Hopefully.\nThey should be banned from our exchanges
I have long thesis for HOOD as well, but I wonder if getting those march calls would be a loss come IV crush if no significant movement is there
They pumped the market to sell the bags to stoopid retail..they knew bout the baloon long ago but decided to shoot it down after close. Perfect Script
They popped the bubble.
Finished the laundry on my bed so me and the homie can have more bed space, im not 🌈
They made a [game about this war.](
what if I could use physical gold to sell covered calls
When they were all saying ‘Buy gold!’ I knew that was the top.\nWhen they were all saying ‘buy crypto!’ I knew that was the top.\nWhen they were all saying ‘Buy real estate with a heloc money glitch!’ I knew that was the top.\nWhen they were all saying ‘Buy treasury bonds!’ I knew that was the top.\n\nMass saturation. \nThey create their own exit liquidity.
Kenneth the next BERNIE MADOFF, but hey, everyone in the government it’s corrupt.
It's a scam without even looking at it too much as open AI isn't a public company you cannot invest money into it.
It only went from Alaska to the Carolina’s. It didn’t even get to Louisiana, come on.
[It was a missile](
These guys are just here for the views 💀
Yeah. People call it the new Breaking Bad, but BB was good consistently throughout.
It’s called Athletico
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True. My thinking too. But futures being fake and gay are making me second think the market will react bullish come Monday.
50 MM cannon gun
2-3 day rally from earnings report
AAPL will 😉
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What if Bill Gates decided to sell covered calls against his MSFT shares \n\nIt would flood the market with call options LMAO
It’s like the second dumb and dumber, it has no chance
Shhh we need him to crash the market for us
cream always rises to the top
jeff anounce a stockbuyback please so i can get out of these fucked up 120$ calls
Good idea
Yes I wish the older crew played a bigger part
Mung is one letter away from what it tastes like....DUNG
How’s the kool aid?
How is there a recession when there are lines everywhere I go?? Skynet must be regarded
how did you come to that percentage?
Balloon signaled the start
it gets worse dont worry
I think you may be right, bud.
Me too. It was nice seeing red and kitty for a second but this is gonna get cut off early lol
I remember my first photoshop 🤣
Markets are so juiced up that META missed earnings terribly and was up 30% the next day, the big 3 tech all missed and market shrugged it off, and bears here are confident that shooting down a balloon now is gonna make the market tank. \n\nNever change, WSB.
That doesn't make sense. Wouldn't higher yielding stocks drive up that stocks value and therefore price? Isn't this why EPS increases are seen as bullish? Or are you talking about interest rates? If so, how do those apply?
I'm just a humble regard and definitely not a geopolitics expert but I could think of:\n\n\- China's support of Russia in the Russia-Ukraine war\n\n\- The Taiwan tension\n\n\- The human right abuses of the Uyghurs (or whatever they spell it)\n\nThere's a whole host of ways that it can be used by the US to get concessions from China if they play their hand right. And if China wants to play hardball, it gives the US a great reason to impose more sanctions in the first place (which is generally hard to do because of how much is produced their and how it will negatively impact US consumers) but because people are pissed at Gyna for spying it will be easier to convince the American public to go along with it (especially republicans).
been binging Ozark all day. It’s good ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8883)
if u/31andnotdone was a donut she would be a boston cream for sure\n\nAlways full of the cream
I bet his balls stretch to his knees, at least
“Husbando-San” lmaoo
Fell in love with trading or might you have a gambling addiction?
Winnie the pooh 🤡= pooh-tin 🤡
Avian flu?
His interview with king pokemon was wholesome but everything else so far has had 0 value.
We got the balloon down. That’s bullish AF! Look how strong our military is getting that thing out of the sky.
I think so. It’s a big dick swinging contest in the politics world is all it is…\n\nEdit: I don’t like it when big dick swinging involves military action for sure , but I’m pretty sure that’s what this is…
Imagine not ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
[should I go to this concert tomorrow](
Western women for you.
These daily threads used to be so active.
Gotta be some Polaroids out there somewhere. A man can dream
wtf are you on about clown ass
Nice gaslighting broke bitch, I didn't say you were hiding anything so nice freudian slip. You are actually so fucking dumb it's hilarious, also sarcasm don't change the fact that you edited your comment to mean something completely different after you realize the sub hates the apes and not a dude who executed his play. This is why you're poor.
Futes = Mooning
User name checks out 🤣
Balloon to G5\n\nMissile xG5
It's not about the balloon it's about incompetence or inaction of the military to deny foreign powers into US Airspace. It doesn't help that we're in a proxy war with a nuclear power that has hypersonic missiles. The optics are just very poor.
1990 was such a strange time
It gets worse. Loved that 70s show.
This guy makes millions in ads cause of conformation bias
Music slaps harder than a pimp in 70’s Harlem.
I check on the FURUs and inverse them like Cramer
They should have snagged it with a C-130 RAES system.
she’s fuckin wild bro
maybe you can once you retire? i have similar thoughts
Brandon showing Major sack today! 🇺🇸
![img](emote|t5_2th52|27189)![img](emote|t5_2th52|27189)![img](emote|t5_2th52|27189) Saw if got in on puts last week returns were off charts… can’t believe I didn’t get any![img](emote|t5_2th52|27421)![img](emote|t5_2th52|27421)![img](emote|t5_2th52|27421)
Bro this guys has the best financial advice. Get a job at 13 paying $20-35 an hour. Then do some other stuff. Then get to your real estate license and know someone who trust you selling a 3.5 million dollar home. That easy.
Trying to figure out how this balloon being shot down can be bullish for my SPY 420 calls for next week.
think of MSG as a better version of Salt.. its damn good and makes food taste better in many ways but yea it may not be the greatest thing for health.
Do you realize that 1/2 of the people here will be dead in 5 years?
It is always the poor people's fault that they are poor. They should just work harder and then they would be rich like me. I will never have to worry about money because I am already wealthy and intelligent.
Anyways spy 480 by atleast April. June is also acceptable. If you're poor it's ur fault it's always been ur fault and ur second class to anyone who isn't poor. Just work 3 Mcdonald jobs and you'll be good
Don't lie to me like that ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)
Some would say I’m the highest regarded individual that exists 👨🏽‍💼
Yeah bc I’m the us women are too busy to cook good meals.
>Are you suggesting market efficiency has a timeline?\n\nYes.
Prob sprayed a 20 mm
Thx for the confirmation, inversing this for sure. Good luck. Market bottomed in Oct 2022
🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🎆
Who, I don’t get it.
There was never a recession in my neck of the woods, now hiring signs are still everywhere and the local Del Taco is advertising graveyard shift for $17.50/hr
Doesn’t matter what they find. They are going to lie to the people, so everyone doesn’t start freaking the fuck out.”
Imagine thinking a company that's valued at 2.5T with a PE ratio of 25, more cash than God and has returned more than $550B to shareholders via buybacks over the last decade is overvalued.
[Yeah I'm totally making shit up when the word literally got banned from the sub because of admins]( The fact that you thought something so broadly known by frequent users of the sub is "made up" speaks more about you than anything else. Stating facts = I support the apes? I expect no less from an illiterate broke orphan who is still throwing mommy jokes around.
Somebody screwed up somewhere… only exclamation…
go on…
I’m a chainsmoker fan\n\nRoast me
I’ll give you $5
>US shoots down Chinese spy balloon -FT\n\>[\_\_VE…](\n\n^IGSquawk ^[@IGSquawk]( ^at ^2023-02-04 ^17:23:58 ^EST-0500
Plus now it is too late anyway because she is old af
No different than any of the other proxy war. Just the news usual fear mongering, trying to make it seem like "this time is different."
\>NORAD was tracking it before it even went over Alaska. they didn't shoot down the balloon earlier because they didn't see it as a threat and wanted to play 5D chess \n\nRegards: sleepy Joe bad!!\n\n😒
I’ve been wondering…
Doomers and bears too much copium
I definitely fumbled this week despite still being up. Biggest mistake i’ve made trading was selling meta at open. I’m break even on my Paypal calls. I have $95 2/17. I may deposit more $ and buy more this week. I also got some Nordstrom calls as a lotto
I think the fighter jet used guns, not a missle.
The dudes making around 3-4 million a year I believe he showed in some video
Down with turtle gang. Fuck your lettuce.
Phone doesn’t recognize me with a pore nose strip on.\n\nPosting all my AAPL shit on Craigslist.\n\n\n\nHad enough, Tim.
“We recovered shards of metal, bits of plastic, and most of the balloon part.”
