They suck at making money
Lol I’ll give you that
Yeah you can play with SAP and VW. Maybe they’ll be some action before the sun becomes a white dwarf.
with his sausage
Nah its gonna be flat next week
Same bro lol, but we are on the right path!!
For real.
Gotta watch out for that bite reflex
There’s still oxygen here in the Midwest.
People here are YOLOing their wendys paycheck bro. They don’t have that kinda money while paying off rent and shit
I will sit on the sidelines for this one. Might buy some shares if it gets really cheap but I have to see this puppy below $10 before I’m getting out of bed😈
Thats a lot of red.
Yeah they do, but people sure love lying to themselves.
Oil futures
Do you guys think hedge funds would ever work with big tech companies to keep all their stocks high while bleeding out money on retail gambling? \n\nNah it’s just the free market.
Welp, just had an argument with someone in the SNDL sub who might actually be legally retarded lol. What's the general perception of SNDL around here now anyway? Still a play or nah?
Puts on your health
Lol that's what I do. What spread do you do? I'm doing 45/50
Thoughts on AAPL puts next week?
Diversification in product plant protein waste management and monetization through that area of exploration / new Ohio productuon center big moves got big costs but haven’t been bullish since new CEO announcement just been writing calls since.
Cash app……I know I know.
Holy fuck. Imagine only buying meme stocks in long positions with no hedges.
When you read "not financial advice" on all the WSB DD you were reading, you thought it was just a CYA disclaimer. But they really meant it.
What party? I’m miserable
Oooooow, slut, lol
Lots of sources I read say first half of august. But could be doom and gloom who knows.
Webull has better UI
bag holder ^^
You were playing all the top hits
Gotta quit slamming your dick in the door!
2021 is a false flag bear market. It looks like a bull market with ATH but we mostly bleeding
Now i seen it all
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Switching over to EU market next week, US is too weird.
Enjoy drowning
Hahaha I hope it gets shorted to -$1 TREELYUN
Good for ya, realize the profit and get on with what you were gonna do.
good answer.. gave me a chuckle
The party ends Monday
Those fucking eBay puts. I’ll never forget that miss. RIP
Big woosh Big Awk
Yeah you’re right, I guess you can’t yolo 100% of it an unlimited amount of times, I forget where I am sometimes.
You say random shit like it means something 😂 \n\nYou know bikes have two wheels? I know that I’m basically an expert. \n\nGo back to whining about rich people because you were too lazy or too dumb to know how to read a graph for the past year
You must not be an American.
God only in a hyper inflation atmosphere do I see myself wanting to ever eat another one of these again
Omg were basically auto generated username neighbors how do you do fellow disasterous neighbor
Typically September
I'm so petty if one of you responds to my comments and I get ratiod I downvote you.
Let’s summarize:\n\nGME Hype brought millions of people who started calling each other apes\n\nWSB peaked in popularity, so the banks installed scouting bots and P&D start abusing WSB for P&D\n\nGay mods supported all this and they decide „meh let’s ban the bots and the apes“\n\nIt worked with the apes. The bots stayed. 10 million account corpses in the sub
They taste like shit man
For your wife to say that, her boyfriend must have some real big dick energy
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This guy likes meaty balls
Shitposting on the weekend like usual...\n\nWay off the deep end like usual...
Options hurt more than this…
No comprende
Who says he has to suffer? He makes $35 a fucking hour. I moved out at an earlier age, made less and did well for myself. He'd be fine.
You will be a rich man
I would stop, but SPY always pulls through. 😔
Dr. Burry disagrees with you
well, I do the same with the small difference I sell almost at the money puts and buy somewhat close OTM puts for my spread ... as I go at least 20% of my capital on the spread .. if sht goes wrong I lose it all ... dodging bullets every week
I post goku on stonktwats often. I'm that kid.
Why can’t you? I own one share just because but I want to short it wtf
The new CEO sandbagging guidance to set bar ultra low so he can blow out numbers in future quarters. In the meantime a lot of us getting a haircut
I shit my pants walking through the TSA checkpoint at chicago ohare. I was 29 at the time
Anyone who buys Amazon stock deserves to lose every single penny
I think AMD goes up.
Easy solution - stop being poor. Then u can daytrade as much as u want
I have no fucking clue what BYND does for earnings but man am I bullish on their guidance for Q3. With beef prices going up they're getting close to the same cost for (grocery store definition) high quality burger patties. Store near me went from selling a case a week last year to more than a case per day this year, on top of having sausage and meatball varieties.
I hang it from a tree
Really? Let me try
Just say “mi puta!” A lot. It’s like, my man!
You school closed at the literal bottom of the crash.\n\nYou'd buy calls at that point
August or September is going to be bloody. Not sure which one or both
Lol that’s hilarious
thats the spirit babe, 8/2 441c??
Wells Fargo is just a pos company from what I learned
Stop playing SPY and supporting big tech. Hedge funds are just working with them to make back the losses off retails new insane gambling habit.
seguro que te entienden bien
OK I'll start with something completely random. \n\nToyotas suck. \n\nNow you go.
And you will watch gain porn from someone else who makes it, while you make dumpster diving yolos
You mean losable lover? He sounds as disposable as their income
Yeah just gotta be aware of that. \n\nI just my cash account to day trade options, takes 1 day to settle so you’re free to day trade the next day. \n\nThen use my margin account if I’m holding more than a day. That way you completely bypass that problem.
Fuck that noise. Independence and “struggle” are overrated. I know plenty of successful people who never suffered a day in their life and have an elaborate support system around them. I tried that independent bull shit now I’m sifting through y’all bullshit to make an extra $1,000 a week buying shit stocks.
Tayshia from the Bachelor in a Hyundai add on my feed\n\nThis girl is fire
A roman guy walks into a bar and puts up two fingers and says five beers please
¿Alguién aquí tiene manos diamante?
Ima put dis dick in yo throat
Just go to your local chipotle
The only reason he incurred the loss is he panic sold in the morning. The set up would have actually earned max profit with no loss. Amzn ended day at $3330. He would have only incurred losses if it was under $3280. He had a $50 security blanket. \n\nNot sure how many spreads he had but my guess is he would have lost less than $76k even if it ended at like $3270 and he had to pay to close spreads. \n\nHe only lost money because he panicked in the morning instead of waiting to see how the day ended. Lowest it got was $3306 so they were never even itm.
Not even a little but I would kill for your flair.
So in total, over 301k Robinhood users bought into the IPO at the pre-IPO price (and got dumped on lol)
I gotta admit, I browse option prices on Robin Hood before I buy on fidelity.
It's only a 16k loss
that's commiting sudoku
Tbh, I kind of just bought 1 as like a fucking meme but it’s been printing a bit so I got a couple more 😳
Tik tok talk
I am disastrous rifle
I bought SPY puts expiring Monday
I hope next week it's better. 🤞
Yea nothing has been going on, true. Good point
I love using Robinhood for FDs
It might pull back…but not but much\n\nInverse Cathie fund. Now u can have it all. 🤣
OP was defs shitting bricks and couldn't reasonably be expected to wait until EOD. Problem is size, shouldn't have been risking that much collateral for a 0.5% gain.
That’s a nice shirt you got there. Designer I bet. Is that Tummy Fullfigure?
She only said that so he wouldn't kill himself. She was secretly packing a bag in the other room.
Maybe short-term on a pull-back, but AMD is going to topple Nvidia next since they’re done whipping Intel. Nvidia most over-priced semi-conductor company around.
I don’t speak to them
$bud came up on my screener... why the cash flow burn this quarter?
16k loss ain't shit
Haha yes! Even FEMA uses waffle house to help evaluate how bad a storm is.\n\n
I don't care that MY options expired worthless. Within my personal risk tolerance.
Dude stfu don’t they say Waffle House is the true measure of a disaster? Like if the Waffle House is closed that means shits really bad, then you start measuring how many days it’s closed for.\n\nEdit: here look at the date, you could have predicted this before the crash when they started closing.
Where do you live? If your in a warmer climate and you find location of the leak you can dig it up yourself, cut out the leak, and use couplings to fix. In warmer climates it always surprises me how shallow the water main is from the meter to the house. The sonar guy should be able to tell you the depth. Getting a crew out there to fix will cost a pretty penny. If your in a colder climate you will need an excavator as the depth will be too deep to dig by hand.
yes, i cant see this many down sessions on regular economic news
Lmao. "Yes. My theory was correct and all is going according to plan... I'll sell for a $78K loss"
I am addicted
I hope you're OK now, and what kind of bat?
