Wow just saw the Bud commercial with the Harley cans ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
You can run for Parliament too. The Prime Minister of Britain married a billionaire’s daughter.
Calls. Lots and lots of calls.
I pussied out too on CVNA. Was about to press buy when it was 13.5
def buying some Brics currency if it comes out.\n\nmost likely will be totally unregulated at the beginning and gives it total economic freedom advantage over “If u don’t obey u get sanctioned dollar”
Still couldn’t become president, smdh
LOL you’re comparing kids going to the beach vs adults dressing up in trashy costumes and performing sexualized routines and in some cases forcing kids to do the same. Let me guess: you’re ok with target selling bikinis to little boys with flaps so they can tuck their junk and look like a “woman”. Nobody cares about drag and pride but let me explain this so even the simplest snowflakes can understand: LEAVE THE KIDS OUT OF IT. Do you understand it’s about children? Or are you a groomer too? Serious question.
Run for congress then get first class pussy?
Why are we not squeezing BIGCock? lol I’m debating that being my whole port for the fucking ticker. \n\nThat way nobody will have more BIGC than me!\n\n… what that didn’t cum out right….\n\nDamnit
What can they absorb?
And then you put Lamborghini doors on the escalade and everything changed
Can't you but leap puts and be guaranteed free money? Why always 0de? \n\nOr a longer-term bear spread of some kind lol?
Without even looking at the financials and just judging by the website alone, I'm wondering why would you think this is a good business in general? It is an extremely saturated and competitive market. This company looks like they are trying to make every drink on the face of the earth, that usually means they are not exceptional at anything.
Yes, but everyone makes money, from the tip to the base.
Since again you're only picking one group, how about this for you in overwhelming support of LGBTQ communities\nOr\n\nOr\n\nOr do you want to keep cherry picking surveys that are more complicated on number of genders or transgender medication on minors, both which aren't explicitly against transgender individuals
Hate it or love it; classic
Both he and George W. Bush were in Skull and Bones. It’s sounds so mysterious, but it’s just a club for the richest kids at one of the richest schools.
Any advice for tomorrows possible bull spike? From what I've heard via matt kohrs livestream
Turns out jeans are super absorbent ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)
No, the people that write and maintain that software
Is it better to wait to sell my lulu calls 30 mins after market open so fomo pumps?
Didn’t he make her husbands plane crash like in Hard to Kill?
Be prepared to get Fucked.
I’m not sure what will happen. I think it is a good idea to just hold and lose the rest if you can afford it. It might turn around.\n\nMaybe it’ll pump during earns then you can sell it at a better price?
So we green tomorrow. Thanks that’s all I needed.
Nice play. But why not risk some spread further out. Maybe 417/412? You'll make more returns.
Moral of story: Get first class pussy, run for Congress
Shart ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
Number 4 got me tbh 😂
#Ban Bet Lost\n\n/u/OkCitizen made a bet that TLT would go to 95.0 within **1 week** when it was 100.29 and it did not, so they were banned for a week.\n\nTheir record is now 3 wins and 12 losses
Coming up I was confused 😐🤔\n\nMy mommy kissing a girl 😳💋
It’s more like a free notification
My single UVXY call that I bought for fun is doing pretty well right now. Wish I bought more. \n\n[Album](
Fuck yeah! Atta boy
So what do people do there to make a living? I assume housing is really cheap there if the average income there is low
Google Volatility crush.
I don't feel bullish tomorrow, but not bearish enough to short. Flat or meh +/- day.
If it doesn’t …\n\nCould just sit like Rklb for a minute
> respecting* people\n\n*^^-\n\n^^Respect ^^not ^^applicable ^^in ^^the ^^UAE, ^^Syria, ^^all ^^Eastern ^^Bloc ^^nations, ^^Alaska, ^^and ^^when ^^nobody's ^^looking.
Hunter Biden has some taste ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8883)
Loaded up on spy 426’s, probably won’t hit but a man can dream
Just checked the roller coaster that is Broadcom (AVGO) in, what a whipsaw ride. ![img](emote|t5_2th52|30641)
Just put all your cash in LCID and you will never get it back so problem solved lol.
I did five but lulu was too expensive lol. Might be up a few hundred they really flew after hours.
Happens every time. Stock goes down for a real reason, people point to some superficial issue. "Actually the consumer is fucked" is the real reason.
please sell some calls or puts so that we can buy it
Seems like the 3rd party apps move was just a revenue grab…\n\nBecause the app data is extremely valuable.\n- 55M daily users\n- 3.4M Subs
I wanted to buy Carvana this morning but I was so sleep deprived I knocked out instead. Even though I am up 12.5% on my entire portfolio this week, this still hurts.
Keep eyes on big mining companies and others, once Debt deal passes things will bounce and also rumor has it China is going to swing back into gear so these companies may see a serious kick. \n\nCheers
Somewhere out there is a dumb fucking bear who thinks we’re about a month away from SPY $300. Lol
Ouch. May be time to take a break and come up with a wildly different strategy.
I’m confused. The golden rule is always inverse WSB. OP is buying puts but most of the comments are bullish on apple. Which side do I chose?