Worst order execution
Meet Kevin and Graham Stephen do this all the time. They’re also buddies so it’s not surprising.
That was amazing…
Phones ring at Raytheon and Boeing, a military voice on the other end says, "I need to see numbers for a balloon type thing, I don't care what it does we ship in 9 weeks"
Ha ha musk tweet 420.
Ya, but it was Joe Rogan’s first day in the jet
They are clowns.
Why the hell did we not shoot it down before it even got to our border?
I mean, there are always buyers and sellers for a reason, right? If anyone could see the future, then that person would have bought as many meta contracts as far out the money as possible and made 20, 30x overnight. \n\nNo one ever knows. Not one soul. Ever. Except the pelosi crime family and various other associates. Did you know her father and his family ran crime in Baltimore for like 100 years? Crazy.
And where do those other banks borrow the money from?
i dont know, but ill drink another white claw and test the theory
Apparently the lag time to defend US Airspace is the same as the fed realizing inflation isn't transistory. At least we shot it down after 'checks notes" it crossed the entire country.
i think that's already priced in
Drink sales will increase 2X Bullish!
T7S is my fav so I'm not touching that new garbage
Little known tax fact I was told, unsure how accurate this is, when you ring the bell in NY, it’s considered work and legally you need to pay taxes on the day you were working in NY.
I dunno about trade videos but Patric Boyle and Hugh Hendry are kinda informative and fun to listen economic wise.
Taylor Swift had some crazy leaks last night.
They will never run out. It’s a new story bullshit every week
Downs Syndrome?
neither is bootlicking a rich kid.
You like MSG?
Only 30,000 more feet to go!
That was the reason regard strength hold up tesla and Apple through the whole friday..the biggest boomer Stocks with biggest gyna dependency. Now limit down the whole upcoming week just as those stoooopid trapped bools deserve it
To some 10k is nothing, to others it’s almost a years worth of food and rent.\n\nFrom what I understand, most Americans have no savings (70%with under $1k in their account)\n\n’s%20Pick%29%3A%20Americans%20have%20more,average%20household%20savings%20in%20America%20are%20at%20%2417%2C135
In my mind, she did.
I think it will be the later
idk im bearish af but seeing a lot of bears with this mentality too\n\nthinking this month is gonna wreck a lot of people
Wow. Ingesting a depressant makes you depressed? Interesting
Holding my calls but hedging with UVXY shares in case it goes panic sell
Then take out a mortgage on the equity and put them into options. Maybe I should make a channel.
here is the link to the video that I am talking about:
Top 3 AI Stocks to Buy Now (ARK Invest's Big Ideas 2023)
🤩 Invest in OpenAI for as little as 00 via Dizraptor! #openai recently released a public version of #chatgpt and it...
Fluoride (I’m joking)
They'll say it was, even if it wasn't.
i support that
Congratulations, but seriously, take half of that shit out before your next gambling, and fuck you
than a penny
Or when they lie
Super interesting. \nPlus when you see historical interest rates…\n\n
Ur wild for this, you guys sleep?
Graham Stephen used to sell FTX down our throats on his channel. He got out of it by saying he didn’t see it coming. If you don’t know, don’t advertise it to others. I never used FTX luckily, but these YouTubers are full of shit
Yes, temporarily
Some of you have never experienced a multi year downturn and it shows.
China been doing military drills month after month and building artificial islands to house missile batteries but a balloon is what brings terror.
No dump it
I can't believe they actually sent Kamala up there with a huge pin to pop it!
I agree, but I think should wait to stop them until after they cancel the national debt.
Missile was a bit overkill for a balloon.
Is it tight?
Yes, smart bullets have a max range of 6.2 miles\n\n
The timing of Party City’s bankruptcy is too coincidental. The balloon was an inside job.
i should stop drinking, i get too depressed
His old videos are actually good but now there so shit
I hope this wind bag and that meet kevin turd get wiped out and never come back.
I’m giving That 90’s Show a shot, so far ehh
In your opinion, what leverage do we have? \n\nThis isn’t a bait. I’m asking because I really have no clue what we do here. A stern talking to and the cold shoulder for a bit?
You vastly overestimate the savings capacity of the average person. 10k is nothing.
Theres a big ahhh red candle confirming Bearish moment, but hey, Chinese company do whatever they want, calls on Them
Jennifer Love Hewitt never had a single titty pic leak ![img](emote|t5_2th52|27421)
Most real estate “gurus” are just an example of survivorship bias. Over-leveraging and getting lucky a few times in a row. Steven Mark Ryan is the same way; bought real estate in Australia during a multi-decade real estate boom yet thinks he’s a genius, though none of his investment performance since then would suggest that.\n\nHonestly nothing wrong with them making money the way they did, but they’re not people to follow for good advice unless you just happen to get lucky like they did.
I agree, ui is nice and easy to use. A lot of people put robinhood down without any reasons other than it’s for regards. Like I was saying I was burned on a few trades for not getting filled on a huge swing
Ber are china ballon\n\nBig ded
Hey look it’s Seth Rogen!
Possible? It's baked in like lasagna
Yoo thats my teacher ! Peter Tuchman
Scary what China could have pulled off with that balloon.
Market gonna moon Monday when the Pentagon confirms the balloon was a nothing burger
When are Americans going to wake up and realise they are turning into a third world country
How is Cathy not arrested for defrauding her investors but SBF is facing trailer for trading imagine tokens?
US spends $1 billion to shoot down Chinese air balloon. I can't wait for my puts to print
Everybody wants to rule the Squirrel
You're an idiot if you think microwaved noodles are remotely comparable to sushi or onigiri. Anyone with half a brain would know that those two dishes are in completely different leagues. You might as well have just given me a bowl of mushy, flavorless slop.\n\n ^^[**Discord**]( ^^[BanBets]( ^^VoteBot ^^[FAQ]( ^^[Leaderboard]( ^^- ^^[**Keep_VM_Alive**](
PG is great content, as is the plain bagel, and if you like it on the bearish side, Maverick of Wall Street for macro
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At 60,000 feet?
If someone blindfolded you, dumped you in that room and removed the blindfold, would you know what to do? \n\nI just wanted to buy a cup of coffee not 42T tons of the stuff... Where the fuck am i going to store all that coffee? - Help!
idk what happened to me
Everyone “APPL is a good investment” me who only lost money having there stock not to much bc was free stocks but still💀
Regretably, those charts were lost in 1665 great fire of London.
Short all xi stocks I guess
This is an opportunity to accumulate.
Acting on your best behavior
Numb dumb, numb dumb and broke
Maybe the April 120/100 vertical bear spread. Super outside bet obvi but you can get in for about .4 per spread, 50 bagger max return.
Fr though, companies with exposure to Gyna(you know the ones) are probably going to get slapped by the market on Monday.\n\nBlinken had to indefinitely postpone his trip to Beijing to meet with Xi as a result so you know the US is itching to use this as leverage against Gyna in whatever way possible. And knowing Xi he'll probably retaliate against US companies with manufacturing in the country.
5 miles done ✅\n\nSanity ❌\n\n🅱️enis ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4258)
How’s the 🅱️eekend 🅱️ow doing?
"we did it, joe"\n\n\nBalloons are bad!
Other option is to wander the desert alone until you meet your fate
Won't be released until Feb 15.
No lol
No balls at all, believe it or not!
The conflict is over tsmc chips
Hoping my defense portfolio goes brrrr on Monday
Welcome to your life. There's no turning back. Even while we sleep. We will find you.
She had small balls?
Nobody can predict the future
Just quit. 10k lesson is cheap.
I’m holding 6500 shares. This will eventually pop biggly. Just being patient.
Tim Apple done fucked up.
>I have not looked into this company at all, but from what you are saying it sounds like a scam. I would be very careful if I were you.
FED will cut rate at the end of this year because JPOW give a shit about your stocks ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4641)
Lmfao. For rea though. “Hey, it’s in Alaska, where it’s mostly just wastelands. Want us to get it down now?”\n\n“I don’t think I will.”\n\n“What? So you want us to or not.”\n\n“Oh, uhhhh, no. I don’t think I will.”
Spy absolutely ripping next week from our heroic display of military might today![img](emote|t5_2th52|8882)\n\nOr plummeting like the algos did when that russia missile hit poland ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4640)
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Well then.. are they getting cheaper already? I guess that's a good place to check the sentiment.
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referring to your charts you are 1 year too early and 3 months off the bad employment print.
No balloons fuck with a biden.\n\n\n-crazy old man
can pigs fly ?