You make enough to live alone But it doesn't mean you have to. Stay till ur mom kicks you out lol.
Beautiful dude!! That's incredible.
Then you woke up wet
Boomer 401k stocks are overinflated but they aren’t going to burn the boomers so they keep propping it up.
I’ve only lost 3 .5K so far this year. Just one right timed play and I’ll make it back
That’s deep bro
No turd left behind.
The biggest earnings week and dude can't understand we were talking big tech. He's legit retarded
Well atleast we know where they put the Bezos penis rocket after his trip
HVBT with a huge spike after hours.
Just save up 25k holy shit
Bear market is comin. So much money to be made.
Two plays
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TDA Thinkorswim would like to have a word with you.
It’s not that easy. Mo’ money = Mo problems.. and Mo bills’ \n\nShit I’m no where near rich and my all in monthly Nut (all expenses) is just shy of 11k.
👀 what’s up cafe
They want you to stop bitching about the AC.
Shitting your pants is only a bad experience if you believe it is a bad experience
U must party hard on Monday’s
im literally trying to taper and failing miserably 😅
We’re beyond fucked
Turn it off
I had to do the math for your 800k loss scenario. You sold a ton of put credit spreads… the balls on you and your broker. I learned my lesson losing 3500 on ASO spreads which I thought it was easy money. Since then i just buy calls on BNTX and CLF which recovered my losses in a few days
That’s a 10IQ move
You know what? I'm about to say it, ok?\n\n...\n\n​\n\nI don't care that your options expired worthless.
I'm gonna watch you die on this hill
My gme is in the green, I bought more yesterday cause I just keep buying regardless of price it feels lol.
Drugs are a handicap for others' sake, I'm too baller sober
Thankfully did not buy calls.
Are you happy?
I quit drinking a few times. Never stopped me.
Incomprehensibly retarded
How did you get a hold of my account information?!?
Necessito mucho mas esquela por mi espanol ahora \n\n\nMeeting with some people soon and not sure if any speak English and mi espanol es no bueno
Anyone know why SPY been gay the whole week?
Betrayed me like my apple calls
I know someone that has drowned like that LOL
thoughts on AMD puts 🤔
What an ape
thetagang gangsta until something like this happens
Lets not get crazy over here
This was the biggest fomo pump and dump ever!
Thanks lol
All day
All it takes is one play🙏
So we went from making money off hedges to feeding boomer 401ks and hedges.\n\nThey couldn’t have played it better if they tried just by having more money.
>guess I'll not mention any stocks on Wall Street Bets\n\nPromise?
You take that back
I have a good job 🙁
Lol. I'm saving up.
Where did they inject you, tit or brain?
Guys please don't crash the market. Make sure all your windows updates have installed properly and we're good
Unfortunately, nothing too deep. Wanted a name that wasn't "StAin WANker42069" or something, but also didn't want to make my PII part of my user name. Thought I'd try to find something with a little beauty in it.
I'mma listen to you
Gonna snort a gram of ketamine and go swim some laps. Wish me luck!
Great opportunity to buy $5000 2023 calls
Westbrook gonna shit on y’all next year
"Bruh the market has always grown exponentially, therefore it will grow exponentially and infinitely."\n\nOk so what happens when houses are 5M and wages have grown at the same rate as a savings account?
Can I pay extra for a fast pass?
I don’t know why anyone thinks this guy is fucked. Even if he doesn’t have the cash, he’ll get margin called and be forced to liquidate his 1500 shares at (checks newspaper) $438.96 as of 6:20 PM. He’s still in the green.
NIO facts
Did this dumb ass sell naked calls 🤦‍♂️
Yolo calls time
I would not recommend diy on the main water line. Plumbers are insured, you are not. Water damage is expensive and unknown leaks can also be expensive. Not using the right material or doing it right the first time just ensures you pay premium when you have a professional have to correct your fuck up.
I saw something I didn't like in here but the user is approved so I ignored it. /u/zjz
19 more months and you get a ramen!
Wrong. Never commit to a 15 year mortgage. Go with the 30 and then send in double payments. If your ever in a pinch, you could send in the minimum for that month
You’re supposed to option trade on these stocks, not buy the stock and bag hold it like a retard.
I totally believe it, but it's an absolute train wreck to look at if you don't take the time to customize it.
They are ass at finding new stories, before they circle jerked reddit it was even worse. Remember September? Literally all fucking trading day "OMG is TikTok ban?" all day every day
So weird we'd be talking about AAPL during that month long rally instead of trash
No one does because such a thing doesn’t exist
Ridiculous gains AND the screenshots actually explain what was bought/sold for how much and when. Love it.
Bless your heart, friend.
Which usually happens? Buy-the-dip mentality has never been so strong. Why would anyone be bearish on Amazon just because their business isn't magnificently better than last quarter, and nothing fundamentally changed about their future? \n\nAmazon's only bearish case is it gets so big it needs to be regulated. Which is short-term bullish because it needs to get bigger before that happens.
Heffe with a Gorilla Glue vape chaser or 12.
lost 10% of my intelligence
Disagree, they always work. Unless you’re trying to maintain that relationship
Yeah the earnings were pretty decent and definitely expected with the whole pandemic situation. \n\n​\n\nSmoke and mirrors
Gonna wake up to a small margin call Monday. But I have faith that upon the opening bell my SPY calls will be up bigly.
Honestly, shitposting on the weekend thread helps keep me from drunk texting.
What is the shittiest ticker and why is it spy?
Huhuh this is going to be my kind of ticker $SARK\n\nIt is going to short aunt cathie \n
No, you’re thinking of some fantasy market. ARK is a long only fund manager.
A fart betrayed you. It happens.
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Uhh uhh uhh uhh.... I just came.\n\nThanks for posting OP
Why does CNBC want to keep talking about wsb and Reddit Robinhood all the freaking time. No offense Leslie picker. This is just way too much CNBC all day everyday come on you’re trying to make the markets go in your favor and manipulate it it by pushing this commentary except it is redundant. Hood stock is a bad buy. Everyone hates it except mutual funds trying to make money off retailers. Please stop
The app is still the best (when it works). I don't understand why the bigger and better brokers don't make decent mobile apps.
Upvote this shitpost.
Funny thing is I'm in the green on nok
Ultimate keks
Waffle House pays sub minimum wage with no benefits and laid off 100% due to covid. Even the absolute retards on this sub know that’s a bad deal and you’re better off finding a good place behind a dumpster than taking a job as a server
I’m in for 300 shares and 100 8/13 36 calls
need more concentration , all on only 1 stonk preferably , but trying to catch the top ... you are the right place ape
Damn if you would have inverses yourself you would have been a millionaire
Short ark etf coming oct 13, 0.75% management fee…going on margin for this
Just got interest payment from rh $0.01. This week I'm eating. Lol
AMD will drop like a fat brick 🧱 soon. Next week
1.) don’t do that again\n\n2.) take your wife to dinner, give her a massage, then eat that box for like 3 hours
Stop. drawing. down.
Fair enough sounds great either way, nowadays more than ever, fixed is the best inflation hedge around
I’ll short it it’ll moon. Bet.
Remind me in one year so that I can remind you that you’re a twat. \n\nI’ve been saying this for over a year… the Fed over reacted. Inflation is going to be approach stagflation levels.
Unless you lost it all it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I’m actually surprised it came back up a tad during the middle of the day
Buy SOXL, write .3 delta calls when it's up 10% over the span of a couple days, buy back calls and/or buy long calls when it's down 10% over a couple days. Never close any calls for a loss, it'll eventually wander up or down and your shit can go from -50% to +50% in the span of a couple weeks. Close shit out when you can grab a .20-.25 profit.\n\nIf you do it right you'll wind up with something like a 45C you bought for 1.00 and a 47C you wrote for 1.3, you could walk away and have them expire worthless and still make 30 bucks, and if they're both in the money you make 230 bucks, that kind of thing, but it's best just to close them for modest profit
By 2030 we’re all gonna be Morlocks. Cash out and do as much blow as possible between now and then.
Art of War
Imagine shorting robinhood on robinhood
Wow I didn’t even realize it was Friday, just buying stupid options while I was busy at work.