Mannequin butts qualify as butts
Politician John Kerry & his wife have a net worth of $250M. His wife, Theresa Heinz Kerry, is 1 of the heirs to the Heinz food company fortune. John Kerry & his relatives own a whole island off the coast of Ma. called Naushon Island. When John was younger, he went out with Jacqueline Kennedy's half sister.
Keep dat bush fluffy doh homie
Squeeze these nuts you fuckin nerd.\n\n*I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/wallstreetbets) if you have any questions or concerns.*
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BIG LOTS short squeeze un-folding… not financial advice
Ponzi scheme will be officially renamed Powell scheme within the next 10 years
Bought low, held off on taking my profits expecting even more of an increase… got fucked at close. Who knows what it’ll do tmr. Jus me bitchin about my numbers at close.
Congrats and enjoy 🙌
Just to be clear, it wouldn't be the rainbow flags causing the crash, but rather the people who are so triggered by it that they paralyze themselves out of buying anything.
At the tail end of a mild stomach virus and suddenly my gut feels like an over inflated balloon. Don’t touch me or I’ll pop 🤯💨💨
Buying calls on the first dip. am
For 6/9? It closed at 1.83 on my list. Source: I bought it this morning and am down $200 on it ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4267)![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
LULU isn't even available as a bricks and mortar retailer in most of the United States, and it's a total luxury market item where all of its customers don't actually have much price sensitivity
I lost my last $17
Trying to take at least a few days off following big wins for this exact reason. That invincibility following a good trade is a hell of a drug.
I am thinking about throwing 10k into it.. which call options did you get ?
I want to say they aim to pass it tonight.
Yes him
Or maybe actually devilish
Then in July, you can do the bit about how all the rainbows are gone. That's always good for some upvotes.
Bears have to be just absolutely devastated rn
I like trickin on hoes that bring me more hoes that act right
4:20. Time for some Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Those are gymshark leggings FYI
You think it’s on sane Rklb algo???\n\nLot of bag holders on that one just like Rklb.
Pump the stock
No way that breaks my heart ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)
Momma's basement.
Are you sure you actually got a PDT restriction? It’s usually 4 trades in a a 5 day period, not 3, and Robinhood has a warning system. If you didn’t turn your PDT protection off or click past the warning, you’re probably good. Double check the message you got. \n\nOtherwise wait 90 days, add cash to reach 25k, wait until your account grows to 25k, or switch to cash. You can still have a cash account. Also, I think an IRA has a different day trading counter. So you can day trade in there, but you probably shouldn’t.
Sounds like a decent broker to me. 🤷‍♂️
no it isnt lol
Buy high sell low huh
Does she have an uncle?
Never tasted anything good with teriyaki sauce on it 🤷‍♂️
AH not up that much given how bullish today was.
I only mess with basic calls and puts. Sometimes I'll sell covered calls.\nHow do spreads function?
Funniest thing I seen all day 😂
I hope
“Macy’s and Costco sound a warning about the economy” - CNN this am…. LULU ?
Get home care bro
Yo people be spitting some gem questions at chatgpt 😂. Here are some of those questions:\n\n* "Is it possible to turn my cat into a unicorn?"\n\n* "Can you write a poem about my favorite brand of toothpaste?"\n\n* "What would happen if everyone in the world turned into a potato?"\n\n* "Can you recommend a hairstyle for my pet goldfish?"
As little as I care about what these companies do most of the time, I wouldn't mind if recent backlash gets companies to start easing off the corporate wokeness. It's been taken a bit far in recent years. The vast majority doesn't care and most of those who do can see its disingenuous.
I only lost 20 some bucks today...I call that a win
A ton of marijuana is eaten so there’s that too.
Your sacrifice is appreciated
The only flexing going on would be your pipes when they break them before dipping on rent 😂
Why don't you become a contributor on Montley Fool
That's what happens when 6s get on Tinder and become convinced they're 11s.
Every time I make over a 100% in a day I return it the next day. Converted my 1dte SPX calls into Monday Puts. Sorry bears.
Right I got ya
Bought some calls on UVXY mostly just because I felt bad for it
King shit ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8882)
There is no National Debt crisis. I can't stand this topic. \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nDalio, whose career has been built on betting against conventional wisdom, is basing his analysis on the (incorrect) conventional wisdom. Truth is:\n* Taxes don't fund spending\n* Govt is the currency issuer\n* US govt cannot / does not, in any way, "borrow" US dollars\n\n\n\nI can't type anymore on this matter. too dumb. Govt debt is merely money we spent into the economy, that has yet to be taxed back. We leave it ther for growth.\n\nin 1930 our Money supply was 15 billion. with 120 million users of the currency. Should we stay at that money supply from 1930 with 210 million more currencer users? No. Pure insanity.\n\nLaw of thermodynamics states something must be created from something else. \n\nAnd it applies here. Govt must run deficits so private sector can run surpluses. Only way that works. Every time we run surpluses on the public/federal side, we get recessions soon after and then depressions.
bad idea bub, it will hit 7.3 at lunch tmr minimum, trust
But Jeopardy's on.
Thats like 2k profit?
Thanks for ruining my dinner, that just killed my desire to eat tonight. \nLOL
So is it passed or not?
Dude, WWDC is next week and they're going to announce a new VR/AR headset. Stock is going to go up. I've got 6/9 calls waiting to pay out.