They will make less money on fees because everyone will stop buying crypto because it's worthless beanie babies pump and dump nonsense in a dotcom bubble. Everyone will forget about coinbase and crypto once this recession hits, and it won't recover, because it's chilidish and stupid
Hulk Hogan?
not even close
They could have shot it down with a sniper rifle
No one was saying Q1 of 2022. I still believe Q4 2023 is when it will happen. Unemployment rate and inflation are always inversely related. I think there was one instance that they fell together, but it was followed by high unemployment within 2 years.
Actually they throwed a stupid bull into it
Balloon down = pumping cause Biden actually did something.
Holy fuck arguing with douche bags on another sub. What’s wrong with you Americans? They literally think the military didn’t shoot down the gyna balloon over Alaska because 1. Too hard to retrieve and 2. Too expensive to retrieve. What are they putting in your water down there?
had everything in 120$ calls for amzn, down 95% shit is so fucked up, i have time until mid february...
Remember when this sub used to have a separate DD thread? Does that no longer exist?
Kill -9 -1 -1
Naked options don't really do too much then being able to destroy your quicker. You basically have the ability to sell options, which means losses are unlimited and gains are capped. However, these strategies are more consistent at winning and growing your account.
I will be a SOFI millionaire in a few years. 13k shares long and strong.
Chyna tried hitting us with the “we just wanted to check the weather in Montana” as if they couldn’t just go to the Weather Channel website and type in Montana. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
It's a cuck or be cucked world we live in
I was playing 🎶 I’m proud to be an American 🇺🇸 as the balloon went down. \n\nWe ain’t no Cuck Gyna!
Peak retail participation seems to often result in a climax then correction.
I’m a really big fan of Patric Boyle.
Is the automod still doing that ban bet thing?
Bro end where he started lmao
Options on margin are not your friend.\n\n(I know you can't trade options on margin on Robinhood)
You’re talking about Jerome Powell right?\n\n/s
I trust myself
I’m a Joseph Carlson cult fanboy. I don’t sub to his patreon but he gives good info
99 million luftballoons go by...
Instead of a rocket why diddent they just shoot it with their 20mm machine guns? Suppose all for show.
Apparently the entire thing weighs about 4000 pounds, he didn’t have a chance after it landed on him.
Hmm kinda wondering if it's worth to anticipate a potential drop in the coming months and get a few 400$ strike puts over a 3 month or so period....\nThen again I'm still learning.
All our stocks are gonna suffer when we go to war with them within a couple years.
She's under 5 feet though
'Simply sell this book'
Who cares what their goal is, they're wrong, Bitcoin is a ponzi pump and dump worth nothing, Coinbase will save nobody from anything, crypto is just beanie babies all over again, and it's happening during a dotcom tech bubble just like in the 1990s\n\nI don't short COIN because I think going long vix is a better deal right now
I still see Netflix and apple as shorts selling the news. Have faith it’ll come back down
You trust the Chinese? Lmao
Markets come at us fast. Apple's up
She looks like this lady I had as a professor, and it’s a total turn off because she was weak in the sack. Real boring.
Lowe’s is indeed a pretty damn good stock
If I win the powerball tonight I’m moving to Dubai and buying an apt at the burj khalifa
If you can become more regarded than matt kohrs or the Ape Father\n\n...\n\nThat would be a monumental achievement the likes of which have not been seen since the Moon Landing!\n\nYou will not just be a regarded, you will be THE REGARD of THE REGARDED
It's gonna be a banger
The payload attached to the balloon may not be safe... \n\nBlack Swan Event coming.\n\nGeezus Cripe
Im buying Calls in BABA
Everyone wishes you could too ![img](emote|t5_2th52|28993)
Interest rate won’t be much better next year. Go qualify on that cabin loan today
"What do Hedge Funds think of Technical Analysis" - TradingLabs\n\nand\n\n"How to Use the McClellan Oscillator" - Market Misbehavior\n\n**generally,** smaller channels on youtube that are run by older gentlemen or woman, who talk like a mature adult are the ones that you want to go to.\n\nif you think about it, most ppl in WSB and daytrading in general are young and dumb. some people here still think that the market is a casino roulette table, rather than poker table.\n\nanyway - yea older mature ppl on youtube with like under 100k subscribers usually have legitimate trading experience and are good sources of information. these people have seen many market cycles and actually backtested their strategies. for example, simple selling/buying when RSI is overbought/sold.\n\n**twitter helene meisler and tom mcclellan** are also two very good sources of information.\n\nremember, most people who trade and make consistent money - whether for a living or hobby - probably aren't chatting online...
You would be bored after 1 day
Don't do it. You'll get gaped.
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I don’t
“We got ya, you sonovabitch” - Joe to the balloon
Anna Kendrick is a beautiful woman
Don’t know that song
I read that, way ahead of Gen X and millennials apparently Mmmhmm
Highly doubt that
The economy can’t survive the balloon crash. Limit down Monday.
My friend was reported because he said dude and assumed the gender wrong wtf
I have one call totally destroyed. It’ll\nCome back to life in 2-3 weeks when the call is dead
It's cynical of me to say so, but the person responsible for these videos is probably generating ad revenue from clicks... so...
I'm glad I bought calls 😁
And here I am sad I sold my 02/03/23 Spy calls I bought Monday for $150 each, paid $100, just to watch them climb to $800 and settle at $510.
Balloons are priced in
Would it be safe to say that we simply lengthened a Market Correction over a 3 year period. Due to the effects of Covid, and the boat load of money that was dumped by the Feds into the economy to cushion the fall. \n\nAnd of course the continuing effects of adding a 26% tax on goods coming from our largest trade partner. As mfg. is ramping up and still needing to import goods & equipment as we can't simply start making all things here with the snap of a finger.
Balloons in China will plummet. 💥
Already got them… been messing around with them past few weeks bc tend to sit on hands more during big earnings weeks, and so have been able to watch like a hawk since so frickin volatile… blink and it turns and be fuxked… I like it though…
Don't be Omar, WSB. He is a true regard.
Mission accomplished banner time 💥 🎈
Oversold yesterday IMO, think it goes up a little bit then flat
The very one!
I concider Apple puts 110 12 weeks out rn could be 50 bagger
Essentially its already escalating with Blinken not going for the State visit. But a quick check on news sites only some of them have it page 1. Part of me says if you are asking the question then its already too late.. but damn these are my best performing stocks this year, i was finally warmed up to it.
The news of the potential sky balloon was first known on Thursday. There’s absolutely no reason the markets should have been green Friday, they should have been far lower.\n\nRegardless, the markets absolutely did not tank going into the close, they all closed off of the lows
Appl fucked me royally on that put so now I got a call going with those $75 bucks ending on $254 as of yesterday, it ain’t much but it’s honest work
Not doing cocaine. That's a paddling
You forgot to label knees and toes
Makes me want Chinese food
Damn, I made $79k last year and am barely scraping by. Rent is too damn high
Next time try Vanilla Ice
A night like tonight , would’ve been a great Blockbuster night
What are you talking about that is the face of "WTF you idiots still buy AAPL stocks when the company miss on every numbers?"
If I were a country sending surveillance balloons to other countries, I’d also say not to rush to judgement and lie about its purpose while the balloon continues to collect sensitive military info. China is not to be trusted on their word, they are not an ally.
That's a really good question. I'm not sure how they could have let that happen, but it just goes to show that the US military is fallible and vulnerable.\n\n ^^[**Discord**]( ^^[BanBets]( ^^VoteBot ^^[FAQ]( ^^[Leaderboard]( ^^- ^^[**Keep_VM_Alive**](
Go. Live your dream
mods bring back u/flywannaberichguy\n\nhe did some of the best bear market predictions
Of course. They’re gathering intelligence of where to strike the US in the event of a war. They just had a meeting with Russia too. how do you spend a trillion dollars on the military every year and let a balloon gather intelligence of your critical military targets?
bullish or bearish next week for amzn?
Very much so. I was just a lowly peon. I did patient care, so I was unimportant. I left when my safety was threatened
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STOP SPENDING 😀 Nice troll
i certainly wouldnt mind that, then i dont have to downvote you every time i see this
The president of Ireland?
We work jobs in the meantime and I'm out of cocaine. Fuck. Shit was weak too. Fuxk. Oh God dammit
Wrong way, Jack!
Go for it
Your circuit board is blown
I did
Can you pay off my $20k loan?