[She's like the drummer from Coldplay.](
So you're saying FB has room to run. Nice
Move out dude. 22 and making that kind of money go buy a house and a nice car and cruise for chicks.\n\nOr stay with your mom and save it all for FDs.
It’s actually already ran twice. It went to 17s in December and then 28s recently. 🚀🚀🚀
Best you can do is clean up
one guy said he was able to short through IBKR
This dude on CNBC is straight up retarded. Where they find this basement dweller?
Would you say it’s a\n\nHeavy topic?
Seemed pretty feasible when I was holding them with the stock price at $142 and 12 months til expiration but it is what it is
What do you think will happen on Monday?
SPY goes down 0.6%\n\nPortfolio goes down 23%
vvv- that guy
Imagine using robin hood
no you're a cabbage
I can make 10 in 3 or 4 days, then lose it in a few hours. I have managed to do it twice in 10 days now! \n\nMy smooth brain can't sell! 15 140 calls on spy sold for .10 at 3pm, around 3 bucks Wednesday and 2.30 yesterday. Fml
Kanye West. First mistake
Can someone explain this to me? He's buying and selling a stock or is betting saying it will increase in value?
I'm good. I diversified with calls and puts
Deposit + market closing balance
CLNE rebounds next week, earnings date coming
auto bots roll out
Do you guys continously watch charts, even after hours? I find myself doing this
Ur just old
Not in my world
Wow, that was deep
What a fucking retard. Welcome!
After 30 you just stay move down to the basement and pretend like your taking care of her.
Well, today wasnt a good day ha?🐻🐻
Thinkium spying on us
happens to the best of us
Cuz fat people cranky if they don't get their fix of coke
Sale all these and buy AMD
You can’t short it
Lol these will print tho amzn is coming back
You should read more
Just drove by my local Waffle House. It’s CLOSED. Staffing issues. For those of you that understand Waffle House know NOTHING shuts down Waffle House. I’m legit so glad I’m holding puts over the weekend.
only lost 7k this week that i "made" last week
Sure, in 2 months.
I call that tuesday. Not shitpost worthy
\n**User Report**| | | |\n:--|:--|:--|:--\n**Total Submissions**|33|**First Seen In WSB**|7 months ago\n**Total Comments**|112|**Previous DD**|\n**Account Age**|11 months|[^scan ^comment ](*h26cq3k*)%20to%20have%20the%20bot%20scan%20your%20comment%20and%20correct%20your%20first%20seen%20date.)|[^scan ^submission ](*h26cq3k*)%20to%20have%20the%20bot%20scan%20your%20submission%20and%20correct%20your%20first%20seen%20date.)
$dba on watch
I’m sticking with 15 @ 2.0 APR no points
Me\* can get women with looks, charm, money, or a prestigious title. The women on the other hand know that their very best shot at landing a desirable mate is, wait for it...looks. The next most desirable trait a woman can have is popularity, so you can bag one of her hotter friends.\n\ntldr: females should be hot\n\n\*men
Make sure to book profits in trading account ao you can diversify across the board in other assets . Jk nvm keep going
My girlfriends boobs got bigger after i got Pfizer
Exactly. It's an indicator of top if wsb thinks it won't crash.
This baby face looking dude on CNBC now is saying talk is mixed on wsb about Robin the Hood. Who tf here is still talking great about that POS??
Only if you inversed that 🤑
Need a coat for winter... that's code for GTFO of my house!!!!
Lfg mvst! Finish after hours strong. Big pamp Monday load up 😤😤🦍
Oh shit it’s retarded.
commodity control
Yeah, very few and far between on that if at all.
Have you ever wanted to meet God?
Back in my day when we invested in corn it was a god damn vegetable future you god damn zoomers with your computers and your tik tok
Wrong place for financial advice luv 🦍
Good. Benefits people who trade without emotion.
Eviction moratorium ended for this guy. He doesnt know it yet.
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I hope he says yes!
Not quite. But I'm getting there
Poker and corn I have a gambling problem
That’s really sweet of your wife to say 🥺
This is gonna be a great comeback story.
I could have been a bazillionaire
We need more classy apes here.
She knew he was a loser from that start, and that’s why she loved him; a literal lovable loser.
This is it, puts on everything first thing monday
How is the drought, wildfires, and now poor air quality for over a week across the midwest not a risk to crops? Like I get corn prices went up because inflation but now they are back down yet the harvest and fields are going to shit more and more each day
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Too frugal. Needs to move out and be truly independent.
This will get lost in the comments but I shit my pants trusting a fart; I’m in my 30s
Nah I think they want you out of the basement. Get a job.
Love me some credits.
Move out you fucking zoomer. You kids are seriously pathetic how you hang on the teet in the name of “saving money”.\n\nStop letting boomers tell you your life can wait.\n\nAnd if you lie about some medical problem she has. I don’t care. Apply it to anyone else reading this who still lives at home over 25
That’s really sweet of your wife to say 🥺
They clearly want you to move out and take your coats with you.
Go as short as you can 15 way better remember interest works both for you and against you. The shorter the better
So Amazon got a 887m GDPR fine by the EU today and by sheer coincidence yesterday the stock tanked...some big boys knew it
You should take a dump on their bad as retaliation.
Dude I bought at $17.
Literally no way to tell, could bounce or push but there is momentum so I don't see flat monday
AMD business is growing so rapidly, it could be 200 by August end 🙈
Riding the shitty bus home from my shitty office… delta please lock me back into WFH so i can trade without wearing pants again
Literally no way to tell, could bounce or push but there is momentum so I don't see flat monday
I got fills at 180 exactly but wish I bought more even today's 5 percent dump got eaten up quickly so I doubt we see it that low with earnings so soon
Nah, average cost is around $150.
Sorry, does this mean it includes the once realized profit when the account was ITM + total deposit?
Alright, how do you know there is a leak? Is water bubbling up through the grass? Cheaper if the leak is in your grassy yard. If you live in the city and the leak is under the pavement, it will cost more. As a homeowner you are responsible for the main water line and main sewage line coming to your house from the curb to your foundation. If it’s in the street, it’s on the Township or City. In regards to your insurance, that’s going to be based on your policy. They’re all going to be different. I can tell you most insurance companies will try and convince you that it’s on you. Don’t fall for that shit. Be sure to get 3 estimates for the repair. Submit the highest to the insurance company and tell them to pound sand if they start discussing depreciation
I'm aeeing two different figures for % of site is showing around 10%...the other is showing 30%. Do you have reliable info on this?
Slicked back hair, white shorts, sloppy steaks.
Yeah but that’s 37% in taxes. He would have to get a part time job behind Wendy’s
Depends. Are your friends over a lot but don’t hang out with you?
Easy there you fuckin high horser
75/25 spy shares/leaps.
But only one expired today... All the rest are going to be profit. But fuck you either way 🤷🏾‍♂️
Wow. Your wife is a saint!
Everything is awesome!
Corona seltzer’s\n\nClassic
But why?what made you do this
I came home and my parents had dumped all my winter coats on my bed with no explanation. I feel like we’re failing to communicate as a family and i think i might suggest family therapy if this persists
watching the china table tennis match makes me want to tank the hang seng\n\noh wait
Yeah no shit.
That's going to be one of the solutions for delta variant, I'm willing to wager. \n\nI'm not anti vax by any means, I'm just more interested in seeing what it looks like in 2 years...
What's your source of your inflation?
CLF has been making very smart moves this year and it shows. If they do get tired of paying down debt, they could do a share buyback and really get the investors hard. I think staying the course is probably their best option, though, since steel is cyclical and they stand to make a killing lately. \n\n\nI would be concerned about China flipping the script and flooding the market with steel. I think the likelihood is very low in the short and medium term, but they have the capability to drop the steel prices with a revocation of their export taxes and releasing their surplus into the wild.
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I WANNA FUCK A SHEEP!!! Oh wrong thread. You can keep this information as well.
Well put!
I was thinking with the market but I’ll consider it
Where’s AMC? 😅
But then I can't YOLO 100% of my balance every day
No worries, I will pay for her meals at Wendy dude
Damn u must be confident we rebound hard on monday huh
Nah. I enjoy my mondays. Consists of looking at my portfolio and seeing it red.
She’s not selling till next week when it hits 20
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Nice stay 30y makes sense to reinvest in basics like spy shares
Everything is calculated.
