s felt easier to use and I really like their approach to custom layouts and tabs.
This sub is sleeping on lean hog prices. Easy money.
This is how I understood it too. OP could have simply sold some of his assets for margin requirements, and doing so he would have realized gains. Not a loss porn at all with a margin call that forces you to realize huge loss
This is the way
So is GME to $500 happening this year no matter what?
This seems accurate
me fail english?\n\nthats umpossible
Did I say anything about diamond hands? I made 20x that...
Thanks for the downvote for a well thought out contrarian view, 🤡. Enjoy your 80% losses coming. You deserve them.
You heard it here first folks. Cat said meow to buy! Buy buy buy
Imagine smashing a fortune 100 son/daughter and not realizing til later that you could’ve inherited a shit load of money
I’m not in GME but wish you the best
Better then me. I bought it off a tip from a random Chinese Broker. Since then what I've read is good though lol
Hahahahahahahhahahahahahaha can’t wait to come back to this one 😂📈
They may have fallen off this rocket, buy they will damn well be on the next!
If you can afford to lose money every week there will be one week where you make a bunch back.\n\nNot sure on the ROI tho
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There is nothing wrong. People are clearly misinterpreting the fact that these would be covered calls. Also, people here have no idea about ccs. Checkout th r/ thetagang .\n\nYou are selling the contracts, purchasing more shares with the premiums, selling contracts with those shares etc. You've found a high IV stock that has a lot of upside for the future so the calls are priced high.\n\nIf I were to do this -- sell $35-40 strikes. The premiums are still ridiculously high (9.65) and you give yourself way more upside if the stock increases to those levels.\n\nThe main drawbacks are if the stock surges to $60 you're going to cry. Also, if it surges to $50 and drops to $10 you never had the chance to cash out. You'd have no liquidity and if for some reason you need those funds you'd have to buy to close and it could potentially ruin all profits and end in a negative.\n\nBUT if you have 1.2 million that you don't need til 01/23 this is absolutely a play with a high floor. There is a reason no one gave you legit reasons why this wouldn't work.
Have you filed bankruptcy yet? Also why not post from your alts? You know you have a typo in this account right....?
I agree we are likely collapsing. \n\nI'm trying to set myself up as an /r/offgrid /r/homestead farmer to hedge against it. \n\nIt's my understanding that the Trump campaign came to the conclusion that more people dying would be good for their message.
Officer Duffy Reporting For Duty\n\nPlease Tell Us More \n\nWell When I Was 8 Years And I Stayed In Bulgaria
Violà there it is
>It was my first wsb post\n\nSince 5 minutes?
What are you talking about?
Buying 50 more GME Monday morning
Saylor & MSTR on the fast track to insolvency. Sold debt to double down on fake internet money and are -$180M in five days
Every morning drink a gallon of really cold water and go vegan for a month. Make sure you take vitamins as well.
What source is this? Lol
Buy amc
Oh hey Eric Thomas.
They'll just get a government bail out to pay us then turn around and give them self's bonuses . Classic
Ah so this is the guy I buy my TSLA puts from.\n\nThank you for your sacrifice, and paying my bills.
They did prevent buying for some period of time. I have a screenshot of it saved when I tried to buy and got an error message saying “that stock symbol doesn’t exist.”
What a dumbass claim that obviously won't come true. I'll one-up you and tattoo the wsb guy's full body on my taint if PLTR hits Elon's favorite number by EOY. My asshole would make a great lens for his sunglasses.
Buy low, sell high. Which part do you struggle with?
FSR opinions?
Same; I'm up 500% this month. But I know what happens if that evaporates, I end up depositing more and that's where the real risk starts. Wishing you well, just be careful out their brother
Oddly enough, I worked for a funeral home for a bit. \nOdd place to work. \nQuiet customers though.
we will win the war \nwe will take it to the \nbillionaires in their bunkers \nwhat's theirs will become ours
the share because its still worth 3x all that
Lol if you are getting your info from wsb you have the smoothest brain and we appreciate you, frankly the amount of people on this Reddit currently is diluting good information I encourage YOU to do research in less emotion driven biased areas, that being said I love it here and the confirmation bias makes me hodl
bruh teh senate monkies ar gunna pass it \n\n&#x200B;\n\ncause we apes demand it
What would you do if you were the son/daughter of a fortune 100? (Other than trading)
Can we have a quick guess from everyone regardless if your holding predictions on amc and gme by Friday
Lol you really follow me around just to harass? Damn you’re so cool. How’s small cap penny stock pump doing? You finished your pump run? Did you dump at the top?
this stands to reason
I bet you still didn’t clean up after yourself in the theater tho.
>try the peanut brittle\n\n
Peanut Brittle
If you’d like to try making your own candy, this easy peanut brittle recipe is a perfect place to start. While “brittle” is the term for any combination of suga...
The drugs are short
:checks your overdrawn bank account:\nCringe
Who else is scared to look at their portfolio on monday ?
“Look at the next GameStop”\n\nHow about just looking at any ticker that been shorted 140%... that should do the trick.
Enlighten us.
Intermittent fasting works well for me, I can mostly eat guilt free outside of my fasting period. The best part is that it doesn’t require huge lifestyle changes in diet, but eventually will lead to them!
well done
it's simple. cocaine
Apha and Tilray will be fine right
Hoping we see a nice drive tomorrow get GME pushing that $200 mark!
I will also reload for another 50k when it drops. If it spikes I’m happy that I’m holding already plenty
but dont worry, in the year 2089 all restaurants will be gamestop and you stock will be worth $350 again. Of course with inflation that will actually be about 3.50, but hey.
Ive replied to 3 people with this so far but ape help ape\n\nOnly One King - Tommee Profitt
I have honestly never seen that but it’s possible. I can’t remember if they were located in St. Louis in 98!
Retail investors didn’t build the candle charts either, they just chased them. The institutional traders were the ones that were happy to build that chart and make a market for all of their worthless shares.
If this happens entire market collapses, so apes actually win in the end 😨
Enjoy your weekend you fucks
How I felt all weekend since 4pm Fri. I called my girlfriend and told her I was bored and asked her what I could to go do. That was a mistake.
I’m long on cardboard
Smart cat, I'll take that financial advise all the way to the moon! 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
So... Old accounts that disagree with you were bought and new accounts that disagree with you are sketchy too?\n\nPut your tin hat back on and go back to munching crayons.
Classic ape
That's going to look very questionable when the SEC is questioning them on insider trading, and their source is a retarded ape that purposefully let's them sink for it
My baby dog may have a cruciate injury boys. He’s coming into work with me tomorrow to get checked out. :/
Now THIS GUY fucks!
chick-fil-a, but it's private
Its it triple down??
Haha no I’m going to watch it but I appreciate having a sense of what it’s been doing. Did very minimal research 🙈 read half a DD post and bought shares immediately lol
The buy was way easier to reach\nRigged test! It's a scam! Scamcity up in dis bish\nShams and scams
You mean like how everyone YOLO'd and expected it to hit $800 last friday? And the friday before that? And the friday before that?
Thank you. This is all I wanted with this post. I knew people would call me a shill because that's their default when someone raises a concern but it's worth it if I get some actual answers to my points.
you are a certified looper
Just watch next week. AMC and GME will send out from the crowd AGAIN while all you “smart investors” watch your portfolios bleed AMC and GME will be going UP
The market makers would buy the shares when the calls were purchased. If someone tried to buy 500,000 ITM calls I doubt the market makers would sell them. They don't want to be naked either.
Ok. Thanks. I just did. 🙂
Taking profits by trimming on the way up is not paper handing. There is nothing wrong with trimming, DFV stated this multiple times in his streams. Christ you guys need to actually make some money at some point.
u mad bro?
Yeh the contracts are basically worthless ...... at EOD you might have been able to pick up one. Which even in the money would just be setting your cash on fire even if you exercised it
*flashbacks to Matt Hardy vs Edge/Lita storyline*
I don’t think I had the exact time when I first posted haha. If I don’t get it it’s all good... I still love my job, this one is just my dream one. Actually slightly less money total I think but still.
I think you’re being a bit unnecessarily cyclical and if I may naive. Always remember that price is determined by buyers and sellers
Pascal's wager.
The Moon?!?!?! MuFugga, You in CLEVELAND!!!!! We aint took off yet!!!!!
exactly. 44 million new shares issued. And fools still think that the finra data that comes from ONE brokerage house tells them how many shares are actually available for float.
After this past week, I'm not sure I want it to be
Lmaoo good buy buy may want to rethink your exit
I am invulnerable if I already have 4x my money and it is sitting in my current account doing nothing. I'm playing with house money and I can do high risk/ high reward plays\n\n30% short. They’re not losing anything if you’re in the red.
Cats always land on their feet
Ive met his son, he is a real nice dude
First, if you want to try your hand with monopoly money, download the think or swim app - it's a TDA product. Just do a search on their platform to find it. You have a toggle when you log in that can be real money or paper money. Start it at paper money and get the feel for it. You can play around and make trades using fake money to see how it works. It's a pretty slick program, not only for options trading. \n\nYou need to apply for options trading. You can find it by going to the client services tab, then my profile, then general. You can see on the right hand side what you are approved for, and what you can apply for. To the right of options trading, click apply. You'll need to watch a few minutes of videos first and update your fiancial info with them. \n\nI'm not advocating you trade options. Just showing you where the crayons are. You choose to eat them or not.