Love you too bro
Take out thr 20 again. 10 you will keep on the market to roll when it's time. 10 you will start a business or a side job for yourself. We talk in 6 months again
I wish I could go live alone in a remote cabin and give zero fucks
[Triage intensifies]
yea glad u agree, see you at new highs on wednesday
I just picked up a handle of Cognac life is good boys!
Never done a line, you'll get a paddling for that.
Have puts on them always
Why did no one check to make sure Joe Rogan wasn't on the balloon? He was a true hero, trying to protect us like that.
lol yahoo saying that gen z has 33,000 saved for retirement. most gen z are sleeping in pikachu onesies in their moms basement
That will be my final form, it might take me a few years to evolve into that degeneracy. \nI hope one day I can achieve S-tier level of degeneracy.\n\nFor now, I'll have to settle for A-tier.
Caffeine free
Puts on balloon makers
This was a collection of YOLO 0DTE QQQ and SPY Calls and puts along with some meme stock play.
Chinese balloon shot down = limit down Monday
And talk in circles for the other 8 minutes of the video to pad out the time?
Everyone seems too have forgotten about the temper tantrum with China regarding goat 🐐🐐 Nancy Pelosi 🐐🐐 when she headed over to Taiwan last year.\n\nOh, I can just smell the cruise missiles already
Appreciate you 😘
Mind sharing those 3? So I can unsub from this cancerous clickbait shite.
1/10 is more profitable than 0/4 though
Both calls and puts got IV crushed
This could be gambling or business it depends how you want to look at it. Me my self I take it as business because I can’t afford to lose what I don’t have.
Chinese are sprinkling shxt on chipotle from balloons…
That’s a bad way to look at it. That’s like saying if it weren’t for that comment it would have been down 12.44% friday.
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it’s kind of weak on flavor tbh \n\nQdoba has better sauce options
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this is some lit shit LOL
Literally the biggest short covering event in the past decade last week, but ya... bears havent capitulated.
A win is a win\n\n
Probably a bottle of Jack Daniels and a 2 gauge
It's understandable. I'll do a line
They also said no one should rush to judgment, it obviously wasn’t for meteorological purposes. So I guess it’s kind of an admission, I think it was just a test to see how we would respond.
Well not tru the viewer’s watching their dumb videos are technically dumber.
The market might be too bullish short term, but it is usually right longer term.\n\nInflation is coming down - wages are coming down, rents are coming down, but jobs are increasing because the service sectors are reopening and the labour market is tight as fuck (for many reasons).\n\nThis is what a soft landing looks like.
What a great angle I hadn’t thought of that lmfaooo
Most of these videos repackage index fund investing in different ways. 'your spouse leaving you? DCA into a low cost index fund! How did I make money? Real estate and shilling pump and dumps. But you invest into that index fund!'
lol it didn’t collect shit we care about
I don’t think OP knows how to read a graph either
I know my faults, what now?
Can we get a teal swan too?
It’ll bounce back Monday and close 2-3% green. Don’t fuck with the fruit store.
The taxes would stop that unfortunately =(
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What do you mean? China claimed it was their balloon used for “meteorological purposes” and that it shifted off course. DOD has also stated that it is Chinese and has surveillance capabilities?
Yea I wouldn't do it for any less than 5 years off. When you're doing years 2 months flies by
Going to relay that information back using two cups and roll of thread
The term "black swan" refers to an unexpected event that causes underpriced tail risk to be realized in financial markets. It's not the same thing as the literal black swan that killed Joe Rogan. Don't be such a concrete thinker.
Good point- 1400 shares average cost basis of 10.69. \n11 March 3rd calls $11 average price .89. \nPlanning on increasing the calls this week before earnings.
Lol @ numb and dumb
So you in for round 2?
Can it be Monday yet?
Yeah bitch\n\nI'm regarded😁
Just search up womens fashion. It happens fast
I fast forwarded that bit lol only was like a min
Yeah, me too. Feels like we bitched out a bit on the whole situation. I’m probably wrong, but man, I would have knocked that bad boy down somewhere in Alaska or where ever.
OP should have also mentioned in his post that Schwab bought TDAmeritrade for 20billion
realistically its gonna be forgotten by end of next week. Might move the markets a bit on Monday morning, but markts already tanked on Friday when the balloon news started to spread.
Well might as well if the government of your opponent is just going to allow it to do recon. If anything it’s insulting to America that they would even try something like that, let alone do it successfully.
It do go down ![img](emote|t5_2th52|18632)
$LMT mooning Monday after their jet was used \nvs China’s $SPY 🎈
Really?\nLinks? *asking for a fiend*
The algorithm might not like it, kinda scared for Monday tbh
Pay attention, you fuck!\n\nDo you realize what's going on?
meh probably not but maybe
Real estate is literally the biggest leverage opportunity out there. Your 5k yolos are small time. Leverage yourself to the tits with 20 mil in properties
Whats this about? And how do you all know?
I waste too much time here.
1 rocket per balloon China could bankrupt the us with millions of balloons.
Prison is full of addicts, you wouldn’t want one of their organs
Love this sub.
If you're still tunnel visioning inflation and not paying attention to almost everything else that is happening, you're clueless
I used to work for this company. The way they shat on everyone is fucking evil.
As long as they bring consistent income, \nIt's like a covered call 🤔
Damn. Did yall see dark Brandon's patience and precision ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8882)
pretty pretty pretty good
did know his literally a grand pa
Bro. You're supposed to make money by investing, not lose money.\n\nYou should try that and it should fix your issues
Welcome to 2021
Unbelievable, about Joe Rogan.
Michael Burry responded to my craigslist ad looking for someone to mow my lawn. "$30 is $30", he said as he continued to mow what was clearly the wrong yard. My neighbor and I shouted at him but he was already wearing muffs. Focused dude. He attached a phone mount onto the handle of his push mower. I was able to sneak a peek and he was browsing Zillow listings in central Wyoming. He wouldn't stop cackling.\n\nThat is to say, Burry has his fingers in a lot of pies. He makes sure his name is in all the conversations.\n\n*I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/wallstreetbets) if you have any questions or concerns.*
Michael Burry told me he's short on wipes. But I couldn't find any so I went into his house and ejaculated on his bathroom floor. How you liking these puts Dr. B?
UVXY isn’t a company moron
That's one thing I refuse to invest in as a matter of integrity.\n\nMy wife works in healthcare. I see what the for-profit system does to people. It's literally killing people. Healthcare shouldn't be publically traded. Companies like this will cut costs to pay investors by denying patients proper care and cutting every corner on the patient level.\n\nThere is no need to be a part of that BS.
calls 0 upvotes, puts 4 upvotes. yall still havent capitulated. so another week up. i dont make the rules.
U waited till last moment u would have make calendars or spread on loosing positions
I have been contemplating setting up a bullish position on HOOD and this biased take reaffirming my ideas is exactly what I needed to double my investment. Thanks OP.
Chinese Balloon stocks about to soar to the moon 😂
You laccin’
Balls, good luck. If it hits 418 I'm buying cheap puts. Although my portfolio hope's your right.
ya ik I am
And guess what happened before Friday's close, markets tanked.
So it could go up *or* down?
"Thank you for your patronage" \n\nVlad, 2023 probably
Nah we were pretty smooth for the last 40 or so years. Basically just proxy wars. No nuclear powers directly attacking each other.
Is this the start of the black swan economic collapse?
Why would you want to buy shares in a company that is about to go bankrupt?
YouTubers just make u loose money. They sell hype or doom and u can’t make money in either scenario
Not likely, China hasn’t admitted that it’s theirs. The only way I see it affecting anything is if China says they will shoot our aircraft near their “borders” meaning a lot of ocean are they claim as theirs. So if it escalates, yes it could impact the markets. If not probably nothing.
Man this just went dark 😂
Just placed an order for 50 shares just in case it moons
I'm 1000% certain someone making Chipotle red salsa cranked the heat up 5x.
Not so fast. There’s decent pseudo porn on Pinterest
You might be lactose intolerant
If you're looking at day to day...\n\nCrashed to 142ish during missed earnings and only recovered during the call after the China demand claim, peaked at 157, that's a literal 10% swing in a 1T market cap company.
What you don't like listening to a guy say the same thing every video?!
So Joe let it float all the way across Alaska and mainland US then takes it out once it reaches the Atlantic. Classic.
RH should start recognizing regard but serious traders use their platform and cater accordingly.
Earnings coming up, I was thinking calls, but the outs are so cheap too, I’m tempted to buy just one and see what happens
Well yeah…
I really want ice cream but get the farts every time I have it. Should I do it anyways
Robert! listen to him!!!!