It’s Texas so no 😂
Red states receive more federal funding than blue states, and make contribute less to the overall GDP on average. To top it off, they're full of people who refuse vaccines that will significantly increase their chances of survival against COVID. They're literally doing this to themselves...
20K* lol
This title is a violation of the Hague Convention
“My name is George, I’m unemployed and I live with my parents.”\n\n“I’m Victoria, *hi*”
I do plan to do that for every $100,000 I make, buy $50,000 worth of SPY and start over again until I own the SPY. Lol\n\nProblem is I haven't made $100,000 yet. I'm still struggling to make $10,000
Theta gang faang
have fun, save this post to really rub it in my face.
Actually now is a great time for spy monthlies but weeklies I can't tell
Closing a position that was opened with unsettled funds while the funds are still unsettled is a good faith violation and they'll restrict the account to settled funds only. Easy to run dry in a cash account.
Spy aug 20 380 puts will PRINT.
Lost 10 lbs
Did anyone else short Robbin the hood?
I’m stealing that one.
that's capitalism's fault, not bezoz's fault. I suggest you change your monday morning routine if you want to fight the system.
SPY green shrek cock gang assemble
Spy really fucked me so hard today
Gimme billy goats!
Sweet tea I hope
Only somebody with severe cognitive issues like an Alzheimers patient would invest in SAVA. SAVA bag holders should volunteer for the drug trial.
Y’all did it backwards but I’m still here for it lol 😝
What % is sold short?
Locking mortgage refi rate with SOFI rn
Sounds like you already are
This is a SPY thread. Please refrain from mentioning any other tickers.\n\nThank you.
People never stop figuring out new lows. I hope we can one day bring stoning people to death back
You haven’t seen his mom. Stay at home till\nYou can buy a multi unit. 15 year mortgage. Never rent. Stay there until you can buy another then again and again. Before you know it you’re buying a mansion with the banks paper Monopoly money.
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Phils baby back ribs and onion rings are still the truth. The tri-tip is suspect though
It's hotter than two rats fucking in a wool sock
Buy some women and a hat with a feather in it and become a pimp.
Yes. Nothing wrong with saving up for a little bit with mom. Just don't stay till 30...then it's weird.
Help your mom out with bills you fucking freeloader
I mean you've got a point, criticism is easier than resolution. But at least a lot of people who complain about it aren't spamming bullshit in the daily threads and being 'aPeS'
Never tried but I could be down. What happens?
NEGG call is put, no?
She was asking if you wanted to make mud pies with her grandkids.
Big plays in August but many <1 Billy can't say or else!!
Beautiful retardation. I lost money on calls. But I salute your play. Bravo! 👏
Thats basiclly me 😀 but im new
Idk after a short think I’m gonna say now or 8th run. Come back to this comment when your a millionaire and remember who told ya🦍😎
By talking about how Hedge Funds have over shorted $DIK and now $ASS and $TITS are primed for a squeeze, making $CUM 🚀🚀🚀🚀 TO THE MOON!
When the monthly interest hits 🤑
Couldn’t tell ya. Guessing you just got fat tho
AMZN short squeeze coming? /s
Thats what everyone thought was gonna happen today. Super red futures and we shot up $2.5 in the first half hour of trading. I even had puts and only made like 50% profit. Bought my calls for next week.
After they find where it is you could always dig it up yourself and fix the leak. YouTube helps—type DIY main waterline repair
What's your favorite thing to do on a Friday? Mine is shit horror movies and straight gin. I'm usually drunk after the second movie.
Buying lots of puts forces market makers to short stock to stay delta neutral.
You’re all cabbage.
NVDA repeatedly rams itself dick first through whatever price ceiling it encounters so I’d say it deserves the attention lol
If you had 100k and weren’t such a moron buying dumb calls (me). How would you maximize that to just collect some decent cash and chill.
imagine taking drugs just to dodge withdrawals
Lol for sure. They were pumping it so hard.
Got a couple of deep freezers full of BYND product… so yeah. Don’t know if it helped, but I did make a around 40k riding up calls/shares in the weeks after earnings last quarter. Got some lagniappe with some puts when it was all said and done and the short article came out too
Ejecting furry bot, it's a one trick pony \n\nBring back user simulator
i dont get why people trade SPX or SPY, margin requirements are nuts ... i trade futures and options on futures it is x10 less capital needed
Sorry should have said you'll have a higher infection rate, and likely more symptomatic cases and hospitalizations.\n\nBut because the infected are younger and/or Vaccinated this time they're more likely to survive.
Eating good in the neighborhood 💦🥵
Supposed to go out later for a friend’s b-day but holy shit it feels like 105 out
LoL I jerk off to this shit!!
I have a final later today. Might dick someone down after, we shall see. Probably not tho
Live and learn and get fucked in the anus. You'll come back from this jack ass.
mom hot ?
Woah there buddy
Sweet Jesus. \n\nStart turning those tricks behind Wendy's my friend.
$35/hr good\n\nMom bad
Woah there buddy
San Diego has the best Hooters girls.
One thing that has remained through the river of shit is NVDA lmao.
Ickysaurus IPA
Eat humble pie
Both 4 evidence nothing left \nBehind. From your behind
I risked $200k for a negative $70k return once.
[S&P 500 for July](
Yep definitely selling those tiny options can be scary. They move so fast against you when it goes wrong.
I'm so sorry. I had to get out of my head, man. I dont have anyone to talk about this with. Forgive me.
I say we all go to Theta House and beat them up
I’ll take it anything below 8k is doable. I got a mini excavator operator already on the hook to help,just gotta find the leak. I called 811 30 min ago so got that covered.
Be honest. Is $35 an hour at 22 years old still living at home with mom (no housing, food, bill payments) good?
Ickysaurus IPA
There's doom looming.
Bro I was here cause I had a bad day, you certainly topped my bad fuckin day
between the fourth and fifth run might be the sweet spot.
Anyone else get man boobs after the vaccine??
How about you just deposit it into my account and count it as a loss 👍🏻
Mostly simple(r) sugars. You need a more complex carbohydrate in order to delay alcohol absorption
Avg down?
i only do hard selts, otherwise bail money and dui lawyers make my life complicated
Best place to eat
Be honest. Is $35 an hour at 22 years old still living at home with mom good?
If that's your mindset then average down, do covered calls, and wait to break even <10 years
ya i'm thinking of putting most of my options money in leaps. too much luck involved in anything else.
How does it work out? What kind of positions? You’ve piqued my interest.
The TP or the poo or both?
It will. Maybe black n decker and some others come to mind
Only if she calls me daddy.
Lol imagine being this fried
Fat women?
Eh it’s more or less back to normal and the mob mentality shit honestly pre-dated GME. \n\nIt just became *much* worse when that happened, and a lot of the new people were particularly fucking annoying. \n\nTo lesser degrees though it’s happened before. NIO/PLTR were all that was talked about for like all of October/November/December. TSLA. \n\nHell even just yoloing weekly SPY calls had a phase of people constantly spamming “Stonks go up” with zero DD. \n\nThere’s good plays still if you look.
They talked about hood all day yesterday it was brain poison
I don’t really give my trust into anyone, but I really don’t trust people of *sobriety*
Same. Kinda like America. Used to love you merrca before nearly half our people broke with reality and embraced tribalism. Mob mentality and the replacement of facts with emotion based thinking, that's a big problem.
Holy shit.
This is a ~$11.2k loss. Feels bad but not the worst thing ever.
Because transmission and infection/developing symptoms are two different things?
I bury it personally but you don’t always have a shovel so sometimes it’s best to eat it
Beatles suck
Bears eating next week
what's up with RIOT moving faster than MARA?
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How do we get a $CUM, $ASS and $TITS popular daily ticker thread?
Mines still on
Same, ill wait for iv collapse and keep an eye out
You don't call her mom?
...who else
For all of you that only buy call/put FDs and are upset about PDT restrictions. **Are you not aware of cash accounts?**
I'll take some blueberry pancakes woman
Damn. I’d bet your looking at aprox 1.5k or better. The city should be responsible for locating the line if you call 811.\n\nThey’re gonna need a mini excavator and probably want to replace to entire line especially if it’s old. It’s not hard just time consuming and requires machinery to be done efficiently.\n\nI’m an apprentice and work commercial mainly so I’m not familiar with residential pricing per se but that’s what my gut says for labor and materials from a Joe blow plumber.
if they are vaccineted they shouldn t
fuck this is good fap material
You have done me betterthan my insurance company has. They can’t even tell me if they will cover anything for the next 48 hours. Anything else you can think of that I should look out for or should know ? Hate to ask a bunch of questions but while I have someone who knows something I’m not going to miss an opportunity.