Lmao ![img](emote|t5_2th52|30641) is her mom available?
is her sister single?
It's one of those small "cheap" cities you've never heard of\n\nBut even the affordable cities from a few years ago are no longer affordable
Omg, $50 a month? Even being generous with the dates, that's less than $600 a month today. Renting a one bedroom is more than twice that.
they should've gotten out as it began to bull flag above 419
Spaghetti. Meatballs, and garlic knots for dinner. \n\nBecause these kids need to be quiet for once.
Just because they last longer doesn’t mean that “Becky” would be caught wearing last seasons designs.
I am aware of my trading activity and it is in line with my investment goals.
I need to pattern day trade myself into a ban so I stop making stupid trades. Fml
Bullish on TWNK!
\n**User Report**| | | |\n:--|:--|:--|:--\n**Total Submissions**|10|**First Seen In WSB**|4 months ago\n**Total Comments**|736|**Previous Best DD**|\n**Account Age**|4 months|[^scan ^comment ](\)%20to%20have%20the%20bot%20scan%20your%20comment%20and%20correct%20your%20first%20seen%20date.)|[^scan ^submission ](\)%20to%20have%20the%20bot%20scan%20your%20submission%20and%20correct%20your%20first%20seen%20date.)
Going to visit my 70 year old girlfriend and help her shave her legs
Sofi fucked me. I’m not gonna sit anymore let it dip in the morning even 2% I’m out
Yeah I should’ve played DG after seeing DLTR loss
After mashed potatoes and shuffle board
That’s only 15000. I’ve lost more than that in five minutes.
how many people in here were alive during dotcom
They're all that I have dad.
LULU played the earrings for the second time now. Low expectations last time, knowing the expectations would be high this time. I am sure they are absolutely all in on earnings every other time. Or it worked this time.
NVDA is just FOMO and has reached officially mainstream
Nothing no money
#Submission Vote Removed\nThis submission was voted *spam*.\n##Reasons\n\nNot a YOLO (not open position)
Where is it? \n\n#🔬👩‍🦯
Bull markets are fun! 🤑
You the 👻
And tomorrow. And the day after....
Why? ![img](emote|t5_2th52|30641)
Had to replace the carpet at grandmas with wood flooring for the same reasons. \n\n1600 Pennsylvania Ave about to get a remodel. \n\nDon’t forget to add handles to the shower.
If it goes back to what is was the position will be worth a few million because of the options
Gerald Fords falling legacy in jeopardy
“While net revenue increased by 17 per cent in North America, Lululemon says it increased by 60 per cent internationally.”\n\nOh fuck yeah ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8883)![img](emote|t5_2th52|4276)
If you’re saying rip sofi, zoom out regard, 50% in 2weeks
Suki suki on my drumstick
As a bag holder I really hope it goes up though
What youre buying tmr?
MA MA, YOUR BOOB MILK IS EXTA FROTHY TODAY \n\nwhat were you bouncing on
Ever heard of an ascending wedge breakout? Also big institutions could care less about indicators being overbought. \n\nThey can pump AAPL to ATH any day they felt like.
So when does this debt ceiling vote happen in the senate?
Teriyaki?\n\nNo Barbie, no ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)
kinda hard to share with 👻
*Im not a perfect person*
-Karl Malone
Bers, did you see VIX collapse? Risk is on
#Submission Vote Removed\nThis submission was voted *spam*.\n##Reasons\n\nThis DD is very low effort
20 cents tomorrow
2 for 2
It’s all the same bubble. Always has been.
Can confirm.
Jim Cramer
Chicken!! Tuna has fish breath ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)
Bruh jpause is 4 reel\n\nDame
Teriyaki chicken tonight ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4258)![img](emote|t5_2th52|4258)![img](emote|t5_2th52|4258)
I bought lulu puts and Sentinel calls
Yeah I had puts
New headset that is still not as good as the quest 1 announced.
#Submission Vote Removed\nThis submission was voted *spam*.\n##Reasons\n\nLow Quality/Effort Meme
2001: A Degenerate Odyssey
Dah fuk?
The money getting sucked up, is getting spent by the government. It’s not going into a void.
Yes, the YouTube algorithm is very good at understanding people's preferences and catering to them.
But it's -19.51% today
I think the YouTube shorts algo has found out what kind of women I like pretty well
Working 2x 8hr shifts for $400 but not taking $400 profit from a 15min trade
Where is this?
So DG usually builds in extremely remote areas with no target or walmart. DG sucks, everyone knows but it's usually the only game in town for rural shoppers. Maybe I'm wrong and spending trends are changing, but I think poorer rural Americans are feeling some pain right now. There's other signs the American consumer in general is weaker now. Spending cuts are being masked by personal credit expansion.
420P is only like $1.80 for next Friday ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4275)
You sound like an Irish Traveller. Interested in buying a caravan?
they can't disable your ability to buy puts ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8882)
Where do I sign?
Last time around, I made a shitload on long dated TGT calls during the "bathroom scandal" of what was it, 2018?\n\n50 to 200 was not a bad run at all, and I'm hoping you regards get it back down to 50 so I can buy more again.
Look at how they don’t make any changes in June in the Middle East and other regional.