Stop loss? Never heard of her….
They are doing butterfly effect experiments
Whats bad about getting a good wank
Buy UVXY Monday at bell is the play?
People should follow earnings estimates and not stock price moves in a bear market rally that will end.\n\nAnalysts have been lowering Apple's estimates for Q4 and Q1 all through January, Apple still massively missed.\nGuess what? Analysts continue lowering estimates after that shit of an ER.\n1.1% was the revenue growth for Q1 analysts estimated in January 4th, now it is down to 0.2%. At the same time Apple moved up about 22%.\n\nThe writing is on the wall.
Dude he's always been like this. Finance youtubers are running out of things to talk about or dramatize.
When parties get out hand (B52s song)
balloon went poof
And all they get is a bull market
Fits right in with the narrative of Powell buying time for banks with his dovishness
Do you think we took too long to get that bad boy down?
Is this for real? Joe Rogan was a great man. Fuck this county.
Sure lol. Were -40% compared to when i made this comment but okay.\n\nLooks like you dont know ehat you talking about. Wanna do it again? I bet what we seeing right now is a bulltrap and were still going down. Correction not over. Come back in 6 months?
i gotchu bro, will go with my boots
DD and no positions? Ban
RIP Joe Rogan \nRIP Seth Rogen \nRIP Brian Regan \nRIP Donald Regan
This is probably one of the smartest posts I've seen on here.
It's happening.\n\n\nI've had nightmares about this day!
Just bad timing...and you were going against the trend. Follow the trend.
Honestly it tracks the fed rate so closely that its not really going to have an effect. Here is the above graph, inverted, with the fed funds rate layered on the thin line and inflation in green bars.\n\n\n\nYou can think of that how you like.
Everyone is so bearish this weekend, it's making me start to doubt my 409 Puts.
China probably bought puts on US stocks and sent a balloon to make sure it tanks market once shot down
shiny for sure
>There is no reason to believe that news of the balloon shoot down will have any significant impact on Chinese stocks. Prices may fall slightly in the short-term as investors react to the news, but over the long-term, I believe that Chinese stocks will continue to perform well.
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Everyone knows that most important intel in 2023 is captured by balloon
The worst thing about Graham and Meet Kevin is they never believe what their title is saying. They just talk about an article or someone who said that and talk about why they disagree with that claim. You could skip to the last 2 minutes of the video and lose nothing of value.
Yep. It's been going on since the 1980's.
something something inverse cause autistic
Nothing really, it has it’s ups and downs but is still by far the best ui and best for new traders for simple ease of use.
There's usually a lag between what the market wants to hear vs what it should be doing. We saw last week, poor earnings follow by double employment numbers. Markets digested those numbers and went up and back down end of day. By next week, most everyone is gonna realized that this market rally is running on fomo. As the sell-off intensify, dip buyers are wiped out and profit takers dips then the sell-off will only intensify. Imho.
Average family can’t pay a $400 emergency bill. But I bet they have the latest iPhone
It's pure detritus that's why. Literally an index has better gains in January than this company. You can talk as much as you want about flying to Mars but there's nothing here it's dead money. I get you like space and that's great but I like to make money and not reach a giant rock in space.
2012 here, indeed it was
So why show off?
You're just broke dawg
question for all: shiny or regular? the type of bunny suit imma buy for r/femboy ???
If you don't know how to play you don't win either
So that’s bearish? I’m confused
No lmao.
Would anyone have guessed he'd go down in a shootout with Angela Merkel?
I call my portfolio tamagotchi — it shits, it screams, it dies... sometimes it even goes green. \n\nPS\nIt has ~10 shares of my favorite cherry picked stocks, hopes and dreams.
Spying can entail more than just like taking pictures you know...
The big white balloon, is now big white trash. Is it a coincidence that it came to rest in Myrtle Beach?\n\nReally makes you think 🤔
Look for cgc to not do much at all
Be fearful when others are greedy. Be fearful when others are fearful. Be fearful.
China buys puts. Send balloon to fuck with the market. ??? Profit
Is the image in this Reddit post public domain?
Will never get used to checking corn price and seeing it above $0
[Known For: his picture]
$SPY balloon shot down.
Great movie
AAPL was up less than 2.5%
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either that or pokemon card packs
Again, there are many healthcare jobs, and completely different pay scale than retail or food industry. Just because you and I wouldn’t want to do the work, doesn’t mean there aren’t many people who enjoy working in healthcare.
Heard dat 🤙
Username definitely doesn’t check out. Are you on glue or what?
Trying to cater all types of viewers... Something for everyone
Freshman year of college 2011 & can confirm all of this, was awesome.
Thesis: I keep seeing bearish posts on WSB. Stocks will fuk bears.
Why is everyone saying black swan now lol
Y’all are nasty
Don't use such insensitive language right after what we just saw happen to Joe Rogan.
I know. And poor little Angela too
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Have you seen the tizzy a single balloon has caused an entire nation? That's the point lol \n\n\nIf a single balloon can cause so much turmoil and distress, that's worth as much as whatever amount of intelligence they're gaining from it, if not more. Next time they need to get the American people pissed off at ol' Joe they'll just release a bunch of shitty spy balloons and watch as the country almost shits itself in terror
He died a hero. Truly
About what?
It's amazing, when Enron does it, they go to jail, when the Fed does it they get reelected
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You already have a bet going - META to 245.0 before 08-Feb-2023 08:20 PM -05
buying puts is a good idea right now
Because people still think Jeff is the ceo...
I pay for Premium.
God damn! I need to start a “finance” channel ASAP
buying calls is a good idea right now
Guys, this is really bad...\nRemember that black swan means nobody sees it coming.
You say that like it’s bad
Probably just blocked to citizens by the ccp
Boy who cried wolf situation, looks like. So many people don't believe it.
His old videos were actually quite useful but now its clear he's just playing the game for watch time its just oversaturated garbage
The former head of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, was almost instantaneously given an executive position at Citadel after his departure from the FED. It’s a well known fact the FED has the ability to print an unlimited amount of money out of thin air whenever they please. \n\nIt’s not hard to imagine Bernanke helped Citadel establish a system in which they can also pump out an unlimited amount of securities without any physical shares to back up these newly created synthetic equities.
Marks & Spencer! Woohoo!
It will try and the media will assist, since Elon also wants lower rates he won’t use his platform to call out the “disinflation” bullshit either. Ultimately the piper has to be paid but I’m still not ready to bring most of my cash from the sidelines for short positions.
When you start owning 6, then 100, then 1000 contracts. Can't just end the trade right? nahhhh...
LOL \n\n“You flew a balloon over my lane and looked at my important stuff. I’m going to ban your video app that spy’s on our people now.”
and you can run them on electricity and diesel.
What this mf gonna do with 5 dozen eggs smh
Biden is an idiot. Russia’s gonna be given the intelligence from that balloon too 100 percent. This is how you blow a huge military advantage through total stupidity.
All you need is a proxy server to access it wouldn’t be that hard. Easier than sending a balloon
Feel dumb that even this guy is a millionaire.
Too many Starbucks runs at the Fed![img](emote|t5_2th52|4640)
Hey /u/gorfnu - I am a bot from /r/wallstreetbets. You submitted one or more banned tickers: CAAS.\n\n We don't allow discussion of low market cap (less than 500mm) tickers to prevent pump & dump spam and scammers.
You can always ask me what to do and just do the opposite because I have the same track record.
I actually hope they stay home!!! Dopes
Up 44% over the year, with the majority of its gains coming in the past 3 months. Nice 👍
It's where ever you want. South France. Lover's key. My local lake. Don't let them shut you down
FFS. Keep sucking DFVs dick there stan.
Your mistake is thinking the people that control the market have jobs
Why’s this?
Whoa, PINS reports at close on Monday?\n\nWhatever day Monday is, it's going to be bigly red on Tuesday, and consumer discretionary dies a fiery death.
Hulk Hogan
This is not in anyway meant to move a stock either way but an open letter to the management, the board of directors and long term investors. This community must have some investor in the company.
> Now I know the key to making a profit is buying when the stock is at a low price point instead of just buying and ‘hoping’ that I will make a gain from it,’ said 28-year-old Jonathan Javier.\n\nHahaha how stupid are people these days? Yikes!
I hope they like me ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260) 👉👈
50% down over the next 11 months.
It’s a cuck job where you must bend over backwards for the general public.