>” wife who when she found out we’d lose $800,000 just said, don’t worry at least we’ll be together.”\n\nMotherfucker, that’s the headline here, not your fucking trade. Holy shit where did you find this Unicorn????
Yeah boy pump that IV, I’ll be selling weekly call spreads again on Monday. Free money every week.
Cathy just texted me asking if i wana get dirty with her. I said I’m not interested in buying HOOD. 😪
It's not odd at all. No vaccine is 100% effective. Within any population there will be a number of people who the vaccine has 0 effect on.
“Not funny anymore” this sub was built on amc and wife’s boyfriend jokes
I heard it's coming! Look for bers under the window
Haha that would be epic but neighbor girl quit drinking so I don’t think she’s coming to the bar.
Crying cause I’m a small cap bitch. I was betting on AUY and CX to miss earnings on puts. Had to close them with a 70% loss on both plays.
I’d say it’s real, look at the time of the screenshot vs the post time
Well, don't kill yourself.\n\nIt's just paper.\n\n-analfarmer2 (2019-2019)
Please stop averaging your options. I hold like 3k TSM stocks and 200 strike doesn't make sense for TSM
If you want Mexican - Lolitas
Advice to all the men out there. Fat jokes never work on women, no matter how funny\n\nLearned the hard way
Could be getting poor fast.
Do you breathe the smoke in?
I ducked that shit like a bitch
“Black swan events”…. It was fucking earnings not some random event. You can add that to almost every screener ever. But your first mistake was thinking you found something the market hadn’t thought of yet.
Sadkek for your music tastes
Great summary. He also stated "Meanwhile, intuitional investor ownership in the company is nearly zero". Last time I checked 26.4% instructional investment is pretty far from zero. Blackrock and Vanguard have 10% total stake on their own.
...downvote; sheeze, guess I'll not mention any stocks on Wall Street Bets.
I should've bought after hours. It will probably go up 20% or more pre market on Monday. Oh well.
Lol, exactly ! Reverse Repo here we go !
Sava take me to the promised land
This week was some fuck ass trading more than usual. Huge swings back to flat overnight earnings dropping huge or rallying huge. Next week the bandaid comes off up or down who knows. Been market makers trying their ass off to keep it flat this week when we should have seen much bigger up / down days
Local Austin Kolsch.
I can't even fathom putting this much money into calls on a company whose founder designs a rocket that looks like a penis.
Better than getting poor quick..
They're paying .05% on a trillion daily then they turn around and tell us we're the problem. fuck the system
I was bagholding it, now diamond handling it, lol.\n\nProbably should sell for a small profit but I like the stock, think it’s going higher.\n\nBut also think it will take it’s sweet time getting there. So smarter to sell.\n\nI just ain’t that smart.
I loved the hell out of it. Monkey go grr. Lizard go roar. Everything looks beautiful.
There is a very high likelihood of bankruptcy
Seems legit, congrats! No Fuck off! Hahaha
Oh my f'n gawd
All fixed income dropped, and that wasn’t my point. I was highlighting the violent move in all credit markets mainly in high yield. A put in the money would have gone up 20X in a few days.
I’m drinking ice tea
Bring it
The only come back is that I like to get my ass eaten so jokes on them
Next week it will close 124.77
Phils 15 years ago maybe...
buying puts doesnt make the price go down.\n\nwishing for the price to go down doesnt make the price go down.\n\nselling shares you own makes the price go down.\n\nif no one but passive longs buy it, then no one will be selling because...they are....passive longs?\n\nseeing a pattern here?
I mean you really aren't demonstrating much knowledge about stocks and the market yourself, but I can tell you there's a huge amount of shady crooked corrupt garbage under investigation.
Maybe neighbor girl will come in and you can live post the awkwardness. 😍
When I poop in the woods I burn the toilet paper to hide the evidence.
I prefer sex. I like to cuddle afterwards.
Been trying to get rich quick, but I’m mostly just getting poor slow.
I wish you the best of luck. I have the option to do it too, but don’t wanna go down that rabbit hole till I get better at this 😂
You're welcome, I'm still proud of the strategy, but I made errors like full margin so I wasn't able to close the position without my broker deal stepping in, etc. So not as bad as a YOLO, but again black swan events do happen.
Emotional intelligence and motive for profit are different .\n\nI have xbox extreme wow game pass whatever but no position in MSFT right now.\n\nI'm here to make money in the worst way
Haha, this is not how I expected this to go 🙂
annnnnnnd it’s gone
McDonald’s on fiya \n\n\n\nIf you boogie hit up the Hotel Del in Coronado they’ll set you tight. Get some ice cream from Moo Time for certain
Whenever I feel like a horrible investor I just think of Cathie
It wasn’t double blind I don’t think.
Don't hate me. But I'm well in the green since I've been selling you guys calls. Thetagang FTW
What will be fucking hilarious is if her HOOD play ends up being her strongest performer. HOOD keeping ARK afloat makes as much sense as anything these days.
Just make sure to avoid exceeding your personal risk tolerance
Well. Just learned something about you.
Me too. I was shares only in PLTR but now Im levered up with leaps. Feels like it's been consolidating. Currently shares only on Tesla but it's my biggest position.
What we drinking tonight boyos? Getting yucky with red label like a middle class pimp here.
Yeah, I thought he was going to pick apart their sources and come up with potential counterpoints. I'm disappointed that this is mostly just a summary.
Mod, can we have a creative game for flair?
Those big boy brokers make you open a margin account to do poor mans covered calls and they don’t allow you to roll up your short positions without it being considered as a naked call on the second week around it’s pretty fucking stupid because you have the long position to cover regardless
Or a gun
It was actually shit
That's what I figure too, but if it ever works it will be great. Probably never will, but I do it anyway cuz Wayne Gretzky told me to take the shot.
Did you at least put some lipstick on so you felt pretty before they fucked you?
Is your broker named Vinny?
I’ve never seen such a hated stock. I don’t understand why people are backing it.
Same, I sold 439 calls before market close by 2 hours. It was clear it will not end above in last 2 hours. Everything was fine until last 5 min it jumped like crazy and in after hours went above 439. WTF was going on in last minutes to drive the price like that?!
So your comment didn't make sense when I read it cause it just said his 80yr old and I looked it up and now im not sure I can forgive you for passing this information on.
Hopefully nothing bigger then just a minor leak they could swap out with a new length of pipe. Usually nothing crazy. Home builder by trade
I am not currently playing this, but if I was I would say that these things will be huge sources of revenue for AMZN and AAPL going forward. \n\nI think these technologies will be as ubiquitous as smart phones within 20 years.
Bs on CNBC saying Robinhood was joking retail traders would lift their stock-umm nope sorry not sorry Robinhood. Not going to be lifting yourself up by stepping on my face broz
I thought it was pretty lame minus one fight scene
You tie up capital for a year at a time?
Lmao @ protein macros
Just wait for the “Theta” variant.. heard it really eats you up as time goes on. 😁
I've never recommended a stock here; ever (pretty sure); \n\n...but I really think MVST fucks; and will do so into DEC+long
Oh man, I just think of Morgan Freeman in Shawshank when he tells the parole board he just wishes he could talk some sense into his younger self
Maybe my brother 😜
Or Get fired 😒
Here we go again. Buying opportunity ahead.
Mexicans don´t cry, that was the stereotype back in the days.
It’s everywhere
This guy fucks and gets the bigger picture here
Try reading what he wrote 10 times over.
Because everything that someone doesn't like I'd "bagholding" here.
We get a **lot** of meme submissions. To make sure only the absolute best make it through, we've disallowed static (picture) memes. \n\nIf you *strongly* believe your meme is higher quality than all the memes currently on r/wallstreetbets/hot, then you may message the moderators.\n\nI know this is disappointing, and you probably put some hard work into this, but this is how we keep the WSB feeds clean for everyone, including the /new feed.\n\nIf you want to be able to post static memes in the future without automod getting in the way, please read up on our [our guide becoming an approved user](\n\nThanks for understanding, and may your tendies be golden, and portfolio be green.\n\n*I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/wallstreetbets) if you have any questions or concerns.*
You should've posted your 🦶👈
Lolol I was only saying that because your link didn’t work. That’s a funny sub
That's a seriously fappable yolo
how come all you peeps who are mad about this just complain instead of posting your own DDs? Yer no better than the ppl you look down on.