PL:DR BUY more! Sell your dog, sell your wife, sell your neighbor's wife and her bf; buy more and hold. This is not financial advice, I'm just a crayon eating tard.\n\nP.S. \nWTS Slightly used wife. Taking payments in form of GME/AMC Shares, coupons (Preferably Mcdonald's), and cash
I don't know whats going on with square dude but I bought at the peak and now I'm down$-48 I don't understand what killed their momentum. 😅😅
At some point in time my portfolio will be green, could be 80 years from - a-ok
Imagine all the timmys you can get after this bud
Agreed. I use Fidelity for Pennystocks and the UI is utter trash. I actually use other websites to track the stocks because it’s that bad. I switched from Robinhood to WeBull for my regular stocks.
Now it’s how long do we have to work to get our savings back haha
Also, isn’t this SD a tactic to pressure the shorts? Plus buybacks?\nRKT mgmt is doing the actual work from the inside. If more retail figures “this out, then 🚀, no?
Put your savings into a highly volatile stock and keep pushing refresh every 2 seconds.
try the peanut brittle
Tax return received \n\nTime to fuk some 🐻
Not really any restaurants tbh. Maybe Starbucks. But in general restaurants aren’t something I like to put money into. Very prone to failure when stuff like covid happens
Okay. What the hells going on ?. This guys barely been here for a month and he can just post on the sub?.where's the mods?
Would you rather have one chipotle share that you can’t sell for three years or a party tray of 50 chipotle bowls/wraps mix/match and 5 free coupons for free chipotle any size any time
Is that really real
If Interstellar was right CORN is the future
You’re not retail? 😂
Are they hiring part time
Logic and experience tell us who’s right before the game even begins. \n\n\nThis stock is higher than it was before the pandemic closed its theaters and made sales drop 91%. Does that make sense to you?\n\nThe company took on credit card like debt at 15-18% interest so that even if all theaters opened tomorrow it would make no profit. \n\nNot only are shares a higher price than they were before the pandemic, there are now 75% more of them. \n\nAnd now the executives are pissing all your money away on bonuses for themselves in this failing business. \n\nAnd you look at all of that and think that’s a recipe for a stock to moon? Unbelievable. If there were a Darwin Award for finance...\n\nThis is a $1 stock. It temporarily went up because it went viral for a second with dumb money who couldn’t read a balance sheet if their life hung in the balance. And that viral moment is over.
You guys really need to learn how legislation works.
been sitting on some april spy puts, hoping for a rally monday to double down. nothing to see here...
Yup. And they were going to be delisted back in the winter of 2020. It’s just institutions selling absolute trash to uninformed investors
I'm 34 and have so many grey hairs a nurse asked me if it was paint in my hair last week\n\nfuck
With fast price movements delta does not always rise very quickly. I didn't check but there would be a lot of ITM options with delta less than 1. Only the very deep ITM will have delta 1 and only those would have been hedged.\n\nThere is truth to the claim that some more buying needs to be done for the ITM options that expired.\n\nWe also need to look at the puts to see how much hedged covering etc is coming.\n\nDidn't do the math though.
Well after that bet, the wife and kids are probably gonna live at the wifes boyfreinds house. So might as well sell or remortgage the house and buy more GME with that too.
This isn’t much worse than June, October, and parts of DEC. relax and see what happens. If it continues then find out what’s next and get your money there. 2020 wasn’t that complicated. 2021 won’t be either.
20 more $AMC for market open! 🚀💎🤲🏼🦍 + 2 more $GME for good measure
No no no. This is a life lesson coming next. Eat the red ones and your stock charts can’t ever be red.\n\nYou’re welcome
You don't have aids.
I like this confirmation bias! Thanks!
I do not understand "Meme". Heard it was pronounced as "MEEM". what it actually means?
Who is your daddy?
For real though, hardest pill to swallow for me by far is this right here
Thank you, Mr one month old account that has no post history other than comments on WallStreetBets shilling _ ticker with rocket emojis in them. With that said, going all in - thanks for the DD u/Trandingoficial.
Too many bears here. Time to hunt.
i prefer french onion
Thanks for taking photos of your screen. Proper screenshots are overrated...
Monday sounds like a party cuz EVERYBODY IS COMING!!! Gonna be orgasmic.
Nice. Congrats man. Idk why the remindme was off by a few days
fucking not chipotle at these prices, thats for sure
omg u a tru patriot, bb
$IDEX seems to be operating without any money. Everything is in the negative. Not sure that’s a positive.
Hahaha I’m fully aware. Just thought it was funny. You should check out the amount of put options on sp500 indexes for March 19. Big money betting on big downturn. Also, there’s a bunch of purchased puts on large sp500 that have nothing to do with GME for March 19 and the week afterwards. Somebody is prepping to profit off of large market downturn.
I've never been more excited for work to end on weekdays. Just rushing home and staring and stocks.\n\n \nEveryone is like "yaaaay! Weekend!" on fridays \n\n\nand I'm all "The fight ends tonight, but the war has just begun...."
that doesnt really mean much. Since pelosi is pushing hard for 15/hr I wouldnt expect that to happen anytime real fast. The house passed it quickly several times last time around, the senate is always the problem. The house would have voted for a 19 trillion package if it had enough money for museums .
Yes thank you. See my comment here. He responded with more garbage eerily similar to other shills I have called out. “Spreading doubt but he is long on it”... yea right. Next step he will remove the post.
You probably own Foxconn despite they basically use slave labor. Get out of here.
Doesnt matter watch
Wendy can ride my pipe to the moon
that's unfortunate
You're definitely the first person to make this joke, but no we don't. Common misconception actually pretty sure it comes from Beavis and Butthead Do America but only medical personnel can do a cavity search. No cop or security guard can touch you.
Beekend bow
Lol uhhhh. “We like the stock” \n\nTell me about their financials. “Uhhh to the moon!”
One can only hope..I would sell all positions and all in PLTR.
big balls bro
TSM, but also look into European manufacturers, they supposedly dont have supply issues and are vertically integrated.
One explanation is how discount rates. In a discounted cash flow model or DCF, the future cash flows attributable to the shareholders is discounted by a rate calculated as riskfree + market risk premium \* beta of the stock. Without overly complicating things, if the risk free increases the discount rate increases and the net present value of the cashflows decrease. Hence the decrease in value.
move yo ass
As a hedgie, I tell you to keep buying gme. I will buy the thing that actually moons.
This made me feel
This is hot af\n\n-Boomer
You’re nuts. I thought your namesake liked value plays? This is it, friend.
I agree - I don’t think a price can truly get stuck. Even at ridiculous amounts; there will ALWAYS be a buyer. Or a seller. Look at Berkshire
Ok but, why even put that button on in the first place? I haven't seen the movie so context is lost on me but still. Did he build that bomb himself? And if so I refer back to my initial question.
Why is everyone so bearish? Bottoms in. We're going to🚀🚀🚀🚀 tomorrow.\n\nStimulus passed.\n\nNew vaccine approval\n\nBond yield dropped
You bought into a stock you don't believe in. You fucked up.
That’s what they want you to think. Sad to see someone brainwashed like this
Monday headline “AMC spikes 1000% because some knuckle dragger bought popcorn this weekend”
Try jiggling the chord.
What restaurant would you buy stock for? Like instead of buying a party tray of chipotle you just buy one share of chipotle kinda thing. Worth?
COVID dropping; People returning to theatres. People want to go to the movies. It will happen . Patience?
No real plays unless news comes out. Everyone is hurting for silicon.
thats the way. whisper designate (not collusion) a price and hold the line. that simple. do it and win...paper hands and lose. squeezers need to be uniformly consistent in their price demand (agreement amongst their slick brains--not colluding) so everyone has the SAME target.
Fr lol
Stop drinking the kool-aid here
that is the difference between the old wsb and the new wsb.
Wang Jainlin and Ding Benxi
If you want it below 120 your best option is to set a limit buy at pre market monday\n\n*not financial advice just a fellow ape
Fidelity showed me contracts available for a per share price around $125 expiring same day 26/2/2021
His name is Orpheus? Sounds like an asshole to me..
Holding GME as long as it takes. No skin off my back making hedgies spend their yacht money
Noticing i have a lot more grey hairs than i did a few weeks ago. Green pls
Not a single doubt that had trading not been stopped in January it would’ve been 700+ by open Friday morning. It WOULD have cleared 1k. I don’t think 10k was feasible, 5k maybe.\n\nAgreed there is a MASSIVE sweet spot at the 500 range due to gamma, I’m really not sure if at this point it’ll clear $1,500. GME is (like another post mentioned) is a meme, it’s running its own course and impossible to predict.
Yes, I'm very sensitive to Bullshit. So I call it out wherever I see it.
Worked as a transporter for a funeral home years ago. First week couldn’t eat lunch, 2 months in got excited when I got called to pick up a decomp.
I am not a cat.\n\n*I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/wallstreetbets) if you have any questions or concerns.*
Hang in there.
Yessss I've been with them over a decade and never had an issue getting a hold of an agent but recently I had to settle a restriction on an account and it took me all week to be able to speak with a human mainly because I didn't have the time to be waiting on the phone over 30mins... I also chatted with the guy and we didn't get to specifics like you but the short of it was how swamped they're. He mentioned in the years he's been there never seen anything like it lol...good for them they're pretty legit I just hope they can level off and customer service doesn't go down the drain
I am a bit concerned reading all those negative replies. People, this is stock market and lots of money on a plate. Dont behave like a bunch of cult warshipers who reject to hear anything that doesnt match their perspective. I am in GME, all the way with you to the moon but things may go in many different ways we cant predict so its kind of wise to have a little discussion and bringing up all possible scenarios. \n\nHonestly, replies like this one for example makes me think we aarent going to win it because most folks are morons. This is a serious situation and should be held with at least minimum seriousness which I cant find much of here.\n\n" The fact that you care this much to “warn” people that we could be fucked tells me that you have incentive to do so. Go home Melvin\n\nEdit: I didn’t actually read. Too many words that don’t confirm my opinion. Plus no 🚀 or 💎.So again, fuck off."