Makes you wonder why all these major companies are all screwing up right before an economic collapse
behave yourself, you’re just digits
It really is the $SPY balloon. Rose and fall with the market
240 within 2 weeks is unrealistic as hell. Eventough I'd like that to happen because I have amazon stocks.
I thought it was Hulk Hogan 😂😭
This county sucks. How do they let something like that happen?
what is an actual good one?
That’s a definition of weather balloon I’m not familiar with.
That’s what I’m saying… is it a distraction to get everybody turn head while they’re doing something somewhere else is my thing…
Google earth block in China look it up
who asked?
Shit it actually happened. I almost feel bad for joking about it
What about dudes who helicopter it?
The cold cyclone bomb probably spooked investors concerning this fruit company
Just joking
My friend in the military said "the balloon is a signal for the markets to sell off 50%."
Just have 5 baby mommas
Did he hurt someone’s feelings again?
Bulls downvoting me when I talk about Spy balloon getting shot down bc they don’t like the analogy ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
\*shaking\* am I still banned?
Was it the cheapest one available?
A shaved head and facial hair change could do a lot
ngl, he looks dam good for 70
This sub has become mostly the same users circle jerking each other.
SPY balloon popped, Monday gonna be bloody
I don’t want to be a nurse but know lots of nurses who are happy with their work. Regardless, there are tons of types of healthcare jobs beyond nursing, many of them well paid. It’s weird to lump in healthcare jobs with low paying food service and retail jobs.
The fuck is wrong with you bozo
Hulk Hogan has seen better days
I’m done with all the YouTubers who’s positive portfolio percentage returns are less than my own.
Scratch offs
Free money cuhh
RIP Joe Rohan Smh this is really tragic
Jay pow always smoking a j
My options level is OVER 9000!!!!!
Bust a move
options on options, as compound options are Level 5\n\nsometimes even options on futures are +3 level
Why have a job when you can make 4 videos and get the same salary
Where is the nude beach? The only nude beach that used to be in New England was Moonstone Beach in South Kingston Rhode Island. The feds closed it. free moneyyy💰❤️‍🩹
I mean, OP’s not wrong for that. You seen some of these posts here lately?
I have to castrate my dog soon but he ain't no bull. If I want to know where the market is going, I just ask him.
I got less than 50$ now. Tf I do
i guess im never having kids
Where is the huge robot with the needle to pop it when you need it?
Gouge Americans
There needs to be a law restricting women who have done porn, only fans or any kind of sex work to not be allowed to have kids
Question is was it a weather balloon and they fucked up really bad and couldn’t steer it? Or what reason do they have to spy on us. I don’t understand how flying over us and taking pictures would do any good when you got Google earth
JPOW is smoking a Jay knowing he’s destroy the economy and will turn the printer back on
Don’t get my hopes up
I smear a little spreadable cheese on the inside of my mask.\n\nGives my tongue a nice workout.
How exactly would you get 19.5...
i was flirting
So many possible reasons, could be for intimidation/ trying to prompt a response etc.
You know where you are right? Never say never
How'd it go?
The aliens wanted to silence him
You’re probably making like 30 dollars a week on 100 shares after losing 7k or something 🙂
OP is posting for the well regarded audience of this illustrious sub
Walking on fighting side of me
No money
Kanye Kardashian? Most definitely
With gravy. Pretty good
Sending out an F22 to take out a balloon ![img](emote|t5_2th52|28993)\n\nI respect the flex
spy balloon signaling the market
send this to your crush with no context \n\n
The Old Country Buffet carving station is the worst place to make conversation
No one likes having to make conversation at the Old Country Buffet carving station.Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel for lots more! VIC BERGER PRESENTS: A L...
🍎 up 10% on missed earnings on the claim that they couldn't keep up with demand due to supply shortages from China... And it was literally the only thing that kept us from drilling into the core on Friday... Any China headwinds are going to be met with a wave of selling
Same reason people listen to Jim Cramer . To lose money .
It's not just a balloon... \nKeep buying, you ass.
>\tat a deli in Las Vegas\n\nIs this a a fancy word for Wendy’s in Vegas?
I choose you to fly up there and pop it
I cannot believe what happened to Joe Rogan. We used to joke about it, it's sickening now that it's real.
POOTS on Chinese stocks
Story of my life. Greed is a bitch.
Puts on calls of puts
That’s exactly what I mean though. It’s practically not even worth it if it’s blue chip. I do love playing the wheel when I have a shit ton of money. But with little money playing shit stocks you could be left holding the bag on the put side. Although I think the put side is the best side and you have a better chance of making money. Call side is scariest since if the stock falls too low it could fall past the amount of premium you’ll make if you just hold it. It’s the same thing with Iron condors though. The blue chips will bet you big money but in this market this volatility will literally kill ports. And equities/ etfs that don’t move will net you next to nothing for held up capital and time. I do believe it’s less risky but I believe that most people go into it thinking that the risk is minimal when in fact the risk and damage can be severe if not careful that’s all I meant. Just letting everybody know be careful and that it’s not as safe as some people presume and start on the put side after a few days of red. Get if you get filled a few days after a few days of red on the put side on well rounded companies you have a better chance of being ok in the short term.
have you tried the roast beef? its my favorite.
Guy I knew was a CBOE year he made 20 mill...the next year, he lost 19 mill...losses are all relative.
I guess we may ban TikTok. Calls on meta?
Do you wanna be a nurse? I certainly don’t
RemindMe! Fifteen days "Rocky Mountain oysters"
We’ve been in a recession for a while. Don’t be brainwashed.
This isn't dumb, it's how you generate engagement and clicks. The fact that you can quite literally verify their claims within seconds doesn't really mean much because you served your purpose, you clicked on their video. \n\nYouTube is full of clickbait finance videos like this, now there are even planty of deepfakes (bad quality, but still). Money keeps pouring into their pockets, making people angry is a good business model.
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_Jerome Powell Shoots down balloon in Latest attempt to combat inflation_
If something like that can happen to Joe Rogan of all people, none of us is safe. This county is going to hell.
He didn't pivot at all. Nowhere did he imply a rate cut b4 end of year. At least 1 more incoming. #s aren't really showing much improvement
A 5 cent pin would’ve done the job
low tier information coupled with “just dca into indexes”, every time.\n\n\njeremy just goes over how much stocks have moved \n\nkevin just hocks his etf and startup\n\nandres is probably the worst as it’s just low tier info
nah im kidding idk how
But we esplode it now
Right hear!
So with over 50% of credit card users carrying a balance with usury levels of 20% APR, lower savings rate, higher borrowing rates and inflation at still high levels....\n\nYeah, forward earnings guidance can't go tits up. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4640)
Brah this guys cronies literally said attacking his company is equivalent to attacking India.
And I understand everybody has their different opinion and I respect that, but in my opinion, there’s no way it “got by“ our defense system…. we knew it was there, before it was visible in the sky, by the naked eye, and was getting lower for whatever reason, but would not shoot it down over our own land unless had to…that’s it… again that’s just my opinion…
Same guy complaining all day about it
Weird to lump in healthcare jobs with Wendy’s and retail as shitty
Damn true true. LA gear was OG.
Anyone else having a strangly warm winter where they live?
My position is zero because I sold at a loss.
My hot girlfriend made me skip the scene where Offerman got sloppy toppy so maybe I missed out on the plot
You are either MVIS or against us!
Where was your SL bro you let them bad bois go to 0???
AOC’s man needs to think of the greater good and share her foot pics
Thanks for the link. So Bluebird satellite has 17x20m (340m\^2 array), Starlink has 5x5m (25m\^2) array. All things being equal, that gives ASTS an 11-12dB advantage due to the size of the ship antenna (k.10.log10(area of antenna)). Pretty sure that the gain of the Musk basestation is at least that much higher than what you would get from your typical mobile device. Information on their site seems pretty thin from a technical point of view. Even if you could reach down to the ground with the yuuge satellite antenna (with power) you still have to make the link back up. I remain skeptical.
We are saving that one for when BTC hits 500k
Ironic it was a freak chimp accident
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Well if it happened before then it must be guaranteed to happen again. Very big brain. I'm sure you have your life savings in calls then?
She just wants your money, move on
We’re in the eye of the shitticane, Bobandy
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JPow bringing back the printer going brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
WWIII won.\nIt was a lock! Never a doubt.\nFU Bears
Lol Good ol Chris Sain….
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We just used a $400k missile to [shoot down the China balloon](![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
Take a walk pal
"wE oWn tHe FlOaT" \n\n16 year old with 2 Gamestop shares
Comments are almost exclusively people arguing that OP is definently wrong. .\n\nThis could be a big signal to gtfo.