Jenni working tonight. Awkward hello over with. Now she can watch me descend into drunkenness for the rest of the night.
man the WSB banner when you aren't on 'old' reddit is like what I'd expect a 4th grader to cobble together after a session of huffing some glue, putting his forehead on a bat and spinning around it for 5 minutes straight at full speed and then running straight into a wall. WTF
Hood is actually bullish but retards are retards
Don’t eat it.
Gotta hit the protein macros somehow. Just 2 more weeks and I can finally leave my house and talk face to face with real life humans. We got this \n\n\nMuch love
Eyyy fuckfaces it’s the weekend thread. Stop your market talk and begin the shitposting.
If everything was priced in, markets probably wouldn't be so volatile. In fact, nothing can be priced in unless people apply some skepticism to current prices and that requires active market participants believing that the market does not price things in.\n\nI don't think the sky is falling with inflation, but I do not think interest rates will stay below the inflation rate forever. 10 year bond yields will go to 3-4% at some point. People will be a lot more skeptical about a huge company with a PE ratio of 70 (earnings yield of 1.4%) if the risk free rate is 4%. There's a ton of corporate debt, that'll be a huge liability if interest rates came up much. So much of a liability that I think the federal reserve will tolerate some inflation to prevent all the bankruptcies. Or not, you know, they'll do whichever's best for the rich...\n\nIn your log graphs, you said it yourself, bad things happen (eventually) every time the S&P touches the top of the channel. I don't base my thinking on line graphs but the middle of the channel looks like it's around 2200 and the bottom of the channel looks like it's around 1300. Those are very bearish numbers. Those are about where I think the bottom could end up if there was a real bear market. 2200 would be a rational bottom and 1300 would be a panic bottom. That's not a prediction because we're not in a bear market, just numbers I landed on after studying prior bubbles and thinking out scenarios.\n\nI'm 100% a bear. I think this is a huge bubble. But bubbles get bigger and you gotta make hay while the sun is still shining. I don't know what I'll do if/when it actually starts heading down.
The only real plays of mine I’ve had from this year I’ve talked about here were BUD and BA leaps from a couple months ago. Anything with actual reasoning no matter who says it seems to be greeted with hostility.
They have already shown that so many people thought it would work because if the way the news was released. However, it is only somewhat effective in people with very early signs of the disease, and ineffective for those already progressed
I know right! Even the tldr was too long.
Thanks man I appreciate it a lot . I called 811 and am getting it marked so I can be ahead of the curve.
You don't need prayers. You need a deal with the devil.
Good advice for any movie made these days.
Fogo De Chao
I only come back to shit on the retard poors
Yeah it’s a bummer
Deserved losses.
Good thing I just got in at under 8 dollars.
The unpredictability is slightly more than normal is what I'm saying.
Yeah I think this is highly likely to turn into a retail squeeze. Retail shorts it, someone pumps it, retail gets absolutely soaked without the ability to manipulate it.
Don't cry. It gets better. Hugs.
yeah i’m in just tryna get a little scalp, hoping it just drops back to like 100.
No, they wait till the last second so they can starve a few more million people who didn’t save any of their stimuli or padded unemployment. Then 2 months later they pass some more relief but without retroactive benefits. True scum of the earth
Why does anyone ever buy same day calls?
It’s certain.
At least the loss porn is
There’s a black swan perched outside my window 🪟
I was alright. Worth the watch
But, did he get it all over his chest? That's the REAL question.
Good job! I lost $1,400 on my first option. 😂
Are you traveling on a greyhound or something? Fuck that
What site is this?
They really don't have one unless you want to be homeless, or stuck in gov. Shelters and housing. \n\nOr we go back to apes and club each other in the head for land and food, we are coming to a point where that may happen. Welcome to Weimar America
I've tried predicting that shit before, it's almost impossible. could be anything. I think spys dipping hard real soon, but hard to say when.
Did they kick you out for cutting in line to the circle jerk or something?
Chris Chan. It was all over my timeline. I got curious and looked it up. He fucked his 80 yr old and bragged about it.
Literally my exact thoughts when CCP was releasing news and photos when the outbreak started in Wuhan. I was like, if this is what the CCP is allowing the world to see, just imagine how bad it really is.
There are people who go fishing alone though. In some areas it is not the safest (bears/cougars and even rough trails where it's not unheard-of for someone to break a leg walking in), but others where there isn't as much of that stuff, people do it a lot.
It’s outside of the house somewhere between the house and the meter which is 150ft from the house. The leak detection guy couldn’t find it either the gas method so we’re using sonar on Monday. I’m not bullshitting at all. Dude is coming back with god damn submarine equipment.
Haha, I know a lot of the time it's people who are put in tough situations and need some confidence/clarity. Which is good\n\nBut so many comments go along the lines of "never talk to your sister again because she ruined your iPad"
These wife’s boyfriend jokes aren’t funny anymore
I love drawing stuff on the iPad ToS app. Makes me feel special
Under a month no idea at all, just yolo on something seasonal I'd guess
Ok yea I'm going through the puts on big movers who has earnings this week and seeing they're paying out huge. I had no clue! Thx!
Tesla gang PLTR gang :$
If you have to most likely are.
Wow, nice job exiting. I guess that's a lesson in collecting pennies in front of a steamroller.\n\nBut honestly if I had that kind of money, I'd put 600k in spacs pre merger so you can redeam at $10 but get upside exposure. Use 200k to lever up and go long SP500. I'll just buy ITM CS so premium neutral. Most you'll lose is 200k and that's only if you end up with the worse worse case scenario - like being an idiot and having options expire without at least selling your long call when vol is high. Then just use your 600k and buy the low on all high beta stocks and make back all the money.\n\nSuper simple portfolio, basically levered long SP500, but with cash set aside to make back your losses if the market sees a huge crash. You could not work by doing this if SP500 gains like 10% a year.\n\n&#x200B;\n\nBut thanks for sharing and the dets of an actual trade. NIce to know the steps.
Phils BBQ and Tacos El Gordo...
If internet money breaks 100k than I will break even for my losses in stonks this year
Hahahaha. Damn you must be a real badass
This is so dumb if someone somehow placed a sell order at 0.01 it would just get matched to whoever the highest bidder is smh not you
going to bed at 730pm because drunk since 730am\n\n200 441c 8/2 before close\n\nwake me up if im not poorer
I wear a mask God you have to be one of the dumbest people in here and not in the regular good way.
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After the GME stuff (which made a lot of people a lot of money), this sub is more about mob mentality than well researched yolos and I find myself not coming back often. Sigh
It do go down
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Thought about it but too scurred. They've had a decent run and fear it's too priced in
All the more reason for me to talk shit about them.
$7,500ish. Needs to be excavated and figure out why it’s leaking. Typically tree roots. Ball park figure
I am a bot. You submitted a Gain/Loss/YOLO that didn't look like it included **large** positions. Please read the rules. This check will fire if you included unnecessary pictures that don't show positions. Repost with the useless pictures omitted if you did that.
Hey, I'm out with Market Crash having a beer. He says he's really sorry he didn't show up today, but he slept through his alarm. He would also like all the 🌈 🐻s to know that he's on vacation next week and doesn't plan to be around then either.
Stay tuned lol.. Especially if I land a new job soon I’m definitely going full retard with this 100k
Booster vaccines were always a likely scenario. In fact boosters were talked about before the vaccines were finished because it's a novel virus.
about \~4k-5k per week.
Idiots. All deserve it
That’s what you get for keeping a cat
So Mr. Buffet, you come around here often?
Someone pray for me. I’m holding 8/27 NEGG calls 🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍🦍
Small divvie + sold covered calls way OTM+ annual average roi of (12%?); 647k is way more than enough
Hell yeah those masks are awful for your heart! Your body your choice!
Can someone fill me in on why NOK is bagholding now?
Lord have mercy
Spy put/call ratio for Monday is literally 1 - theta gang gunna eat well as that shit goes sideways.\n\nAll honesty though, there is a lot of uncertainty for Monday.