Bro you better find a plug soon ⤵️
New months means new all time highs
Ironically TSLA is one of the biggest things holding back SPY from hitting 400.
MTV cribs will carry this platform to the moon 🚀
The bitch gonna ride my pipe to the moon this week
A diet with clear rules helps. Keto is a good one for weight loss just because it seems to cut down on appetite as you get deeper in it. Just keep your protein high, anyway you can, if you decide to check out keto.
fuck - you got me
Buy cciv
I get out or stop buying if it's going down like a stone! But I buy the dips. Last time I bought a lot under $50
>I am genuinely interested to hear from all the naysayers though\n\nI've been watchiong this 2nd bounce and the odd thing is that the majority of the price increases are taking place during after hour and pre market trading hours ... I just struggle to think the hedges shorting GME STILL havent covered their previous positions\n\nWhat I think is actually happening is that they have put calls on the stock and are riding the growth out of hours while dumping it on the public during the day to measure feedback\n\nUtlimately i believe they're worth at least 40-60 atm and potentialy more once they announce solid plans for the future but I'm very weary of the people behind the pump and worried for some of the guys here who may be left bag holding
This. Fidelity's mobile app UI is atrocious. They need to update it.
I'm pretty sure I'd end up behind bars if given that position!
100k is not a meme, guys
Prediction....\n\nPremarket: GME @ $20, 🦍s eat all the 🍌s & 🖍s they the can grab\n\nMarket opens: GME @ $6969 and 💎🤚 🦍 go on the mythical 🚀 to the 🌙
It's in a good place now
It's everyday bro
I'm cumming
Yo are we going to smoke some stonks
Only One King - Tommee Profitt
Paypal or Square dip? tell my why retards!
Keep diamond handing kiddo\n\nI've been swing trading it in Jan and last week and made 70k. May buy back in at 100.\n\nBut please...keep diamond handing lol.
Daughter’s probably 40+ - maybe granddaughter.
Shit fam thinking you're invulnerable is a dangerous mentality to have when trading
this. and cocaine
Holy shit I remember watching this as a kid and was never able to remember specifically where it was from.
Careful, Cramer might send his lawyers after you 😂
I like the sticker
So buy a little to start the crash, then buy it all when it's nearly free?
... and that, ladies and gentlemen, is called a slippery slope fallacy.
Memes are love. Memes are life
It was Friday... thanks! I think I did really well so we’ll see if I get to the next round 🙏🏻.
SOXL has a 15 to 1 split coming up FYI so if you don't like it here you might like it sub 100
June AAPL 140C’s are pretty tasty looking
Eat lean protein, veggies and drink a gallon of water per day. Take a multivitamin with zinc and vitamin D. \n\nRun a minimum of 1 mile 3 times per week, work up to two 2 mile runs and one 3 mile run. Lift weights during all of this. Get 8 hours of sleep per night. Stick with it for 6 months and feel like a new person
Go for it! Or you could tattoo WSB on your forehead when Amazon goes bankrupt this year? I mean common 1K? It’s easy to say bullshit like this when it will never happen.
Wait, did you say double down?
According to Wikipedia:\n\n“Stocks are restraining devices that were used as a form of corporal punishment and public humiliation”\n\nI know I feel humiliated when my stocks go the wrong way.
I buy more AMC 🚀💎🤝
Hoping my 3/5 23.5 calls are itm so I can exercise them.
I actually won a bet with a PLTR cult member telling me that it wouldn't drop below $ did\n\nStill waiting on that loser to pay me my $1k![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|neutral_face)
I'm basically at a place where I just want everyone to stay optimistic until at least opening bell Monday, so I can buy cheap puts. Nothing to worry about over here, no sir. Free money is on the way.
I'm in FRFR (Fritzy Tech), there's supposedly a gamma squeeze coming for it too. I bought back in at $1, hoping it gets 4 or 5 in the next month 🙏
Everyone talking about memes but I did what I could to support local small businesses like PLTR. I gave them my data by going on their customer’s website and clicking on buttons so they can analyze my movements on their websites for free.
My hero
Dude thats nothing: \nI turned $4500 into $1200 last week.
We hold the price goes up simple as that. Shorts have to buy no matter the price. The price will tell us who’s right 📈
Yall see Chamath Tweet - retards know Chamath? He is an Autist and helped you find banana tree 💎🤲🦍🚀
&#x200B;\n\nRight now, as you said even if I buy a call at 20 or 30 or 40 strike price (expriring, say, April 16), the premium makes it so that price has to go over 100-105 to get me some earnings. This is about the same as owning stock. So, excluding the relatively higher acquisition capital required to actually buy the equivalent stock corresponding to an options contract, is there any other advantage? I mean, if the stock does not rocket by then and it just meanders back to 50 or 60 or anything below 100, then the options expire worthless. At least owning the stock won't completely obliterate the capital. In any case, it is now an expensive play either way. An April 16 20c costs $80.23 and it only gets worse from there, basically the pricing is all over the place and pretty crazy. So if I have to spend 8k to buy options, why not spend 10k and buy the same number of stocks? Just trying to understand all of this. Go easy if I'm being retarded.\n\nData from:
GameStop Corporation (GME) Options Chain - Yahoo Finance
View the basic GME option chain and compare options of GameStop Corporation on Yahoo Finance.
(\n\nThanks for you
So, if we all set our sell limits at $100k a share, we’ll give the hedgies a heart attach. \nI like the sound of that!! \nIt’s like an inside joke!!! Get it!? \nApe talking here folks! \nNit financial advice. Just hungry for bananas!!
So you're telling me there's a chance...
Hmmm I like brick and mortar being built around services but it has to be an experience too. \n\nThe petsmart near me let's you bring your pet has a groomer, vet, and gives classes on training and they have done this for the last 20 years. They might even be boarding in there. It's huge and always busy. \n\nAnyway, this doesn't seem like a new idea and I am pretty sure I've seen petcos with groomers squeezed in there. I can't imagine how they'd squeeze in boarding too but that might be just the petco near me.
I want to try this options and take my tendies to the moon. But this smooth brain only has small monies and scared to lose big on options
I want to grow up to be just like you. I want real balls
Id hope so
I mean we all do. That's the point of all this right? Every little bit makes a difference.
Donate your tendies to the poor (like me)
Didn’t you see Buffet sold. Fucking boomers. Guess he didn’t see ur balls of steel or post. This is the way!!!
Stimulus may be in the air but we still have the garaunteed tax returns coming in!
Ok that’s a good share thanks
Good, I'm glad to you cashed in $2M here to pay off some bills. Pay off the house - yours and your parents. Helped your siblings, etc. Nice interview. Our HERO. Keep that ![img](emote|wsb_emojis|tendies) safe.
Here’s to hoping!! Cheers!!
Yo is that chip shortage still a thing; What are your plays for it? I’ve got shares and calls of GSM but they’re just a small time silicon producer.
much like my story
cannot wait for another fun day.
Not everyone is a bot. It's clear there are a lot of people with established accounts that randomly started commented when GME started. \n\nIs it safe to assume some people just remembered they had a Reddit account, logged in and started talking? Of course. \n\nBut the level of coincidence that I've seen multiple multiple accounts with similar comment history (ie, not commenting for years or months than all of a sudden becoming a daily active user during the surge of GME) isn't coincidence.
I love how nobody understands bonds but it caused a selloff
There is one industry that allows trades 2/47 but we just can’t talk about it here. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|trollface)
so is GME gonna rocket on monday or what!!!!!!!
Yo king can you please let the audience know how much money you’re actually down? I know you have a ton of debt but I’m looking for a ballpark number. Thanks!
..and that is RKT emoji to the moon or conversely...\n\nget RKT?
180K here, let’s party!
you sound like a bot bro. i suggest hanging out with some people and learning how they talk. lurk more here to better understand the slang and colloquialism. and dear god what’s up with the Noun_1234 username? that’s a dead ringer for robit
Or a single day of puts
ELI5, what’s happening on Monday?
This would answer OP's ponder, no real numbers since nobody has been officially foreclosed on due to current protection.
Thorough DD, only you are a few months late
Sold those a while ago
Ah ok I see your reasoning now. Well done sir.
I hate it but this is exactly what is going to happen.
Fahrt nach Potsdam.
GME is possibly the greatest argument against UBI that has ever been made
And one 15 minute walk everyday. Start small.