See you back in a week
Did you see the shootout video before they took it down?
I just stopped using RH, I like the platform but I don’t care for the lack of stop loss/take profit features/execution. Every time I set it it blows right past and I seem to lose the trade. Seems like rh doesn’t have as fast of fill rates, although the interface is nice
A little pullback is possible on Monday and Tuesday at opening.\n\n Spy will remain around 410 during those days, then CPi , consumer confidence , inflation expectations will send it to $418 or $420.
You fuckers sign in to YouTube?
Here’s some analysis from trendspider that I agree with on DIS.\n\n
Inverse all youtubers, they are the made in China versions of Crammer
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We are V-shaping all the way back to $480 now that JPow pivoted
Yeah even a regard like me could make it. Thx for the motivation!
But 1st let it float all the way across the usa. Doesn't seem like a win to me.
Get a life you DFV fanboy. No one is trying to hide shit, just trying to clarify for you apes that can't read. Who the fuck cares, seriously? "No you broke, you broke, you broke!!!" Good one genius child. Isn't it time for supper yet?
Thought: stay away from option trading.
Real ogs wore LA Gear\n\nBecause we couldn’t afford jordans ![img](emote|t5_2th52|18630)
COUPON CODE EXPIRING. They never do, just a new code pops up….everyday…..
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“You know what you actually never find when you’re looking for Bigfoot??”\n\n“Black people”
Why would you buy the most calls you ever bought after we shot up like 10% in 2 weeks...
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Calls on Facebook next step we’re banning TikTok
RIP Joe Rogan 🙏 unbelievable
See… answer right there…
last year i had a guy simping over me from r/femboy and he was sending me money. eventually my account got banned but it was fun while it lasted
Anyway bulls are fucked
People knew about the balloon before Friday’s close, so I doubt it’s gonna have any impact
This YouTuber is an account holder at the bank I work for. Let’s just say he’s not as financially stable as he portrays
Idk man. Probably not that big of a deal. What are we gonna do? Declare war? Sanction them and get into a trade war?
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Graham is a fkn fggt
Strange, because my scale is inversed
Some of yall need to buy the puppy. It's cool. Do it do it\n\nIt's just stuck. At 1525. \n\nCmon. I wanna be rich. 😆 🤣 😂
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Lmao ironic that the cultist wants to talk about facts. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|18630)
I'm thinking of hooking up with Cathie Wood. Is there a 50% chance that will happen? Would it help or hurt if I got the restraining order dismissed?
ask for his number
I’ve watched a lot of finance stock YouTube channels over the last couple years to hear other peoples input. Lets just say 90% of the time they don’t help . One YouTuber who is pretty reliable is zip trader. Tho he can have those cringy titles .
Balloon shot down!\nWe just won WWIII\nBuy calls\nBuy calls
You gotta cut up that rug fo sho…
Does anyone remember when Joe Rogan was doing fear factor and conspiracy theories on tv
Not broke? Pffff, get on our level you noob
It was a guy..
Life really is a simulation huh
And Ariadne followed the yarn through the labyrinth
Literally the most calls I’ve ever bought and this balloon is going to shake the market
This is spot on, amost no bears to be found and most people are ripping on OP. \n\n Duck and cover boys.
I read it as Tim Apple lol
ask for her number
Listen to your parents
there's like 9000 other things you can do when conscripted to fight commies\n\nyou can be a jannie, a cook, a radio operator, a mechanic, and more
Ah this is the comedic gold level memes I come here for. Thanks for the laugh.
when the dance floor calls, you gotta answer
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Today is JPow's 70th birthday \n\n
Will no one think of my calls?
bearhunter hittin’ hard can only mean 1 thing…
The phrase?\n\n“My wife’s boyfriend thinks the SP is too high”\n\nSpooked wallstreet.
Yeah every video from him is now some sensational headline where he just repeats the same advice over and over “keep buying a little bit consistently and not time the market”
Almost a record for modern Financial Media.
Hit the gym pipsqueak
I think this is why the market retraced Fri... Moving violently sideways for awhile. Great for traders.
Born too late to own a house, born too early to own a planet, born just in time to own a dank monkey JPEG
Not sure if the cashier was just being super friendly or flirting with me…
It is not guaranteed, but it is likely.
So if CPI will now only be looking back 1 year instead of 2, isn’t it guaranteed that it comes in dramatically lower?\n\nWe knew jobs would be high bc of the yearly adjustment due to population growth, but people were still surprised.
I prefer Reebok pumps over Jordan’s. Pumps was the cool shit in 1990.
Perhaps us rental air space, I hear china is interested
Freedom don’t come Free
“Hey! What are you doing flying that balloon over my area!?” -the us\n\n“Shit, sorry about that. I must have misplaced it.”\n\n“Well, that wasn’t cool man! I’m really not happy about that.” -the us\n\n“Okay.”
Theseus killed the minotaur, aka King minos of Crete
So are bulls fuk because of this balloon horseshit?
We understand you have puts, OP. The problem is that AAPL popped on their ER…\n\nAn L is an L.
TL;DR \nU.S unemployment is down big wich might imply that inflation is going to start rising again.
how? im not particularly funny
Aunt Hilda; is that you?
If you’re bullish on america you’re buying the top of the Nasdaq bubble of 2000
This is actually so true 🤣
Actually really bad even in Europe u gotta worry abt a fentanyl od in your coke
Satoshi please, turn on the anti-gravity tech
What kinda rent raising scheme are you going for here?
The hair in between my ass cheeks gets icy this time of year
You can irritate the enemy by twerking in front of them
i wish someone would’ve told us it was the good ol days
#I just put your avatar up on the Walmart wall of heros. 🫡
No, after the mass layoffs from FAANG companies, they still walked away with a net gain of employees from pre to post pandemic.
back then everything was good. everything was super cheap, i lived with my parents and was spending like 1500 a month on clothes and video games because i had no other expenses
It’s basically wrong. Loans create deposits in the banking sector and banks will borrow from other banks in the fed funds market if they have insufficient deposits to meet regulatory requirements.
big if true
It is difficult, but not impossible. Best way is using what's called Indian p-notes, but you'll need a prime broker with access.
I might get a rental property just so redditors can hate on me. Their rage brings me joy
Dude is good for someone who has little to no financial knowledge… other than its just the same “invest in index funds/save money”
There’s still one more thing to unlock sir. Trading naked future options on SPAN margin.
Lulu long legs butter up my legs!!!
Buy options with more time. Slower gains, but safer.
Yeah someone fucked it and tada Minotaur is born.
please the soldiers
You are assuming the underlying distribution without any data points for an unspecified time window. The answer is in fact undefined. This should be named something like fair coin fallacy as it is, I think, a variation of the gamblers fallacy.\n\nI'm not really getting wooshed, I just find many people unironically believe this.
Nah\n\nGonna refrain from eating pizza for at least 3 months
I kinda liked the balloon ngl
u/bearhunter429 is Jerome Powell\n\nLMAO
You mean regarded?
How is this dude still around?
Going to college in the early 10s was awesome. We could do whatever drugs we wanted and didn’t have to worry about randomly dying from fentanyl, juicy j was bumpin, mac miller was alive and in his prime, social media wasn’t everyone’s obsession, girls didn’t know what TikTok was, amazing times
The high of a hoodie fresh out of the dryer is fleeting. The first five minutes is warm bliss, but after five minutes is just depression. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)
Brad and the dark Pit\n\nEdit: Brad and his arm Pit
I've never ate a human egg
We're we supposed to use old timey warplanes just for fun? Or some kind of cool space lazers?
LOL, no
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Never take financial advice from a realtor
The argument is convincing, but the rebuttal does have good flair....
red monday
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Kenny's family is so poor LMAO
There he is!
Couldve just thrown a few darts at it
no but i am seeing phenomenal returns on getting an apartment near my work and getting snow boots
Other banks in the fed funds market
Meters? Someone ban this man. He’s not using freedom units
Washed my entire car with a squeegee at the gas station. Now I’m on my way to pick up Contango for our date night 😮🍆
Pizza today?
Yes they are. Shaped great. Also have utilitarian purposes, does it get better?
Why have many feels when no feels do trick?