When u/lulubutter5 renames himself as AthletaButter5
I’m looking at Van Patten’s card and then at mine and cannot believe that Price actually likes Van Patten’s better.\n\nDizzy, I sip my drink then take a deep breath.\n\n___\n\n^(*Bot. Ask me if I’ve made any reservations.* |) [^(Opt out)](
The new CEO don’t like those pet projects. It’s all on the chopping block.
Heard they have really good Chinese food
Your link says 2000 police departments. So obviously mine is not one of them since I had a detective ring my doorbell at different hours of the day before leaving a business card with a request to call regarding the footage.
Anything for my calls
Whats up with meta? Its just straight up.
This is why our ancestors traded on Quaaludes
I'm from reality ...if the employment numbers are bad lots of bulls gonna get butt hurt ...including me
When Athleta = LULU
Tell us about AI oh wizard of the future.
>the professionals that work with inventory management software for large retail businesses.\n\nStockers? I did that in High School with a bunch of semi-literate felons for a grocery store. Good times.
This guys suruhuduga is off the charts
God damn Americans are so fucking dum. Nflx takes away passwords sharing and y’all just like “okay I’ll buy it and please fuck me harder!”
Oh yeah, what about the beginning of 2023 where it was overbought
Last 2 months: Bulls celebrating with hookers and coke. Bears eating ramen and broke.
Is your name TJ?
Calls on dogs
I have no idea, I don’t care for bud light to be honest and find the whole thing rather amusing. If I’m honest I never even watched it lol.
Ha FIVE after DLTR and DG that’s a twist
when you say "value", you assume people think it's related to $.. this is why you cannot see why people buy certain "perceived" expensive products. I see this with Nvidia copers too. They don't / can't buy 4000-series, so they try to justify why Nvidia is failing because they saw it on youtube... end users that buy the products are happy. \n\nif you already want "athleisure" poly-blend Lulu is the way to go. their tops and bottoms are definitely better than the Nikes and Adidas. As a short person with small waist, their men's products offer that sizes for me. That means a lot. Personally I am not in the athleisure camp. More Americana, so cotton + jeans/chinos... but that's the thing. It's their thing. Lulu is 2020s version of Adidas Tracksuits.
Positions or ban for the bear cave cuck trashing the kings of AI PLTR with a hit piece short report. Better have some skin in the game boi
Cucumber sandwich
Hong Kong ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
Trow is at a discount. If it goes back to normal in 2 years you’ll Atleasy have 1 mill for sure
Bwhahahha legit lol’d
-wayne Gretzky
We buy everything from Japan until morale improves. Weebs rise up!
Remind me in 1 Week
Tempting ![img](emote|t5_2th52|12787)
If I mention Bitcoin, does it get me banned? Because I've mentioned it before and it didn' what's the policy on cryptocurrencies again?
Ross is a separate company. But yes HomeGoods is a part of TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.
He’s not gay. You have to be human first.
Yeah dollar general
It do be like that
It’s possible. Everything depends on price though…
Same for my white clothes
Where do you go if you can't afford DG ? Is this when the pitchforks come out ?
I'm so old I remember when conservatives were capitalists. I'm 8.
Not that I've heard and if it's your first one if you had the account a while you can ask RH to remove it also
You mean monthly or all time? There’s different criteria for each.
1 million per day or 1 million in a day?
If you read what he said, they would still continue to produce enough oil for things like your moms minivan. You still get your meatloaf my man.
Very logical reasoning ![img](emote|t5_2th52|18630)
Please share whatever you’re smoking. I remember when Democrats were against gay marriage. I remember when Republicans claimed to want to limit government spending and reduce the size of government.
\n**User Report**| | | |\n:--|:--|:--|:--\n**Total Submissions**|10|**First Seen In WSB**|3 years ago\n**Total Comments**|6898|**Previous Best DD**|\n**Account Age**|7 years|[^scan ^comment ](\)%20to%20have%20the%20bot%20scan%20your%20comment%20and%20correct%20your%20first%20seen%20date.)|[^scan ^submission ](\)%20to%20have%20the%20bot%20scan%20your%20submission%20and%20correct%20your%20first%20seen%20date.)
Chicken or tuna salad sammich for din
Manners please ape brother thank you 🙏
It about 2 years you’ll have 3 million minimum
For Margin experts if I used margin and bought a stock on earnings and sold same day and didn’t hold anything overnight do I get charged interest or anything?
Try not to gamble away your gains ![img](emote|t5_2th52|30663)
TJ hookers all day n night
-micheal Jordan
That sounds like bullshit
Avgo went down what’s up
$MDB $400 printing soon
This reads like gpt
What's wrong with polos with kakhi pants? What else is a 40 year old man supposed to wear? It's khaki pants or khaki cargo shorts. Nothing else goes with my New Balances.
Yeah his heart has been doing wonders for USA.. bah lil sheep
Hey ho, let's go!
I had a very good day with my cvna and coin calls sold all towards end of day today and left a few runners for tomorrow. Love when the thesis plays out perfectly.
Congrats - that was a surprising earnings report and really seems to be telling a story of dramatically widening income inequality
They're homophobic, they're just really really really dumb.