You’re not allowed to give advice after this lmfao
No worries at all. I deeply enjoy talking about this topic, and having been involved in GME since November, I’ve learned a lot. However, I certainly have a lot more to learn. \n\nAnd unfortunately no, we are still not in agreement. The statement that one share could be used to cover an infinite amount of shares if the owners of other shares decided to sell in a chain is very misleading, as this still results in more than one share being purchased. \n\nThe fact of the matter is that the one share cover chain is no different than going to the market and buying the same number of shares outright, since the same number of shares will be purchased in the end. \n\nThe key thing to consider is the destructive nature of covering a short; it is much, much easier to think of needing to cover a short as a debt, rather than directly relating to the original share itself. We can do this because when a share is shorted, it is duplicated. You now have two shares in the market, while only one exists, right? Think of it like making a photo copy of a paper share certificate and selling it. By buying a share to “cover,” you’re removing that duplicate from circulation. It is destroyed, and now you are only left with the original. \n\nThinking of it in this way, you can see that the original share has not changed in the process. The person selling their share after someone has covered the borrow, is the same exact thing as someone selling a share on the open market. The whole idea of the chain is irrelevant and only goes to confuse the concept. \n\nFor example:\n\n1 share is bought on the open market and destroyed to cover share A;\n\nShare A is purchased and destroyed to cover share B;\n\nShare B is purchased and destroyed to cover share C;\n\nShare C is purchased and destroyed to cover share D;\n\nAnd finally, Share D is purchased and destroyed to cover share E.\n\nWhile yes, you have covered five shorted shares through this process, you have also purchased five shares, not one. You are now only left with ONE share, share E. This is because the other shares that were purchased were destroyed in the process of covering. \n\nThis is no different in execution than just going to the market and buying five shares to cover all five short positions. In this scenario you are left with five shares after they are covered. Either way, you are still buying five shares in order to cover five shares, and destroying the same amount in the process. The difference is that one is using a smaller pool of shares. The example of the cover chain utilizes 6 total shares, whereas the outright purchase example uses 10. This is why you are left with 4 more shares in the latter. \n\nThe loop of the cover chain makes the process appear more confusing than it is, and is simply demonstrating covering a short position using a smaller number of shares only to be left with a smaller number of shares, rather than covering with more shares and being left with more.\n\nCovering a short position condenses the overall shares in the market, and the cover chain example just looks at it from a very close perspective.
How does it feel now?
5%? Those are rookie numbers.
I have been loading AMC 🚀🚀🚀💎💎
Thats on you homey
How many of them have seen any return after paying the premium to buy it? That’s what kills me. If you bought gold when it was 1300 an ounce then today you have a net gain of absolutely 0 because the premiums to buy and the discount to sell wipes out the run from 12-1800.
My remindme for your interview reminded me today. Good luck if you got one manaña
I guess I have one? Cringe
GME will not moon until April 20
I’d like it to drop more so I can buy more
stonks go up
It's gonna shit bloody chunks all ova
We need a smoothbrain in that position to give them disinfo
Got plenty of options plays, but the underlying exists and has actual value. Can't merge the risk assessment factors, balls to small.
What's a cat in this context?
Think we bouncing hard when people who 🧻✋ shares into bond realize interest rates are still shit and money printer gonna brrrrrrrr and stimmy talks go well\n\nSPY 400c 03/22
Wouldn’t it have to spike hard pretty early in the week to skyrocket? I’m sure he can find a smoother brain to unload them to but OTM options don’t always spike as price increases if they’re still likely to expire worthless.
Precisely why I buy physical led instead of LD. Derivatives don’t do the same thing
A poor mountaineer, barely kept his family fed...
No they won’t, they’ll just beef up your Ponzi position. \n\nIf you are working off of fundamentals, this is an $80 stick in a good day. Unfortunately I list sensibility and bought into the hype of sticking it to the man. I’ve been investing in stock since I was 12 and 30 years later I was sold the hopes of going to the moon.\n\nShame on me for believing this crap and shame on you for thinking this is a smart long term investment.
>I get out, wait for it to stop dipping and buy again slowly\n\nThough that is buying on the way up not the way down...\n\nBut thanks for the info.
You could just 127 hours that shit
Isn't this guy breaking WSB rules?. You're barely on Reddit for six months and don't even have over 5,000 in Karma?.
If the market tanks, so will gme. Everyone will take the money out.
That's why this forum is considered a casino! I get it. Chimp hungry. 🍌🐒
They were struggling to stay alive before COVID. You are FUK
This is the way.
Monday you buy the stock. Friday you buy the building.
Money printer go bbrrrr 🍌🍌🍌🍌
It doesnt help that your reddit name is the pregiven name. Xxxxx_xxxxxx_#### template for names is usually bots. Sorry you got dragged into that shit
That's what I would have said to someone who told me they would ban people from buying shares the first time.
We don't counter it, we lose
People didn't expect this shit to get above 50 again, but here we are now
You think I want donations? Did you even watch the video? Go buy GME like a real 🦍
Ouch...feel bad for them...been there b4
Think of Delta like the odds or percentage chance of a position having to pay out. So when a call position is opened by them they cover for that amount of shares. \n\nI.e. 200C 3/5 has a Delta of .6 so they will buy sixty percent of the shares needed to cover when the position is opened. As the price of the stock increases delta (the odds) increase. Once you get near In the money Delta is nearly 1. \n\nThis is part of the reason this board is built on FDs. Stupid high returns on what are essentially lotto tickets bought at super shitty odds
Fuck you!
Then they wouldn’t fit in your wife’s boyfriend’s Fanny pack.
Because shes closer to buy lmao
Everybody is talking about this which makes me think the market is going to boom for years and burn everybody out .. THEN we will see a crash when nobody expects it ..\n\nI just don't buy the idea that practically everybody is seeing this coming .. That's not how it works ..\n\nBe wary, hedge with gold / silver / commodities / physical assets , and hold a lot of cash to take advantage of the opportunity of a possible collapse .. But don't pull away from the market, or worse yet, try to short it ..\n\nPS : the C-word assets always go down when there is market correction, so when I see people talking about those assets as a hedge it's cringe worthy .. we have a 10 year history look at it .. They always go down when there is market weakness .. Case in point last few days .. Market corrects with 3% ? These assets go down 20% ..
Dont be sad ur hype weed stonks crashed, its okay.
Again, don't apply fundamentals to gme.
You trust em till u don’t lol.
Just stop eating you fat pig 🐖
Oh man shrooming and then doing the coaster or that fucking nebula? The nebula would blow my mind and make my hair stand in end.
in essence not giving a position at all. so i repeat, positions or ban.
doesn't count
Eat less, move more
Got my puts on tesla. I wanna see 500. Do have a otm call to hedge slightly so that means were gonna be flat to fuck me
He might be into something.... Does this work with other stocks?
When it goes to 84 you can get it at the split-adjusted meme price from 2018, what a deal
How many people have actually seen this movie?
Sweet Jesus
reduce caloric intake, that's literally all you have to do!
Definitely instant noodles
You gonna need your blood pressure checked for that high SODIUM intake.
Impossible to get burned at this point. Lots of cash on the side
Maybe get it closer to itm to contribute to the squeeze... If they keep pressure down this would just lower our money supply?
It’s not because I am not telling you to buy on the information given. I am only providing you with my research and informing you that I am going to invest. You should never buy stocks just because someone tells you to. You need to make your own decision since it’s your money.
Thank you for the information. \n\nDo you know how it is implemented into the actual market and how it would look when watching the chart? As in, what actually determines how fast that price will fall in that eventuality.
Big sell off last week. Bought a lot of dip. Lots of us hoping the sell off is over.
AMC imo is a long way off in seeing the shares rise to any significant value until the theatres re-open. Probably a few months yet. I have tied all my money into GS as I see that as the best possibility for the next month with the stimmie and the undervalue of the stock. Mark Cohen being announced as CEO would help. We all take risks and this is mine.
Thanks man! I feel a lot more secure.
You posted this yesterday too. We get it, you're retarded
Yeah, idk who the fuck decided to set up ads on Reddit for Silver. It pissed me off. No one on this sub, much less Reddit, fucks with silver. That was when I knew for certain that the media is in cahoots with the Hedge Funds and the HF orchestrated this as an attack to get us to sell our shares and join Silver. I bet you the HF’s manufactured the Silver price to increase.
You gonna buy some calls? I’m dabbling in options too so I’m learning as I go
Do you hate money or do you hate your daughter?\n\nI'll contribute to her onlyfans to help you out of those.
Lift. Heavy. Shit.
speak\n\nspeak proper english doofus\n\nif yo're going to be pedantic at least be good at it!
What makes $IDEX so appealing?
Just a high tolerance or a lack of that enzyme that breaks down delta 9 into 11 hydroxy? I work with a woman who takes 3000mg+ lol
I hate weekends now
Tesla is gonna shoot back up to $800. Calling it now\n\nEven if their products in bears eyes aren’t worth the share price the Elon Musk cultist and the news of him being the Tony Stark of our lifetime will make the company explode.
If I'm gonna lose money regardless in tech and others during a correction, why not shift assets to have potential upside as well in meme stocks?
if the hedge funds are trying to buy up shares (which we know are very limited and maybe even non-existent) to cover why would they want the retail investors to NOT sell it to them? i dont think they will ever not let us sell.
I just like the ride.
Right. Our just is to just ride the wave.
I asked my dog the same question and he started humping my leg...
Got in for 200 shares at 2.60....waiting for something amazing
I do too. To the f@cking moon!
Tomorrow would be great, lets start w a win
All the Ev stocks rely on tesla going up and its choppy right now, tesla needs to turn around.
He’s got balls
To the fucking moon 🚀💎🚀🚀🚀🚀
If you use a car, stop. Running to catch buses will melt the pounds away.
Stop eating
Imagine not buying the McDip.
Sounds like a HF employee! Lol. Me thinks thou doth protest to much
Not disputing GME is a buy but where are all these numbers coming from? Short volume was 33, not short-sales. Short volume includes all transactions (new shorts, old shorts covering etc).
I bought 24.5c exp feb 26 that ended ITM but not by much. Might try to redo that gamble this week
i feel like this should be a motivational poster
Dang see you guys at SPY 400 EOW then, roos gonna show up and fuck everyone’s shit up too.
the DD we need!
I want that job
I started buying corn connected shares when they had dipped 10-15%. Too early this time but didn’t want to miss the chance either 🙂
I know a guy who flies for southwest and I asked him if I should buy LUV. He said that even though they’re starting to get more business their income is still down 60% from 2019 and their stock price shouldn’t be this close to ATH. They’re one of the most financially healthy airlines. Do what you will with this information.