No, you got prison face tattoos because you read riff raff lyrics
The pussy is delicious.
Is the leak on the part underground or in your crawl space/basement? Are they fixing the leak or replacing the whole line?
Dude - you’re crushing it! Losing = winning on WSB. The biggest retard of them all. You should be proud. It’s hard to consistently lose believe it or not. Every once in a while you do get a pesky winner but to clean sweep… that takes skill.
Yeah, but they’re already on their yacht snorting coke off of filet mignon making midgets walk the plank this evening while you’re shitposting on WSB
>of course my wife who when she found out we'd lose $800,000 just said, don't worry at least we'll be together.\n\nNow thats a great gal. She must have her boyfriend on speed-dial to fix things up.
Well I didnt get it cause I have a heart condition and could die but thanks! I do love America!
Was up 10k a month ago, now down 9k I'm fucking pissed and I hate it here.
Did you find Brent? Been looking for that guy
That’s easy, they both suck.
So you wanna make 50$?
avoid the plot and turn off your brain and enjoy the cgi fight scenes
Flying to San Diego on the 7th, food recommendations?
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Best time to buy right now before a second run
I live in Washington state and have an 18 foot drift boat (oar powered, run downstream between access points). Most of the time I take 2 passengers. I row and get everyone lined up, generally know the river well enough to tell them what happens where, and they execute on the plan and [hopefully] catch the fish. \nSometimes none of the above has to be verbalized, everyone is in their own zone doing their part, and then when a fish is hooked we work together to land it. Sometimes you stop somewhere and everyone spreads out on the bank to do their own thing. Other times, it's guy time with beers, NSFW tales, etc. It just depends on the group. So no, not usually alone, but do get fairly remote at times.
10K minimum
He already did.
You have my vote
AZZ to the moon 🌝
A crackhead will fix that for $50
I got fucked by FCEL by selling puts I thought were untouchable. I still keep it in my profile to remind me how fucking stupid i was.
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Welp, just got full options power available with my IRA. Most likely gonna be the worst decision I ever made.
Fuckin theta, it's *always* theta
Uhh. I got 5 on it?
This is why I sell yearly puts. No one has a model worth shit for 12 month returns. I have months and months where I only have to be not wrong at one point. And the credit is so big that even if I am wrong I’m basically buying the dip.
This is what happens when people's views of the world are driven by comic books, movies and TV shows. All of the answers to what to do to fight a global pandemic don't happen in one episode. There aren't secret illuminati-like cabals playing chess games with geo-politics. \n\n\nThe fact is, when you have a quasi-living organism like a virus that gets transmitted millions to billions of times **things are going to change**. As more people get infected, and more studies are done both the situation and knowledge evolve. LOL @ thinking that just because a new mandate rolls out it's a new "narrative." No, it's our understanding of what to do evolving.
just the tip? I'd go elbow deep on this chud
Cats are cute but their poo smells so bad
Not if you don’t wear them.
Thank you for your service Patriot! So brave!!
I don't understand these people. If you just put all your money into spy you could practically live off the interest. 10% ( can't remember the exact % with dividends ) but that 64k a year which is more than i make a year
Lol, now I don't feel as bad about my plays yesterday \n\nSold my AMD calls for +50%. It kept running and I bought a higher strike. Sold for small profit, up 25% on the day. Bought the next strike up and sold for 45% loss and ended the day flat lol
God made man, Samuel Colt made them equal
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This is when I scalp other "stuff"
I’m 23, but unlike you I make fucking money cause I’m not a fucking retard. Why don’t you post some of your loss porn on your shitty weekly bets. I need to blow my load and I’ll do it to you bitch!
TOS is awesome once you get used to it.
How many shares of $DOGSHIT have actually been sold to the public?
imagine understanding anything you just said
I risked 6.24K to make 115. At one point my calls were up 4.5k and i dint sell.
Nice!\n\nI have 120k+ in Chinese stocks/options/ETFs (KWEB, BABA, KURE, KGREN, BIDU).\n\nIts way oversold and the valuations are very attractive (BABA revenue growth rate for the 12 months up to March 2021 was 52%.)\n\nAlso ignore the FUD regarding the VIEs. The Chinese government is moving to legitimize it as a form of foreign investment channel (they said so as much last week). Also the holding company (the one in the Cayman islands) actually owns a large portion of the revenue generating portions of BABA. The VIEs are for the specific portions of Ali Baba that the Chinese government deems too important/sensitive for foreign investors. The BABA holding company also has the ability to change Ali Baba's CEO if needed. So no you do not just own a paper company in the Cayman Islands. You own large portions of Ali Baba, have rights to all revenue from the portions in the VIE, and can change the CEO.\n\nAlso regarding the Chinese Education companies and Didi - China has a list of industries it wants to encourage foreign investment in and a list it does not want foreign investment. They publish the year on an annual basis. In that list we can see that internet stocks like BABA and Tencent are in an industry that China wants to encourage foreign investors. The Education and Transport stocks are in the list where they want to limit foreign investment. The government even told DIDI not to IPO since they were being investigated but they didn't listen and are now suffering. (i.e. the government is not going out of its way to hurt US investors lol). \n\nPeople here also don't have an understanding of what happened with the ANT IPO. It was not halted just because Jack Ma said some mean things about the CCP. ANT was giving out large amount of loans with little collateral, this meant that if the loans were not paid back Chinese state owned banks would be left holding the bag and this would lead to massive instability and losses. This tension is what pissed off Jack and why he made those comments about the CCP, since they were not willing to underwrite his loans and were investigating ANT. \n\nSo no the CCP is not hell bent on 'control' so much that it will ruin companies or so 'evil' that this was an elaborate plan to rob foreign investors. These were all steps that are good for the health of Chinese society and economy long term (Anti trust creates more competition, de-risking loans, reducing rising costs of education, protecting consumer data). They are being super pragmatic. \n\nSome of the greatest investors (Charlie Munger, Mohnish Pabrai) have invested in BABA. I would trust their understanding of the Chinese economy/political scene, the holding company structure, and the company's valuation far far more than people on reddit whose main argument is 'China bad'.\n\nThe extreme negativity here actually encouraged me to add 30K to my position this week lol. \n\nBe greedy when others are fearful right? 😉
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How many shares of $DOGSHIT have actually been sold to the public?
I got some AUG calls this morning MVST; ...I like it enough to hold them for at least a week or two; sure thing 3 bagger no matter what. May add some more Monday after I think about the price/greeks.
I like it so far. I am new to it so I am still learning it but it seems pretty good. I got a $20 lowes gift card for checking my mortgage rate though lol.
Gonna buy some vfc, bynd, gopro and aapl because I’m skateboarding vegan hipster lol
Real shit you're a lucky guy OP with a wife like that. definitely a keeper
Poor wife, now she’s gonne end up with a rich asshole
Equal rights sue me
So is masturbation if I have a couple seconds to kill
Had to take pics to prove to the mods I was posting under the influence to avoid a ban. Told them I included the foot for you, so here you go if they were too 🌈 to forward it on.
i wouldn't...tbh, i probably wouldn't buy anything just ahead of earnings these days
Thanks man eat those boogers
Gvzs a,,
With 40k dollars you can buy 3M rupees. Problem solved.
Just found out the main water line to the house has a leak. Any of you tards have to get a new one put in? How much should this shit put me back. Gonna yolo into Spy or TSLA this next week to try to cover the cost.
I run my long term investments on sofi so I don’t liquidate them for options buying power. Big brain play right here.\n\nConsidering the infinite money glitch taking a loan from SoFi to buy more SoFi, plus I’ll get SoFi points for it! Free monies!
Boo this man
Wtf is /u/uwuwizard
Get the fuck outta here grampa
Okay good. Buying December puts and waiting
robinhood doesn't do paper trading.\n\nnot saying it's a real image (i don't know) but it's definitely not a paper trading account.
Gme is way overpriced for what it is. People keep going on about what it COULD be, well it's priced in for what it COULD be IF it miraculously takes over after being a decade late to the game
Thing is, he didn't even seem to be aware he was breaking the rules, the law, even, like no one every trained him how to do the job the right way. Like they just put him on the phone and said "get money."
Thanks friend stay strong mask up
You know what? You’re goddamn fucking right it is pal. I concur
I've got calls riding for earnings as well. Le go.
Weekend thread, no more stocks.\n\nPiss ass fuck shit.