U can’t say you made it in life until you make at least $1 million/day
Gameshart earnings next week ![img](emote|t5_2th52|29637)
bruh the shithead generation that came after millenials (cant remember what theyre called because they are so useless) are so incredibly fuk, you need an income of at least $100k just to live paycheque to paycheque where i live, and thats if you can even land a job above min wage because theres no fukken work here besides the local walmart and wendys\n\nif remote work wasnt a thing id probably be on the streets full time (rather than part time like rn)
I lost like 39k this week so far. Qqq and spy continue to pound me
Exactly. Fuck dem kids
There is around 502 listings in the S&P 500 and TROW is of the highest quality in terms of balance sheet and across a few other metrics as well. Im ALL in and I’m not backing down. If it goes down sloghtly then ill use my cash position to lower my cost basis. Im holding this for a good long while.
Bang bang skeet skeet
SEC just made a rule change last year that you only get one reset for your lifetime on the PDT rules, instead of three per year like it used to be.
I'm from the future, this is what will happen Monday\n\n1). There is no deal on the debt ceiling and the U.S has officially defaulted.\n\n2). A new virus with a 60% mortality rate is discovered and is spreading rapidly.\n\n3). All of the worlds largest banks begin to fail\n\n4). Spy rallies+4% 🐻 still fukt ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
Puts on some retail stocks are a good play actually
People keep saying that this is just the beginning of the AI bubble without realizing that this is just a continuation of the free money crypto-web3-metaverse bubble.
🐻completely wiped
I met her at the Burger King\n\nWe fell in love by the soda machine
*You wear white*\n\n*And I’ll wear out the words “I love you” and “you’re beautiful”*
Totally [reasonable expectations]( in a significant other.
Wait, you and Bearhunter both turned bearish. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|thinking_face_hmm)
\n**User Report**| | | |\n:--|:--|:--|:--\n**Total Submissions**|1|**First Seen In WSB**|2 weeks ago\n**Total Comments**|19|**Previous Best DD**|\n**Account Age**|2 months|[^scan ^comment ](\)%20to%20have%20the%20bot%20scan%20your%20comment%20and%20correct%20your%20first%20seen%20date.)|[^scan ^submission ](\)%20to%20have%20the%20bot%20scan%20your%20submission%20and%20correct%20your%20first%20seen%20date.)
We just some mothafuckin kids
AMZN will start producing AI powered Alexa, which can give you a bj ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4275)
I’m actually starting to feel the pain. 10 straight days of -1500$ puts are definitely not paying off.
My plan is to sell these tesla puts at an 90% loss tomorrow. Pogchamp
yaaaassss queen slay 💅
>\#DOW 33089 +0.09%\n\#SPX 4224 +0.07%\n\#NASDAQ 14460 +0.13%\n\#RUSSELL 1771 +0.12%\n\#FANG 7342 +0.38%\n\n^IGSquawk ^[@IGSquawk]( ^at ^2023-06-01 ^18:10:32 ^EDT-0400
a smart comment once in a while\n\nof course from an old account
My $500 of LULU calls are worth $3500 right now 😃
Uh, no
ol' S is what they're saying
Has anyone yolo’d UPST calls?
Markets stupidly bullish 220 calls rocketship
Deny your credit again?
\-21.5% over the last 6 months, -22.16% over 3 months, -16.5% over the last month, and -6.8% over the last 5 days. Looks like the controversy is actually helping.
And you fuckin love it
Sen. Token
Call on PayPal and Amazon and Tesla ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4267)
Apple going to use A.I to take things away from their products and charge poors more.
I’m buying the dip, making money doesn’t have a prejudice 💪🏻
Did anyone else maybe buy puts on a relatively massive chip company at close
Bitcoin fixes this.
Nah stocks only go up ![img](emote|t5_2th52|30663)![img](emote|t5_2th52|30663)
My Robinhood margin account i executed more than 3 day trades so I'm stuck for 90 days with flag?? They say even if I witch to cash it wont let me trade in cash due to RH cash account not like other brokers is that true??
Ohh noiceee , thanks for not sharing before so we could all have had 15 baggers
At the bar. Fuck you u/brutalhunny I’m in charge now.
AAPL's current track of innovation consists of new phone colors
AI Apple car soon.
Just wait for AIPhone ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
Ok so who else is holding spy puts? With an exp of October or later?
[this is actually terrifying.]( \n \nI wonder what AI will kill me with when I am old.
Sell the news
priced in
How does time decay work in your favor?
Buy the republican dip
What’s up with it vanilla face
is this a new chatbot clone of VM?
I was shitting my balls.\n\nThough 3 weeks still shitting my balls.
And to think, AAPL hasn’t even said AI yet
Just hold TROW. Its an undervalued business and has a bright future. Big brand name. Ill be holding it but up to you brother. Ill be posting updates as i hold it too
I was serious, I am pretty regarded and confident this will be the play.
If you math, DG is more expensive than Target for many products. The stores themselves are kind of depressing and full of stuff that you either don't need or are of shoddy quality. So, to be fair, if the consumer were stronger, then why would they choose to shop here?
We have trans bender training invites at work basically daily now.\n\nAny lube company on the stock exchange?