He has 20, k? Worth!
Most of us are out of money. Just broke ass bag far.
Unbrokeeeeeee my heart, say you’ll dip me agaiiiiin
What are the reports that bots are upvoting all gme related stuff?\n\nI got 50 downvotes for a thurs post that said “I think this is over - second squeeze is never as high as the first. look at Kodak.” And five bot accusations. It was my first wsb post. It made me feel sad.
Troll 2 I think.
Intermittent fast to start.
Idk my DD stopped there. Cohen likes ice cream. I like ice cream. Coincidence?
Lol yea it’s like 16% lower than it has been in the last 5 decades, literally fud.
Thank you! People often forgets that many trades are done based on algorithms, when they ask who would do x thing for such a small profit. Algos will.
I laughed so hard when i saw this xDDD
They have an upcoming catalyst in March.
why is everyone saying this month (March) when for me it is still February 27th?
Help me out sir I will draw with crayons for you for donation of 1 share.
Hmm not sure. I thought the only rent/mortgage provision in the stimmy just prevented evictions/foreclosures, which would just delay the inevitable. Not sure though.
Bish this about makin money, every man for their damn self
Follow the rich money. They bend the rules for them, not us. Just wanna be standing behind em if you can.
Get dumped, waist went from 28 to 26. \n\nTbh, just don't eat till you're full.\n\nDon't be obsess with losing weight. \n\nSlowly decrease your intake. Try taking out third of your normal portion.
try doing the opposite of what is putting on the weight.
until fidelity improves their UI, there will still be a large chunk of lazy people that will continue to use robinhood, sad reality
Ducati Panigale...
Yeah you must only own 1 share lmao
Stop eating it’s literally that simple. Calories in vs calories out.
I did the day Ryan Cohen was announced as board member. Sold everything I had to buy GME. Since then I don't go all in my buys and I went all in on my sells twice. Usually when it's in a clear trend down. I get out, wait for it to stop dipping and buy again slowly
There is no next. This is the 🌙 we win then retire & tell our grandkids what degenerates aped together & accomplished
I don't know how long you've been on WSB, but this is not what WSB is for.
Position or ban.\n\nWhere's the automod when you really need it?
Actually, there is precedence for this and essentially the share holder has to settle for an amount agreed on through the courts.\n\nThis was between just a few parties of interest, though. It will be interesting to see how this works when there are thousands and thousands of parties.
Eat less, move more. Alternatively, develop a dependence to amphetamines.
I have XLM 😅
Thx a lot and yes, even with the restriction I'm prepared to see red.
Shit for 200k a year, I’ll snitch on you mofos
🤣🤣🤣 thats a pathetic bot melvin
Now that I’m rich I could go for another March 2020. If we could repeat last year I’d never have to work again. \n\nIf you’re talking about all the occupy Wall Street populist bullshit... yeah those dorks should leave
He is our HERO
Y‘all come to amc!
it did happen already buddy, during premarket
Youre in a sub who buys 10x options. WTF. I guess this place has turned to beta soy shareholder bets.
Don’t do this homie I’ve seen this story before it goes to 0 as soon as you buy.
The 10y is just glitching on right? Or flash crash?
It broke away from $GME on Friday, when the price stayed above 8.
Diversity is key. Buy dips in anything you like, as long as the rich benefit, you will too.
I know exactly how this sounds but don't meme on me, think about it. If Yoko from Gurren Lagann was a real person, like if there was a real person who's identical to that fictional character, she would be the greatest leader in the history of humanity who could easily lead a revolution to straight up overthrow the ruling class and start undoing all the damage in this world. She doesn't have any superpowers or anything, all it would take is just a person who is like her. But real people are not as good as the most heroic characters we create.
Took the family to AMC this weekend to see Tom and Jerry. Instead of sneaking in food, like I used too, I bought it there.\n\nPositions 300 Shares. With covered calls at $10 and $15 on 200 of them.
Yep, shartcoin tanking is going to take visa and tesla and most of the ark etfs down on monday i think. But who knows, the market been fucking wild lately
Hedgies are gonna wait for maximal Tesla put saturation and revenge squezze yall right in the butthole.
Im with you on that one, me and my lady been itching to go back, friday movie night vibe is unmatched. Just wondering how this will all play out in the long run
I need a full week of green to recover
Is it also safe to say that we shouldnt be getting too fixated on looking at patterns or similarities between GME and VW because until the squeeze has squooze, it is still a game of green vs red as usual?\n\n>...Any stock in the market can get halted at any time.  The two most common reasons a stock will be halted is Pending News, or for a Volatility Pause.  When a stock is halted it cannot be traded by anyone....\n\n>...A halt pending news can **last hours or even longer**, while Volatility Pauses are usually 5min, but can be as long as 10-min.\n\nDoesnt matter which broker, they can stop it all together but I bet clearing houses are not restricted during the break.\n\nSo imagine it will be halted constantly, that one trick up their sleeve.
ok .. A legit reason to short RH besides the moronic vigilante threads I've been seeing recently .. Upvote for that!
damn, Im at like 500mg for a good time these days, Im not sure if I would even notice 10 .
Yeah see you on the moon in 2030 lol.
If TA is not statistics, what is statistics?
Not enough upvotes on this...that is hilarious
by using more braincells big dawg
Oh fuck calm down you petulant child.
Spoiler: cat is really an ape in a cat costume
Silver is the once in a lifetime opportunity, gme is a bait & switch.
Come To AMC
SQUEEZE NOT BE SQUOZEN ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|trollface) 🚀 🚀 🚀
Ive never commented I only lurked mainly in the onlyfans area ![img](emote|wsb_emojis|bull)\n\nbut im being active. GG\n\nThey shorted more at $400 if you remember. They used that profit to cover most of their shorts. Hence the 200% increase at the end of the market this week, bleeding into afterhours. They’re covering, letting price die down, repeat. \n\nIt’s a common tactic and it shows they’re near the end of their covering. AKA they’re fine. They made it out relatively okay.
If so I will sell everything and go all in on leaps.
How do I lose weight, I have 65 lbs to lose 😞
😔\n\n*Kicks dirt
I also look forward to Mondays and open trading days. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were a bit rough though and I feel like tomorrow is going to be a blood bath considering what's happening to "coins"
I don’t think it would be a problem if they block the sell aka. Short button, you can still close your position as long as you find a willing buyer
Yeah, there's a few pre-ticker change that make it through the filters. But we delete them as we can.\n\n(Nothing personal against SPACs, I'm in a few myself, this just isn't the forum for their discussion.)
No. It's possible but definitely not in the odds
Look at PKK. Peak fin tech group. On Nasdaq in 6 weeks. Revenues to scale likely above 200 million this year. Terribly undervalued. You’re welcome.
Time to shit all over these shorts. Crohns gang unite!
What’s the inevitable?
They continue to buy to increase the hedge as the price of the underlying increases
Tattoo dumbass in the meantime..itll never happen
The fact he walks like a ape makes this so much better 🦍💎🙌🚀📈
big down on chart leaves opportunity for big uppy 🥵
Daft Punk broke up
The current rules state if a customer cannot post the margin for their short position and the broker has to force liquidate then the broker has to BUY THE SHARES ON THE OPEN MARKET AT ANY PRICE. The price will go high enough to lure in holders of shares to actually sell. Many people will likely sell before 100k per share.
You guys went after the shorts 😂. No problem with it though.
🤯I wish my balls were this big but then they wouldn't fit in my wife's purse
True might wait a bit. My boy had 100 shares at 790 was selling CC’s when it started to tank. Glad he got out early
Depening the country you live in, America should be sending your country's stimmy checks as soon as Govt verifies it's more than what they are giving (more like refunding being it's our tax money) to the American People
And when the brokerages can’t, the gov steps in and bails them out ala 2008.
Party train into Monday good sir autist. This used yo be my profile image for Robbinghood.....until I day sold everything and got my account restricted
It’s a [reference ](
*monkey paw curls*
Let's wait to see what the overall EV market is doing before going balls deep into NIO
What do you think, will it rise or fall?
Lmao. He still think we're broke. He's an idiot. \n\nImagine telling a generation about Warren buffet for their entire life and then thinking we don't know what to do when the market crashes.
Calls on a green day: +30%\n\nPuts on a red day: +3000%
We know its not u guys, at least i do, and europoors is a gud nickname, we like it
Need more 🚀🚀
That's the question
An Apt descriptive... \nalso maybe Tragicomedy applies If true story ... then only the 1st word...
Are you not buying the dips?
I can’t fucking wait for the market to open so I can burn ftft to the ground. Also gme moon etc
Will do
lol gme $10 a share is inevitably happening literally right now
Don’t forget the 🚀 🚀 🚀 🚀
Doesn't matter. Option writers still have to have the physical shares for delivery regardless of whether or not the option holder has the collateral to execute them.
tell your family its not smart to put 100% of your life savings into stonks
Good monkey
AMC, AMC, AMC to the moon...
Don't get high on your own supply.
In other words, owning GME is like owning toilet paper when the pandemic comes?
Oh you haven’t heard
7-10 year bonds
Brown pants
I went heavy in bonds for my 401k during election..should I go aggressive now
Fuck yeah it is. We’re no better than the addicts furiously scratching lotto tickets in their car on their lunch break. \n\nIf you stick with it it’ll get so bad that you would rather lose money than watch your account stay flat all day.
if warren buffett said "bonds are not where you want to be" why would that make people rush in and buy more bonds and push yields down
nothing wrong with profit taking, good on you
You must hate presidents..