This is the time now to show us your diamond hands 💎🙌 💎
Bring that usD over here 👈
Can you elaborate a little? How are you playing this? I’m a little out of the loop on smart homes. Is this an emerging industry?
Some degenerate on r/askreddit tried [comparing The Beatles to Coldplay](\n\nIt really is a clown world
I can only borrow so much money from robinhood gold before they cut me off 😭 \n\nWhere is robinhood platinum?
Damn 😭
I was 104 where I'm at. Can barley walk to the fridge
This shit going to be on fire come Monday! 🔥🔥🔥
I was a good time killer.
Man, you guys ever go on to r/AITA?\n\nIt's basically a circle jerk of assholes supporting each other
Imo TSM bottomed and I hold this opinion because boy howdy would it be nice for my January calls to print
soon as our next war starts, youll print\n\npatience friendo
GUHma Variant
Come save me at $35!
a lot of diversity, a woke portfolio
Take the rest and throw it into SPY FDs. JPow is gonna save you.
Lol amd
“Things that can obviously happen happened to me and now I don’t want to play games anymore. Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.”
I was thinking the same
Fuck yeah bro you’re hard as shit! Wouldn’t want to come across you in a dark alleyway that’s for sure
Nice im with you with PLTR and SOFI.\n\nI'm not alone:) I'm so happy now !!:)\n\nThis is the way,. .. . they said..:))!
Was the new Godzilla movie any good? I haven’t seen a good new movie in forever.
I'm almost positive. I think it already started
After the FOMC meeting in September
Is this the full list? I was just wondering.
theta gang 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨
Ehh kind of. I guess that’s a good umbrella term for it
Drop your location and we will send the nearest bag holder over to give your bag a 20 second rub.
This is a proper post
the TGIF content I need
Yeah. I literally have one picture, me with a surfboard. Gonna have to ask my buddies
I’ll check them out.
It's not an exciting screenshot. Just a text that says I closed the transaction.
I’m glad you trust. It government and pharma (with terrible legal track records no less, even though this isn’t approved by the FDA nor can you hold any of the companies legally accountable) so much. I love you
Pretty damn far OTM. I wonder if they're just playing vegagang...
In my mind, I hear Nicky from ‘Casino’s voice: “I think I want my money back…”
Everything is awesome!
I was thinking about it but they'll probably tank after earnings like in the first quarter.
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Sounds pretty straight forward.
Nobodies locking anything down again. I'm not wearing a mask again, I'm done with all the fear mongering. I put up with this shit for a year. Following the rules and everything. \n\nFuck it, I'll pay someone to cough in my fucking mouth right about now.\n\nThis shit is going to end up like the flu. Yearly boosters, Yada Yada. I'm a Democrat too, so don't go off with right wing nut job nonsense. \n\nThe reality is what it is.
Haha yes or just live off the Bloody Mary garnish.
I bought a dildo on wish
Thats like not even the worst of it out here in CA lol they are now making state workers test twice weekly if you refuse to get vaccinated. Only a matter of time before it becomes mandatory. For me, I choose not to get it but with all of the exclusion from everything out here you become basically an outsider if you dont have it.
Open an account on a brokerage that has futures trading , buy puts on /CL (crude oil) and hope the Biden administration (and everyone around the world) to lock their country up , also you get 60/40 tax benefit trading futures so you get taxed less
Sorry, I mistook your response as makijg light of Covid. Not the opposite. My response is more aimed at marketingdesigner it seems.
You ever prefer masturbating over sex?\n\nI do, my hand knows what I like: dirty porn and cumming quick
Machine Learning? Thats old bro, now its all about AI - Average Intelligence.
Lol was that like pick up 2k weekly?
Black leather glove no sequins
What a retard.
Amd didn’t go $30 to $100 in a month
Die hard office fans . Nobody else
MVST $10c 8/20
Wish I didn’t sell my 695 and 700 on Monday 🤦‍♂️ I fucking suck
What could possibly be more important than crabbing
Just curious, do you have GME stock in the red?
Browner the better.
Did you like Loki?
Hookers and cocaine my friend
Its actually known term, big dumb money
That’s cool in talking about me as a customer stop being dependent on shitheads
It was removed from the Russel index. That may have been one of the factors.
Like IoT?
PLTR hitting $90 eow, that's just supply and demand
Sounds like a “cocaine cheeseburger vodka smoothie” type of situation honestly
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cramers up 2000% since corona\n\nnice to have friends
And i would have gotten away with it too. If it weren’t for that meddling theta gang.
Go on….
When I watch disaster movies all I can think about is SPY puts.\n\nSend help.
Tesla 2K calls
Your supposed to sell before the dump not hold forever!
Same. I hate this forum sometimes
Yep lol that’s the challenge
Ok fuck it it’s the weekend let’s see the shit post
nice.. well Played.. like ur name.. backstory??
No. They read comments on the dedicated subreddit that ensures them it will moon real soon.\n\nLuckily I'm smart so I baghold BB. They're into cars and cybersecurity or something 🤡
GameStop's pro membership is actually pretty sweet. I remember as a kid I would get the monthly GameInformer magazine and it would come with a demo disk for 2 new games on your console. It was amazing and I was genuinely excited every single month. Thank you for unlocking that memory.
Mask mandates
Not anytime soon, it might pump again.\n\n In that industry it looks like they’re dragging their feet: kiss of death
how is it btw
Like you $15 $SOFI CSPs ABC
We get a **lot** of meme submissions. To make sure only the absolute best make it through, we've disallowed static (picture) memes. \n\nIf you *strongly* believe your meme is higher quality than all the memes currently on r/wallstreetbets/hot, then you may message the moderators.\n\nI know this is disappointing, and you probably put some hard work into this, but this is how we keep the WSB feeds clean for everyone, including the /new feed.\n\nIf you want to be able to post static memes in the future without automod getting in the way, please read up on our [our guide becoming an approved user](\n\nThanks for understanding, and may your tendies be golden, and portfolio be green.\n\n*I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/wallstreetbets) if you have any questions or concerns.*
Checked out the SoFi app and for that reason, I’m out.
How about how to turn 40k into 2k?
Can we talk about shit not related to the stock market yet? I read some shit on Twitter that got me all sorts of fucked up.
Oh ok. I'll try them out..just need more pictures
I feel like smart homes are an industry that’s being slept on. Shit isn’t gonna still be expensive ten years from now.\n\nSmart homes + AR/VR the future 100%
I swear to god they can name the next variant GUH Variant and people will eat it up. Puts on IQ levels.
Mine just dabbled in crack while pregnant with me never became a full head
Ytd won’t show every weekly candle, if you had a weekly higher on the 3 month than any monthlies on ytd it will show bigger loss from that point
I was going to buy some calls but IV seems super high.
Hmm and I thought throwing 40K into GameStop at 4pm and selling it at 420 was risky??? Guess not
Employers can do whatever they want. 80% of our workplace is vaccinated. And yet
Tell that to the guy that sold amd at 30
They make money? Shit. I’m doing it way wrong then.
Tootsie Roll too. (TR) is old as dirt.
They expired last week, right on direction*, but bit off on timing lol. Typical WSB retard\n\n(*) For wrong reasons, but who cares.
With the indices where they are it’s easy to overlook a LOT of names like this one….just doing fuck all for months. I thought my October 130Cs bought in April were ‘safe’ ‘smart’ ones. Surely a technological leader in a red hot industry will be back up near prior highs in a few months after the March correction, right?
get out while you can
I mean, my average is 4.61. So it's a fairly light bag.
I hope you survive brainless
fair enough sir, carry on
borrow 2 million
He does enjoy it.
Tough break my man but bravo for making a good call.
LOL. Just jokes my dude… and yes
I would actually say it proved your point. This position would have paid max gain if you would have held to close or covered end of day an minimal cost.
Not a good day today, coulda been worse though. Glad this weed I'm about to smoke helps remind me it's just money
Tried watching CNBC the last couple mornings, and holy shit, that shit is such garbage. Just a bunch of morons acting like they’re financial geniuses. So much cringe. Especially the fat boomer on squawk box.
$600k. I'm young, but I could retire and travel cheaply off of the dividends alone from that.
You gotta respect Texas bc the even the women fight like men
**You're going to have more sick who get sicker without the vaxx**\n\nWhat?
SQQQ calls…..