Tell me why the police have requested footage from me multiple times when their was a break-in down the block? If they got it automatically then they wouldn’t waste a detective’s time on something like that.
ya girl pulled a 15 bagger on DG puts\n\n![img](emote|t5_2th52|8883)![img](emote|t5_2th52|8883)![img](emote|t5_2th52|8883)![img](emote|t5_2th52|8883)
Ape do good now. Ape make six figure when work.\n\nApe tired of being ripped off though. Juice not worth squeeze. Job very annoying sometimes.\nI fix internet from utility pole to the PC itself. No one makes money without me. \n\nMe need 300k minimum to work. Me tired. Me sad. Me want afford family. Me too smart to ever settle for indentured servitude by debt buildup andpaychec to paycheck. \n\nApe want to make it to where everyone happy again but probably only smart enough to help himself. Make ape feel guilty for success.\n\nGood luck my ape.
People say South Carolina is homophobic, but they’ve had a gay senator for 20 years. 🏳️‍🌈
Burger King has been brutal to Lizzo
Man, I look in my own mirror and am like “Damn, i’m one big mf”. \n\nThen I go to the gym and am like “Damn i’m the skinniest motherfucker here”.
Don't bank on it. People expect it to happen anyway
A lower print as in… unemployment rate is higher or lower than expected? I would guess lower unemployment is bearish
But shouldn't that presumably mean that they do less sales if they don't need to be replaced that often?
Space Elevator preferred ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
Ass.. were going to monetize\*... ASS..... ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8882)
Comments on posts get 1k upvotes sometimes
When talking to a women with large breast, never look at her in the eyes keep you eyes directly on her breast.
NVDA dips are still getting bought up violently, and until this changes you can't expect puts to print. But good luck anyway. Institutional coverage and news is also - unsurprisingly - very positive.
Yeah I’m sure you and your wife know a lot more than the professionals that work with inventory management software for large retail businesses. But I’m sure somehow the stock market told you that they were just nefariously hiding a Chinese chair from you and your wife in some super cool scheme to not make money. Makes sense! 🥴
Huge gap up tomorrow if the senate does their thing tonight?
Think as you like ill be here though, posting monthly updates as well and adding to positions if they go down to lower my cost basis
Good. America to the moon, literally. Please? One more time?
Think as you like ill be here though, posting monthly updates as well and adding to positions if they go down to lower my cost basis
You're a fucking idiot if you think bears are a good investment right now. You must be poor and stupid if you can't see that the market is about to rebound significantly. Get out of here, you piece of shit!
Look at me, i’m the little mermaid now
#Ban Bet Lost\n\n/u/Weathers_Writing made a bet that SPY would go to 410.0 within **1 day** when it was 417.791 and it did not, so they were banned for a week.\n\nTheir record is now 0 wins and 7 losses
No idea but the usual suspects already blaming the covid vaccine. Lmfao
Good luck! I held some calls over night. Lambo or homeless.
WSB bullish means SPY -5% tomorrow
I bought Meta at $280 a year or so ago. I was down almost 70% and I never averaged down and now I’m going to buy again. I’m such a fucking idiot.
Or TSLA $200
the fed is kneecapped right now, look at the hot inflation prints and jobs reports, and they are not hiking in june only because the government cant stop spending like a drunken sailor \n\nyellen needs to unload a fukton of treasuries and the fed cannot raise rates until she is done because every rate hike means the treasury is paying that much more money on the near trillion dollars worth of treasuries that need to be sold
blood clot head paralyzed and blind
Justin Bieber? Is that some sort of sexual innuendo
Would be cool if bers get obliterated overnight AGAIN
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Shut up Meg
Worked for me up on all my calls ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
Is LULU using AI ![img](emote|t5_2th52|12787)![img](emote|t5_2th52|12787)![img](emote|t5_2th52|12787)
Anyone thinking that CCL might in for a small squeeze?
Jpow needs to regain the narrative. Tell em these job numbers mean July rate hikes as well ![img](emote|t5_2th52|18632)
People have been brutal to Lizzo
Let’s be honest, you’re not talking to any women
Going to drop a fat call on TITN ![img](emote|t5_2th52|30663)
I shall wait to buy stocks at ATHs, thank you very much
>There are reports of customers having trouble withdrawing funds from Apple $AAPL savings accounts offered through Goldman Sachs\n\nMy money now bitch - Tim Apple.
In the past when I switched from margin that already had PDT flag, didn't let me use cash account unless I have over 25K in that account.
Sorry my pp is out
this is the way
Nowadays morality rate is sub 1%
His heart is in the right place but how the fuck is that man going to manage another term? Jesus, just pass the ball grandpa.
They lied about it not to be clear to know that they knew the marketing that did the it was happening to though such that we knew the thing that it was they knew that we were to be knowing they did it. Hope that clears this up.
Imagine not being able to sort by Top because votes are all hidden behind the Hot algorithm. YouTube did it with down vote counts, what's stopping reddit?
Counterpoint: my fiance's ass looks great in leggings
Just buy calls then and get rid of your biases
I’m here brother, ill be here in WSB until I’m dead.
Thinking of throwing cash into JD and BABA. Set up is looking very good but gyna stocks very unpredictable...
google additive manufacturing. 3d is going places. it's very important in aerospace and defense.
Hell yeah you argue on the internet, get em!!!\n\nP.S. The person who replies to you need not have the exact same viewpoint as the original comment, wow!