Your cat is cringe
And that “righteous” mindset will have you watching the game play out from the bench as we make bank on the inevitable
Don't go selling at 2.49 on me! I only got 350 shares lmao
Good boomer. Now liquidate your 401k and buy us Capri Suns and orange slices. We want snacks for liftoff.
I’ll be happy if it gets to 100 to be honest
Next game stop is game stop. Now give me 200k so I can buy more gamestop
I'm not really sure why this surprises anyone? He's an executive and the guy who thinks it's ok to still charge the people who saved his job $14 for popcorn. More importantly he's part of the Wall St executive crew who believe in the few taking advantage of the many even when it's the many that saved his company and his job! From near bankruptcy to giving himself an almost $4mil bonus at our expense. That's why nobody should be emotionally attached to this. Focus on the squeeze, you and yours and us fighting this fight. He's a part of the problem and not with us. Never was.
LOL did you honestly buy this stock hoping to get rich quick? You don't belong here bud. If you wouldn't have spent your money based on the advice of the Wendy's employee in the bathroom then you shouldn't have taken the advice here. Sell your stock. I'll buy it. Take a loss. Someone else with more patience will turn it into an investment.
Yea good times lol....\n\n\nAnyway, get me a number 11 and please go light on the mayo. No pickles
whoever still uses RH is completely stupid. 🤪😂
It sure is sad for RH that they helped changed the game and now are in this position. I mean - oh well. You also know HFs are gonna gobble up all those shares like Robinhood is some kind of prodigal son to them lol - I’ll wait to get puts after that run up. But puts for sure
Join Cob Mob and buy $CORN
It’s often opposite
I'm honestly not sure it'll go that low ... I think 60-70 is more reasonable if you believe it will eventually blow up
Not my proudest fap
I don’t know why doesn’t mean I don’t like it. I don’t know why I watch my wife bang her bf, but I like it
GME cured my depression
I love how you took 'retard' to this level. Godspeed to you, good sir!
the real question is do I inverse the end result of this
Either a Private jet or a paper plane no in between 🚀🚀🚀
By letting it zero. Once you bottom out there’s nothing to fear.
Who kisses a wh#re on the lips? No one will ever kiss you
Lick my anus u simp
Gourd futures, eh?
Good for you nice plays, i just personally wont fuck with it. When you got two sides to a play and one is screaming fake and one is screaming real i just nope out of there. Dont want to do any DD on potential “fake” companies
For sure! With corn you don't want to buy on the way down. You buy on the way up and sell as soon as it starts dipping more than 10%
Not my proudest fap
Why do so many people here have a wet dream of Wall Street failing? The OGs fucking love Wall Street.
I don’t think most of these people understand market cap.
Ohhhh..yes. Now I see it. How could I be so glib. \n\nI’m kidding. What did it mean?
What the fuck are you talking about
Yeah I think until elon tweets that he dumped his coins his stock is headed for the shitter. Thats enough to keep 90% of investors away right there.
Huh... I've spelt it like that for years. Thank you.
Is GME to $500 a share inevitably happening at some point in 2021 no matter what?!
Wow must have hit a wee nerve for ye there
Super helpful, thanks.
You think it's so they wont sell shares? Lmao they can sell shares whenever they want, it's not a lockup. And also a company that has to constantly sell shares to avoid bankruptcy is not doing well financially
You said his account was 8+ years. His account *isn't*. My account *is*, you lobotomized tortoise.
Sell anywhere over 500 sorry to be honest just giving 2cents for free
Still money on the sidelines. Trillions, and trillions more in stimmi. But where’s it going ? \nDon’t get too caught up in the memes. Definitely a place to take profit. \nOwn FAANG forever doe
If gme prints tomorrow I'm getting brand new ktm duke 790.
They might drown you instead
open the casino ffs !
Start investing in cryptos, then you can lose money all weekend too.
Cool ok good to know thank you!
Haha I caught onto that as soon as I saw your black hand emoji and died!
If gme can get me out of my gambling hole I'll be a happy man and maybe my wife's boyfriend will let me eat dinner at the adults table
Next pump? Gme still?
What’s happening on Monday?
26 is still a good price!
No software engineer is working on the weekends
Wow, lots of far fetched thoughts and concerns. Pls educate yourself. Here are some resources:\n\n\n\n\n
Buying options is like quadrupling your ante before the hand is dealt. Yeah, you might get that fat 10x payout, but more than likely you just lose your 4x investment.
I know a guy whose answer is "well, yes and no..." It cant always be yes and no Pat.
Rich parents giving up a portion of the wallet. It’s how 90% of these 16-30 year olds have any money at all.
more weed ape + weed = stock broker lol
I saw a comment that had lots of colorful emojis. Quality DD.
All the new retards here aren’t aware that meme stocks memed the same going up AND down
Maybe they'll try to drive the price down because we're all banding together again. Let's do this and hold until we moon 🌙
I want to trade 🌽 because of the wild swings, but I know one day, it's gonna swing to zero because it's stupid and worthless. How do I conquer my fear?
I want to see some control data. Please swap the buy and sell signs and repost.
Naked shorts after ipo you mean, to the ground. \n\nAnywho back to good service. I switched after the last event. Fidelity is awesome. Though I’ve heard mixed opinions on this, is there a reason you insisted to turn off margins? I asked several times and they swore up and down margins doesn’t mean your shares are being lent out, like other brokers do. They just give you the benefit of margin, though all your cash shares, are just that, cash. I’m going to call again Monday and ask again and specifically about auto journaling.
Drugs don’t do much compared to the gains train. Closed I’d guess is lsd but that’s hard to find in this decade.
March 10th
kombat koins dying. If this isnt a sign on a bear market I don't dont what is. Oh its march too. Bull hunting season.
You retail scum are causing irreparable damage. We will make you bend the knee, believe me.
Yeah, and retail is 1/4 of the investing money. If they do the IPO and price it right, aware of the outflow of users, then the institutional investors will make bank on the other side of that short. \n\nI'm not going to short companies for activist reasons. I'll lose, and that's now how I get my Tesla.
I’ll hold.. ya to it 🙂
circuit breakers this week please
Never play with apes
I agree man. This is some next level shit advice. I’d take him more seriously if he could explain the drivers that move an option’s price and the mechanics of a gamma squeeze. Hell, I’d be happy if he started with a correct explanation of implied volatility and IV crush. It’s clear from the comments that there’s a lot of new traders here that are gobbling this shit up and they’re going to lose a lot of money.
How much do other brokers have “due from clients”?
Was ur simulation net positive?
Is this good or bad news? Because it is good or bad news depending on how you look at it
Hit a line to top it off!
Been on cashapp waiting for them to put it back, searched it last Thursday and there it was: GME. \nwhat a beautiful sight. I instantly grabbed a share and plan to buy a couple more next week. and im sure a lot more people on CA are going to do the same in the next week as well.\nIts going to the 🌙, this is not a drill.\n(I have TD and Fidelity, but haven't moved there for investments yet. Can't trade options on CA.)
Loaded with credit card levels of debt, 75% share dilution, everything closed down, and yet trading for more than it was before the pandemic and dilution and debt. Absolutely stupid.
Tom Servo
Cat says buy. I buy.
Good point. The female orgasm is indeed a myth.
Cat or ape in cat costume?
AMC and GME crowd still is
Anyone holding BB indefinitely? I have 4000 shares at around $14, but I guess I can break even in 3 years lol fuck
Pro: Helps to overcome tunnel vision\n\nCon: Adds to distraction, but I may be able to counter than with Adderall\n\n\nAh, I'm already abusing substances like a true lawyer. Nice
Wym like the bond buyers are retarded? Cause then the market will fall when the yields go up as a result of a lack of buying. That's why the market tanked this week lmao
Now we’re talking about cup o noodle flavors
u/OPINION_IS_UNPOPULAR I'm trying to post DD, but every time it gets insta-removed. Can you help?
And they are right. There won't be. $GME is a legend. Can't copy it.
because yolo
U mean start? I want a banana
No! They are the future of automotive OS. Partnerships with AWS and contracts with BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche... Long BB ☺️
Yeh but stoink market day make it even better
200% gains coming
How about when it was worth $6.80?
I do and it’s because I have a turtleneck and it sometimes sprays uncontrollably... urinals are ok though.
I'd also like to add...if you don't have a lot of liquid cash to risk, average down if/when you can. If your average is between the daily peaks and valleys, sell higher than your current average position and rebuy when it dips.\n\nYou can potentially better your position, either by only lowering your average price...aquiring more shares for the same money value, or both.\n\nWarning: You run the risk of selling above your average and the price not coming back down and missing the squeeze.\n\nNot financial advice
Do you go all in on your buys and sells?
I rode a few hundred shares from $2.15 to $15 and never looked back 🥵
Why NXE? I know CCJ is the safer uranium play but genuinely curious. Also have we completely forgotten about RYCEY?
They do if you have level 4 options approval. Most people don't get that kind of approval because the income requirements for it are absurd.
Just sayin, they’re 10 steps ahead of the plan
And railing blow out of some fine hunny's asshole?
its a extraordinarily shitty stock but 1p is not gona hit imo. i suggest some 5p a couple months out
I’ve spotted a 🌈 🐻
Every week
Did you see the tweet with a frog emoji and ice cream? I’d say this ape has the upper hand.