Chicken egg price catching up with the price of human eggs
if they can shoot down our commercial jet liners i am sure we can get away with shooting down a chinese kite
If you ever feel dumb? Know that OP found this
When a shit hole 🕳️ country is so hysterical over a balloon they send a fighter jet going Mach 1 to pop it 🤡
Next week apple130
if we actually go to war im screwed im too skinny and weak to fight wtf am i gonna do
>You're obviously not as rich or intelligent as me if you're still holding onto shares in a company that's been underperforming for years. I would have sold my shares long ago and moved on to better investments.
*I am Lulu*
People think the balloon was Chyna when really it was Joe Dirt in the giant tooth balloon. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
\n\nYou are correct, ldmonko. I am both a player and referee in the market, and I always strive to maintain neutrality. However, there are times when my interests align with one side or the other, and in those cases I may take a position.
It is overwhelming bullish in this mofo. Puts it is this week!
Options trading is the best cure for depression. Once you lose enough money you don't feel any emotions anymore.
Remember when Thesues grabbed the bull by horns in ancient Crete?
Hilarious....and so true.
Just Another non-issue to distract the dumbasses from the real issues: Scooby Doo and M&Ms
Can you tweet this? And give yourself a good name, like Titanic Research or something...
Holding a shit one of nflx puts I bought at 379.20.
Someone’s super cereal
Peter Tuchman
Well i guess this is it bois. We going to war. I’m a fat fuck, and can barely run a mile but give me a pew pew and I’m ready for some destruction
100% returns on driving illegally without it
Yes always do on sundays
yeah tits are cool
This is the way.
Level 4 is naked call selling
i pay $71 a month idgaf
Best comment right there ⬆️ \n\nThank you for the laugh
No. We will *not* be meeting.\n\n*I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/wallstreetbets) if you have any questions or concerns.*
I love tits
Opportunity for a fresh death cross
Only if Wendy’s is serving ![img](emote|t5_2th52|28993)
I think you used the Fibo retracement in a wrong way\n\nthe base (1) should be aligned with a real tested support, like the triple bottom\n\nthe top (0) makes no sense at ATH, since QQQ was at bubble levels back then, also extremely overbought
Aw cool\n\nWeezer covered Africa\n\nToto covered Hash Pipe\n\nTIL the latter
Car insurance is too expensive. Anyone seeing big returns from progressive or other insurance tickers?
It's Sunday fuckknuckle
It that dave ramsey!? Lol
It’s the luxe King Ranch edition, not a work truck
Do not trade same date expiration unless you know what you are doing.
What happens if you are the perfect subscriber? By that I mean someone who pays for Netflix but never uses it. Will they cancel service for you? Because that would be frickin awesome.
bitches be on point
Spy balloon [shot down finally](
do you have a database of these somewhere
Shut up. Last episode almost made me cry.
We all know JPOW has no balls after the last meeting
Quick google search shows the headline was posted by yahoo finance without that arrow so it was definitely OP
The market can stay regarded in a rescission - the issue it cares most about is liquidity
I’m not sure that’s accurate but you could be right. Those elusive gains!!
0dte Friday TSLA best TSLA options.
Or moon?
well, really tall bossy women and daddy dom's get a pass
Acting like those 2 girls will date them when they’re back to single 🤣 “bro just because theres a goalie doesnt mean i cant score” 🤡
I’ll give you some time back
How did you lose on the last 2? Did you sell on the way up? Huge sell of 2nd half of the day Fri🤷🏾‍♂️
Nah it’s cool I did it to myself. When I get in my feelings I come on here and post about it, not sure why. Technically I am the biggest loser on wall street bets of all time that’s provided proof, I wouldn’t dare make my own thread because I couldn’t handle getting clowned on here by a bunch of scrubs. It’s not a good feeling. But to lose 6m you have to be able to make 6m. Anyway. \n\nI used to sell and grow weed. This isn’t part of the 6, but I made and lost 3-3.5 million over 6 years of doing that. Lived good but too much stress. Got robbed for a big amount towards the end and decided I been doing that for too long and I’m too smart to not be using my brain. Hit the stock market in 2020 with 20k I had laying around and never looked back. Took me about 7 months to hit all time highs (6m) . There’s pretty much no better feeling I’ve felt than making million dollar profits on trades. All the bs I ever went thru was worth it. I’m way better a trader now but back then I managed my risk better. I made a couple mistakes that I should’ve just shrugged off but one thing led to another I got tilted and death spiraled. Once you lose a lot you kind of get numb to the smaller losses and I was just rushing to get back. If I just took my time it would be all good. I actually bounced back to 7 figured a couple times over and made some legendary % gains but always blow up on some overnight gap ups / downs, cpi, whatever. Put the weed game to rest bc I’m a “trader” now so don’t have a guaranteed 20-30k a week cash coming in. \n\nThere’s way more to it and I would’ve given up by now if I was actually bad at trading. The worst part is I go back and look at my trade history and all thru 2022 over 1000s of trades in a terrible bear market I won ~80% of my trades. Which Is fantastic, my average profit per trade including losses was something just over 2.6%, I just would get caught on some gaps or fast moves where I didn’t put my stop in and blow months of progress. Take one big loss then I’m guaranteed I take 3 more and blow my account. This spring summer I blew an account and from breadcrumbs I literally built it back up almost 100k it took me a good 5 months, I was literally killing the market, natural gas I saw a setup too good to pass up, I all in, next day it’s 20% in the opposite direction, I panicked and accept the 60% loss, over next 3 days blew the rest of my account when I was in a consistent 150+ day uptrend. Boy did I feel dumb. It is what it is, typing it out kind of makes me sick, I pull 14 hour a day shifts delivering Uber eats and doordash to grind 350 a day so I can trade again with 10k . I sleep in my car and jump in the ocean to shower, I could stay with my gfs family but they’re annoying and I rather struggle so I motivate myself out of this. Mentally I can’t trade with less than 10 because it’s worthless to me, I used to make 10k selling a 20 pack of weed in 5 minutes, every time I start small I over leverage myself and I’ve wasted hundreds of thousands since the original 6m loss by starting small instead of saving up and depositing “size”. I always tell myself I wouldn’t be in this position if I didn’t screw up in the end of 2021 getting tilted when I could’ve shaken the Ls off like any other L I ever took in my life \n\nAnyway it just comes down to discipline, and I’ve made a lot of bad habits on my descent down, I know one day I can shake them, but I’m not there yet\n\nI need to start a new wave rather than trying to reclaim the old one I was on, been trying but mentally I just can’t, tried drugs, taking time off, getting sober, nothings working, maybe someone here can offer some good advice
I am the one true god.
Hopefully more infected and less love stories
🐻 lives matter
Fuck you! ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
My friends.\n\nYou bow to no one. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8883)
Tren’s peen after 24 hours.
I hate taxes, so fking stupid. Tax what you actually spend not what you make. Money is useful because it can be spent, so that’s where the tax should be.
You can also amend your return.
I banged the head of HR\n\nCalls on my job
Yah some brokers have different levels, but usually naked options are reserved for their highest level. \n\nI've seen one broker with level 4, but it is equivalent to Schwab's level 3 more or less.
I am
I tried this. Quit options. Then realized how boring it is to only buy stocks…. Long story short REACTIVATED OPTIONS!!! If I’m gonna lose I want to lose fast! Strap ya balls and Giddy up cowboy! Buy far out options!
Holding a shit ton of COIN puts\n\nIts probably gonna bounce and do another +20% on Monday...
lol 18 meters tall the Electron is
I have to make gains first I just searched loool
Squeeze these nuts you fuckin nerd.\n\n*I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/wallstreetbets) if you have any questions or concerns.*
and don't forget to short squeeze your nuts...
They don’t even want a relationship. They just want affirmation from a younger version of their mother.
Is this a serious question?
What’s wrong with saying, “you don’t like it so we’re getting rid of it.” Why lie and say “oopsie we made a mistake.” They look far more regarded now.
When they say don't panic... That's when you panic
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Heavy machinery operators get paid six figures. It's fun too.
Cant believe 2020 was 3 years ago, time files when you are a nutcase.
I bought BABA and JD puts cause China put a balloon over the US, now we pull off the giga Chad "blow that fucker outta the sky" method? Wonder if these will print ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4276)
I could see the beer and liquor bottles being hurled at it by locals from where I live about 100 miles away… that was even more interesting…
I already filed my taxes can I do this next year?
Uhhh...says it's an inverse head and shoulders, [shows me a symmetrical triangle...](
The Last of Us new episode tomorrow ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4258)![img](emote|t5_2th52|4258)![img](emote|t5_2th52|4258)
I hate when someone says “I don’t really have anything to add” then talks for 15 minutes.
Everything pal,,, everything.\n\nRegard.
Whose to blame