No I think they get a bunch of karma from actual posts instead of hanging out here
Or YOLO 10k
Tomorrow I'm getting SQQQ. I see market going down harder than JB did today at Air Force graduation.
Doesn’t even make sense silly AI regard
Congratulations you regard
There are, and they are a million times better than the garbage official app
If your hedge puts are worthless you are playing the game right
Ape wanna see ape do good and stuff
Lesson learned: inverse the long post
If you and he both think that, you're wrong together at least.\n\nThe total budget for last year was $6.3T, of which $751B was for "defense", or about 12%. The interest on the national debt was a sizeable fraction of that amount, $475B. \n\n\nThe main problem is how much they *spend*, not how much they spend on the *military*.
“If Lizzo is so beautiful, why do women get mad at me when I tell them they look like Lizzo?”\n\n - Luke Skywalker
Stop projecting VM
Does it ever stay jacked after earnings
That would be overly rational
Dame could've used that info before ER, will keep an eye out next ER. Thanks!
I am financially disgruntled
Goodluck. I sold my 422 calls end of day for around 115% profit. Hope we rally into the weekend for ya.
That’s normally how that works
Smells like bull scrotum in here
You should count yourself lucky if you don’t understand him
Lmao feel bad for whoever does his CC
Calm down ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
Could get news, new virus out there with morality rate of 40%. SPY would follow this with a 3% rally
I got 350 & 352 LULU spreads. Old me wouldnt be this responsible
Or just do drugs until commence sense doesn’t matter anymore.
>If the rumors are true and Apple's VR headset is as innovative and groundbreaking as it is rumored to be, there could be significant market interest in purchasing Apple call options. The potential for a substantial increase in demand for the product could translate into higher revenue and earnings for Apple, which would likely result in a rise in the company's stock price. GivenApple's track record of releasing well-received products, investors may have optimism that the VR headset will help solidify Apple's position as a leaderin the technology industry.
Unironically this ^
Matures Fooning ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4276)![img](emote|t5_2th52|4276)![img](emote|t5_2th52|4276)
To make top 1% commenter on wsb is insane, u have to comment more than trading ![img](emote|t5_2th52|30641)
I don’t know how.
They don’t actually think that she’s that hot. They are required to say that
You're a fucking idiot if you think bears are a good investment right now. You must be poor and stupid if you can't see that the market is about to rebound significantly. Get out of here, you piece of shit!
\n**User Report**| | | |\n:--|:--|:--|:--\n**Total Submissions**|3|**First Seen In WSB**|6 months ago\n**Total Comments**|66|**Previous Best DD**|\n**Account Age**|7 months|[^scan ^comment ](\)%20to%20have%20the%20bot%20scan%20your%20comment%20and%20correct%20your%20first%20seen%20date.)|[^scan ^submission ](\)%20to%20have%20the%20bot%20scan%20your%20submission%20and%20correct%20your%20first%20seen%20date.)\n>TL;DR: There may be market interest in purchasing Apple call options in anticipation of a potential rise in the company's stock price following the announcement of its highly anticipated VR headset.
Bears rn ![img](emote|t5_2th52|19738)![img](emote|t5_2th52|19738)![img](emote|t5_2th52|19738)![img](emote|t5_2th52|27421)
He was doing an impressions of Bears ports.
The market can stay irrational longer than we can stay solvent 🤣🤣
Ya, that'll drive profits. Look at target and bud light
Algos seem like they are only programmed to buy tbh
It's difficult to say what Cramer is up to on any given day, but it's safe to assume that he is motivated by money and greed. As such, he probably doesn't have much empathy for people who are struggling financially. So if you're not doing well economically, it's likely that Cramer will view you as inferior and might even enjoy insulting you.
I’m balls deep in $GUYS. It feels right to me, maybe it would for you? That’s the DD
Somebody ban this idiot
Welcome my Ape brother
NVDA should do a split and go back to 400 again ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4275)
cramer is impossible to understand today is he going through puberty i mean my god
Im sure lots of people thought that way today but with puts
Bears, I love you. You're just not serious people
I'm the ghey now
me too. cut both loose n move on
Yoga pants were the best invention since the cell phone and the Polio vaccine, but it's hard to justify them being the basis for a publicly traded company of note
Yall women are confusing like if Lizzo is so beautiful, why do women get mad at me when I tell them they look like Lizzo? Help me out bros ![img](emote|t5_2th52|12787)
On what stock?
Trigger warnings all month for the most delicate people out there 🙄
if buffet ever sells, the flash crash will blow past your stops.
Man. I'm in at bed bath beyond for 1753. We think Carl ichann and Ryan Cohen gonna buy bobby q\n\n\nTendies or Wendy's. Gonna start my own IT installation busines if we win. So sick of working for douche bags. I do department stores by myself. I'll triple my income if I get rid of these other people in between me and the corporation. Here is hoping my dude. Sorry you lost. \n\nApe no want see ape lose.
Yes and when this is all said and done in about a year it will be in the history books as the BEGINNING 🥂
For an 80-year-old man, I'm surprised how quick he sprang to his feet.
Futes mooning
Yes, he is here and totally 500% priced in.
Lol, sounds like the sales pitch for Aerotine industries you shmuck
If you use RIF or Apollo to view reddit, reddit is pulling the plug forcing the average Jack Mayhoff to use their shitty app. They are banking on people to use their app and make more ad revenue. A lot of people are ready to drop reddit entirely, because their app is garbage.