You have done an excellent job at wasting my time.\n\n\n*I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/wallstreetbets) if you have any questions or concerns.*
From what I’ve read, and in OP, market makers buying shares to hedge when the call is sold is not 1:1, it’s some ratio less than 1:1 based on the odds the call ends up in the money, which they calculate using gamma. \n\nSay they sell a call with a strike price of $800 when the share price is $40. They don’t think that’s likely so they hedge by buying 1 share out of the 100 in the contract. As the price and volatility increase, they hedge that already existing contract by buying more shares at the new higher price, pushing the price even higher. By this, a gamma squeeze could occur with just existing call options. But new call on options are being sold every day piling on top.\n\nMarket makers don’t have to hedge the contract completely at the time of sale, they can add to the hedge by buying more shares, as the share price gets closer to the strike price of existing contracts\n\nIDK though, I just got here.
Jim Cramer advertising the '$500 Club' shares trying to encourage WSB to buy fractional shares saying that it's more fun then AMC and GAME. Sure Jim ill just get right on that and while we are on the subject of fun, I'm gonna run for fun. Btw I am a fat s\*\*t and if I run, I would potentially die.
Im glad we got GME, but I want to chase their other shorts too
All in besides the long term stocks that I don’t touch
Apes are our friends. They are predictable! It's thanks to them we can make so much money
go ahead and short tesla 🙂 thats just giving tesla a loin into your bank account 🙂 we know you cant cover and tesla only goes up lol
Nah I’d say 10 plus people found it funny. Don’t be so bitter.
Kind of yeah GME and AMC were horrible companies with horrible management even before Chinaplague.
My specialty!
Does it make a difference?
The premium was $3.35 per share and had to buy 100 shares.\n\nMax loss here was $335 (the premium)
Considering so many of us have TSLA puts by now, should be pretty upbeat in tomorrow's daily even for a red day.
Great job retard ape, that edit is amazing. \n\nI honestly love all of these videos the apes in here make, it inspires me to eat more crayons
Did anyone zoom out on the old bond chart ? It’s ..still pretty low.
lol!! Yes, that is what I'm saying the Pro's could do around March 18th to manipulate the sentiment calculator which will look like there are so many more people talking about GME. The problem is that they probably programmed it to only count one GME per post to remove the distortion one person could make when spamming it. No joke, there are Pro investors paying for this service.\n\n
Bullish Mentions on Reddit In 2020 Are Closely Moving With The Price Of Bitcoin
I still don't get how the AMC hype got to such astronomical levels. Its the last thing anyone should be pumping money into.
That's because you can't make a woman cum
Angry? More annoyed. Kids like you are sorry as hell judging people on one post they see. My DD is 10x yours but because you’ve been worthlessly wasting your life scrolling longer you have a sense of superiority. Awh, it’s no fun anymore is it? Reddit isn’t yours, sorry little boy. \n\nPackers suck btw your QB needs to be put down like old yeller
So funny seeing this posted every weekend. Very original and absolutely side splitting humor OP
Explain why amc is good investment
I’m an ape with a very smooth brain but i want to be edumicatied 🦍 🦍 🦍
Lmfao 😂😂 bro this shit is facts
Sell gme its going down buy slv
Can I get an\n\n⬆️ upvote if you bought puts on GME and \n\n⬇️downvote for calls?
I have a leap I'm holding. I'll add when they do something worth it.
It's just the burgers that stayed on the grill until they dried up. You boil it for 2 hours, then chop it up with 2 spatulas. Smells nasty.
Bloody red Monday + Tuesday and a dead cat bounce Wednesday, crash on Thursday and all time high SPY on Friday to end off the bloody week with a strong recovery
Thinking about buying up $GE and $F this week. Because of this I feel like I should have high cholesterol, smell of Ben Gay and scream way too much at cable news. Maybe later I'll call one of the grandkids over to show me how to turn on the computer.
I’m holding for long term gains foo!! Theatres are going to re-open!! You watch them AMC go 🚀🚀. It’s nice to make a quick buck and dump right away. Ain’t happening right now!!\n\n🤡🤡====D——-💦💦💦💦💦
*3 weeks ago
"buy and hold SPY"\n\ncongratulations you've invented r/investing
Them crayons are probably about 5.6cm up from my anus
I scream leaps!!
Why? Is he mom's boyfriend?? 🤣😂
You sounds like this is your first trading rodeo. I've been around long enough to know that when you chase the dragon you get burned
TD Ameritrade cash account. You can click a button and move your whole account over. Not a shill just what I see here. I am a newborn 🦧 retard with a brain as smooth as my bottom. This isn’t financial advice and I am not a cat
Here I am, back in the front. I already lost my friends and family but at this point this whole thing is a cyber military sabotage operation, I'm part of it and all my comrades are on a public subreddit. I won't stop. Can't stop. Hold the line !
How many calls finished in the money that need cashed on a day they can only short on upticks? 😂
there arent really enough people here to "muck up the markets", the ones mucking up the market are all the boomers panic cashing out their 401ks because they are scare of volatility.
That's part of his argument. I can't remember the rest of it tbh, and he deleted his tweets.
Hit me up with the shit you've been smoking.
Very interesting thought. I always thought it was more of a theme of the consequence of greed and corruption and how people use religion to manipulate others to make money.
Yeah i had 32 shares at 33 sold at like 120 and bought back in after the crash and resold 20 at 150, holding 12 shares now pure profit. Might keep them just incase of this “squeeze”, but im with you. Front page is cancer, most comments are fucking awful too.\n\nNot to mention everyone and their grandma talking about tickers with “high short interest” now
Finally we know whats in there
Spoiler: he is not a cat
All in is 29.2% now?
If it dips to 40 I'll be 100% sure it dipped to 40.
Its this cult mentality, its popped up everywhere during the pandemic. From BLM, to the Patriots, and now GME. Name a vague cause against the man, throw around a few conspiracy theories. And boom. Hordes of people follow like sheep. Furious with anyone who has a counter view.
Smart cat 🚀🚀🚀
Play the OTC with us. PVSP QBAN PBHG and IDGC. These are the fun trip plays. Enjoy the tendies next week!
I'm not a political ape but the DNC has showed it's absolutely corrupt
If the dealer is showing a 5 or 6 I'm splitting 10s. Screw the book I want as much money on the table as possible.
DFV’s April calls are going to be absolutely incredible
Can someone explain the options to me
Idk u/Tangelooo is normally right and I normally suffer the consequences... I never catch his comments before buying FDs. But he never rubs it in my face ❤️.
Shill alert
Can we all be kind to our fellow autist? Lets remember we are in this together apes. Unless you spot a paper hands. Fuck the paper hands.
“All in”\n\n“29.2%”\n\n*Hmmmm*
Remember when we would talk about lambos
Sir, this is a casino.
We didn’t go after any organization. We just like the stock.
Part of the plan to discourage us. \n\nAnd also, normal for corporate america, fortunately or unfurtunately.
If that’s the plan, I’m game.
Tesla puts again this week?
The Voldemort c01n is crashing.\n\nWonder if that’s an indicator for this week
and your Personal Risk Tolerance
Smooth the line!
He probably paid good money for that.
You bought right into a dip hold things turn around in 6 months
Couldn’t this SD be a catalyst for more institutional/retail investors to get in and also against the shorts as well.\n\nSo, if people got in tomorrow @22, stock climbs due to factors above. Then you’ll have done well enough that the SD correction won’t matter.\n\nThis SD is a tool to put pressure on the shorts.
Are you guys proud of yourselves for your unbelievably stupid investments in AMC? The stock with 75% share dilution in a single quarter? You were pretending you were fighting hedge funds in some holy war when really you were just enabling the greedy, criminal executives to pay themselves huge bonuses with your money while the business struggles to stay afloat. Well done, new people.
Well. I'm still fairly small game so I've been trying to pull profits relatively quick to build up. I'd like to pull around the 2.50 mark probably. Then buy back during a dip. Been skimming off GSAT reliably the last month or so lol.
Exactly. I wonder if you heard the news from a few weeks ago about... I think it was Mr. Plotkin? being on the receiving end of a lot of money?\nI forget the story exactly but I remember hearing something...
How do people this fucking retarded have so much money for trading.\n\nI'm also long PLTR but shit I don't even seeing it getting 200+ for at least 3 years lol.
We are the shareholders of this company. We can change that pretty quickly
What kind of app is it
Initiated my transfer from RH to TDA yesterday so I don’t have to look at my portfolio for a whole week! Yes!!
You're cringe. Gtfo
brain cell\n\nbrain call\n\nbuy cell\n\nbuy call\n\n**buy calls** \n\n![img](emote|wsb_emojis|bull)
Holy fuck
I always sell on the way up and buy on the way down. As simple as that. I never buy higher than my last sale either
All New coins are destined to drop. It shouldn't of been one to hold for long
So this is where we get the stock to go up then drown them?
Gap up at open because of stimmy then gap fill
I will say GME options have gotten hella expensive.
Good work, Dad
Tin foil hat much?
730 shares of $AMC only 270 more till 1,000. Here comes Monday. Buy more and hold!
I’d upvote but you’re at 420
How dare you talk about my cock like that
Whats up with all the $NOK news? You would think people lost faith after it went to 9 dollars and came crashing down like rock lmao
Buy your vaccine stonks now guys, I had 'rona over Christmas (a nurse my GF works with in the OR his symptoms for a week, infected half the OR staff and 40 patients; got a slap on the wrist because it's a union gig) so I'm getting every vaccine I can get my hands on. I do NOT want to go through that again and will singlehandedly raise Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson's stock by 0.01 points between now and May.
Do people actually mix it? Take it straight to the dome
The best part about being in law school is that my vocabulary is just good enough to make it seem like I actually know what the fuck I'm doing here
Is it possible? That electric vehicle manufacturer climb after the stock split but stayed up. It's going down now though. But could there actually be another movement like the GME?
Never seen this meme before....
Hoping for a green Monday but realized I was just chasing losses I should’ve sold it’s sunny out and this is more stressful than it should be
The “gangs of wsb “ is next. Nice work!
I agree when it comes to the corn, normally much more volatile than other assets so not too worrying, I’ll keep holding and loaded up for more on the way down but wish I’d waited for a bit until it stopped dipping.
Limit down
You truely are blind then.
I like turtles
Thought It was a Car
u/sdevil713 I'm trying to post DD but it gets insta-removed every time. Can you please help?
fuck, gme made me hate weekends
Anyone with half a brain cell knows what those bonuses mean... it means the company is doing fine financially and they don’t want anyone selling any shares. But since you’re a “righteous person” you hate to see the rich get richer and are blind to the motivation behind the move
Decisions decisions.
Think I sold you those
Found the ape, how does it feel giving money to AMC execs?
I started investing a couple weeks ago because someone said you can make money here but i think they lied.
They should really open the markets on the weekends. everything's digital at this pointanyways? whatever here's a ticker <MSTR> they have 90k bitties. Short them long them idc there's just a lot of money there right now and I don't see it mentioned at all. If bitties fall to 30k most of MSTR peak gets taken out. aka a 750 to 350. they're currently 10k down from they're last round of 19k buys. 190M loss. We're well off of a Billion from the peak.\n\n I don't want to sound doomer either since there is so much money to be made on both sides. aka friday it opened 680 ran to 720 dumped to 690 jumped to 800! then tailed off to 750 eod
Everyone’s excited about AMC closing at $8.01 meanwhile nobody’s going to exercise 8 dollar options at a loss.
yesh PLTR needs all the love now best dip RN
Anyone else just witness that brutal price rejection in shartcoin?
Gonna be an even fatter buy at 500 the week after
Fck streaming services!! Me and my family cannot wait to go back to a theater. Movie theaters and restaurants were the only things I left the house for besides work.
Most of us, including me, played it. The “hate” is the cringey front page and lack of imaginative plays besides ape nonsense ever since.
Warren Buffet called bond investors retarded this weekend.\n\nThis will cause bond yields to drop and equities to rise this week
Trading is pawsed
Sir this is a wendys
U better Iron condor spy
Usually the secret internet coin is a good indicator of what’s to happen in the stock market on Monday. Doesn’t look good LOL
Biggest facts ever
You don’t lose if you don’t sell 😉☺️😎
Newbjust brushed my teeth with hemeroid creem that was in same drawer.. \nPlease hold or buy but o don't know nothing
Remind me how you say herb again?
There must be a timing element to this. Over 8m net calls are currently in the money (but expiring at various dates in the future). If the price rises to 250, then roughly 20m worth of net calls would be in the money. As option come into the money, it's there some sort of incremental purchase of shares to hedge? I know Market makers don't own all 20m shares in this scenario before the price rises.
I think this says buy at the dips, hold and buy options if you can. Short version
Sorry I’m apart of D.A.R.E.
Let me introduce you to the words implied volatility.
Yes, I bought SPY calls at close, so prepare for the first red Monday in forever
AMC to the moon let buy and hold for the week
This sounds eerily similar to all shill responses I’ve received. I am the shill sheriff. And you are one, sir. If you actually have long positions, you would not be posting this garbage. Please place your hands behind your back. You are not under arrest. Instead, my WSB comrades are going to bend you over one by one. You’ll probably like it
Thank you so much, it's been my dream
Rotation back into NIO next week
Sell one share to cover losses, 1 share to double your investment, and the rest can fuck off to Pluto and beyond.
That is the way
You might have a counter-indicator here. Where an investor day signals poor earnings.
Word Porn ...
Investors are the only people on the planet immune to Sunday scaries, because monday
What a glorious time to get in ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|poop)
I just know the HF’s are fucked since so many of us are hoping for a price drop to buy dips instead of a price spike tomorrow. I just love the stock
This is a good post - we need to be prepared for any shit Melvin and his crew are going to pull. They aren’t going down without a fight and it’s good to think ahead.
> which happened just hours before each spike\n\nForgive my lack of knowledge this large volume of calls visible in close-to real time?
I agree on the uniform exit point. The biggest difference between this squeeze and the 2008 VW squeeze is Porsche was being a "civilized squeezer" buying at $200 and asking for $1000, a 5x increase.\n\nWith GME everyone is being an "uncivilized squeezer" by buying at <$100 and asking for everything from $150 to $100,000 per share. \n\nI think if everyone set a $1000 or even $5000 ask then this squeeze probably would've already happened. The HF could've scraped that money together and covered. But instead they don't know how much money they'll need to cover.
As Canadians you should also be pushing SNDL for round 2..
Meh, you know they didn't minimize the pain. They took an asprin while they had a stomach ulcer.
I'm neither bullish or bearish, I think the market will remain at the exact level it is at now for the rest of time
Bear trap to 400+ and then bull trap
So how are we going to get rid of you all? Do we really have to crash this another 50% or was the month of February sufficient to teach you all a lesson? One way or another we can’t have you mucking up our markets, so if it is more pain you want, then more pain you shall receive. Or we could do this the easy way...pack up your bags and leave, and tell your family and friends the stock market isn’t for them.
Silver & wait.
reeeee rrrrrreeeee good morning reeeeeeeeeeeeee
Love this - our message is loud and clear
What if that's the correct pronunciation and americans have been mispronunciating it all this time?
I bet she can still skunk you!
Because you know what you’re doing and clearly understand the risk vs reward of a quick fill. \n\nThe guy above doesn’t know what a put option is. My comment should be taken in that context. \n\nHe probably doesn’t realize how bid/ask spread and open interest matter either. (Not to mention the Greeks). I sure didn’t when I started out. I read a bunch and then some more and then watched YouTube videos and still had to learn the hard way by doing it and losing money. But maybe I’m stupid that way....\n\nInstead he goes “ooh. I can buy this option for $0.10” and next thing he knows the market order goes through at $1.50 and now he’s in for 15x what he thought he was betting. \n\nOr he doesn’t understand open interest and buys a completely illiquid option and can’t sell it when he wants, even though on paper it increased in value.
Covid-19 supposedly delayed product launch. It’s “proposed” launch is March.
Very likely
Hate to say it but I’m in the camp that the media is so lazy and profit driven they don’t actually dig into anything anymore and we’re just fed PR.
go to r/babystreetbets
$50+ in 2017-2018 🤡
I believe in you 🥰
It’s basically par for the course for businesses these days.
Sounds like easy money to me.
TSLA $420.69 open?
How bored are most of you GMEAnon people?
Alerts are removed each day at 11:59pm so you have to go back each day and reset them. Which is what I do but there is still a several minute delay from price hitting and the alert pinging which is what sucks when the price moves so quickly. I’d rather just set the price and not think about it again bc I can’t really sit and refresh all day. But it’s ok bc I’m just gonna hold onto them.
I call him Dadlo Dadscobar
That’s the trend. Follow it or lose money. 🤡
>339 million shares outstanding
I'm not hating on GME. I just can't quite time anything LOL. I sold off portions on the way down. I should have just sold it all when I started selling @347 but instead sold off 1/8th of my holdings at a time, stopping at $90. And then rebuying some at $45.\n\nI think the fair value will be $200 or more when all is said and done. But yeah I probably should do more trading. It is in my IRA so wash sales and daytrading profits don't matter.
Fucking retard.
Imagine buying riot at $70 and wondering how bad your balance is gonna be when you wake up tmrw morning...oof
Sir, this is a casino.
This is the way
TLSA going to be such a big fat buy when it tanks to 600 this week. Love me some dips to stock up on my tendie train
Wow you are so smart.
We really need our own thread. It's gonna have some crazy action this coming week. Big premiums.\n\nI'm gonna buy the 10-11am dip and play weekly options and try not to lose bigly.
he;s not mad though, he's telling you to gtfo!
That link talks about a stock $TRCH with a ton of potential but they push that as well as other stocks like MVIS, CLSK, and others down.
how much are they paying to surf myspace?
The 100 floor says this 🦍🦍🦍 is into something
I’m texting friends to buy y hold y buy more in a dip and hold again! Text you friends too, but only if they can afford! \nMore y new vaccines, masking outside the home, following covid 19-22 physical distance protocols Y consistent y better hygiene y hand washing y alcoholic = lower Covid tiers from purple to red to irange to yellow = more open theatre goers y more amc revenues = to the moon with amc.BUY Y HOLD!
Oh the comment is that inflation will cause stock prices to rise. It wouldnt make sense for the price of stocks to go down if we had inflation. OP is saying if your worried about inflation then buy stocks. Short term fears may cause small corrections but long term inflation can be seen in stocks. Look at how much we injected into the market and fixed assets like stocks and home prices are going up double digits
I bet you’re the best mum ever.
He clearly doesn’t.\n\n“I don’t know why we always gotta say that”
If a dumb twat like me can think of it, I can guarantee you one of their dozens of experts will have already. I don't think my post is going to tell them anything they don't already know.
Thats what I got from it as well, I’m completely new to investing other than my 401k which is handled by professionals. I’ve spent all weekend debating on throwing 500 at it and seeing what happens.
Applied by name of Ape Apersmith \n\nExperience: underwear wearing reddit surfer for 10 years.\n\nReferences: Apes at WSB reddit
Where’s the link to the job?
The only thing I like about the weekend is when the premarket opens on Sunday night. \n\nThe rest of those 2 days can go to hell IMO
I get it! There’s just nothing to be worried about as we’re no different than any other investor club and they’ve existed for years. If we value GME at $100,000 / share it’s called a free market.