I already do that at work. seems great.
He ded?
They are making the API so expensive that it won’t be possible for third party apps like Apollo to access Reddit. \n\nIt’s intentional so they can force people onto their shitty app filled with ads and a bad interface. \n\nI’ll just quit Reddit.
You have to be a ghai to bet against LULU 🤌
So another dip is soon?
I didn’t know there were unofficial apps
I motion that if a senator wants to filibuster the debt ceiling bill, they are only allowed to read WSB posts for the entire filibuster
Friend said *imagine if they casted Beyoncé as Barbie* and I immediately thought of a second ćivil war.
There is no way bro, this guy actually writes solid analysis and for some reason he sill can’t win. Tbh you need to stop inverseing yourself, if you’re taking time and putting effort into writing your DD (which most likely you are) then you need to start doing what is more logical based on that info and not the opposite because you’ve been wrong a few times.
is that Jamie Foxx shit true
Only way can trade this market is if I learn magic
Your opinion means as much to her as it does to the people in this sub.
only app will be the official reddit app, which is the worst of them all
Don't acknowledge your fuck ups is enough reason for the stock to crash...looking at you bud light.
They are restricting the API so all of the different non-official Reddit phone apps that people use to interact with the platform will no longer work.
SDAN and SGUY my two favorite etfs
Would have been fine but sold my spy calls for a loss just to buy sofi🙃
Bud light: The side eye meme.
Um a get rich quick call. What else would I expect?
Fibonacci retracement
More than dis![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)
yeah and then those scummy riches turn right around and hire the poor degens to do work, it's really shameful how people who succeed then provide opportunities to those who don't
If you take profit you just have more money to lose the next day!
Fuck you plntr ur supposed to go up fucker
Just deadass
Just don't check Toronto (Canada) home prices lol
Have you not seen asses in yoga pants??
Nope. Got my ass clapped. Lost a few hundred bucks
Damn now I know why my wife’s boyfriend buys her lulu all the time….
Pics or it didn’t happen
Yeah, but there’s big wage gains and ultra low unemployment too. Lol it’s to the point where the Fed is explicitly saying that they’re trying to increase unemployment. When’s the last time you heard someone in Washington say that?\n\nAlso, big gains on AI this year is after massive losses last year. A decent number of bears are still up over the past few years, even after the recent rally.
Do you even go to Target?
who cares about the poors though they got barely any skin in the game.
Gambling on earnings instead of paying your credit card first… you belong here sir.
They are already going to try stopping it over military funding
He was just doing an impersonation of SPY puts.
What does that mean?
this most likely wont happen but if SPY even glances at 419 tomorrow load the fucking boat on 0DTE calls (420/421) +
Tbh fucked up they do this during the month we celebrate fathers.
Puss sells
Picked wrong all day
I laughed way to hard at that 😂
Did you win?
ur gonna be rich tomorrow morning
With higher prices comes higher profit margins; effectively reducing the amount of sales needed to reach the same $$$ amount. \n\nSell 100 shoes for $1 each or 20 shoes for $5 each.
Other brand's leggings wear out in a year or so, and Lulus hold up for years, a decade even. The actual price value is better than a much cheaper version, even if you don't care about them as status symbols, though they are that too. They're like what Le Creuset is to cookware.
gift her a lulu pant
I agree, it’s just self destructive behavior and a relatively small position in my account. Would be cool if it printed but I’m at best banking on a small pullback overnight and selling in the am
I'd like to know when my salary is gonna grow. Fuckn $70k for a new truck. $400k median homes. Wtf
the children they use to make their goods have smaller fingers, so the needlework is more deft
Why’s lulu mooning
Gay flag sales up in June… do I buy puts ?
Reddit is killing third party apps in a month. Whoever thought that was a good idea is going to kill the company before it can even have its IPO
Superman 1ms before he changes his costume
when they filibuster. do they say I Filibuster !
Being serious (yeah sounds funny), I am thinking of puts.
AV with AI using VR?
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Biden fell guys, get Puts
Your butthole is weak
Calls it is
thank you for your sacrifice
This guys like 0/10 on plays I’ve seen
We aren’t talking about religious leaders. Try and stay on topic.
Yes. They also sell Pink shit on Valentines day, and they don't even have girlfriends. Unbelievable the way they are leveraging culture to sell stuff. This is not a brand new thing started with pride month.
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So now with QQQ raising nicely, VCs just need to manufacture another bank failure aka SVB and keep Jpow hostage and rates flat or pivot. Yellen/Jpow dynamite duo starts the printer, everthing up ATH, fundamentals don't matter. Profit. VCs rule the world.\n\n![img](emote|t5_2th52|4267)
I mean…I can’t physically do it. But some promised they will ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
“Jim Cramer: Not liking this SentinelOne at ALL” S 🐂 still has hope tomorrow ![img](emote|t5_2th52|18630)
Never gets old
*This “pivot.” Is it in the room with us now?*\n\n*I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/wallstreetbets) if you have any questions or concerns.*
Bad manufacturing and service data, but growing jobs numbers and salaries. How does this even works? \n\nAlso, if US economy is so good, why market pumping for the pivot?
2.2 billion
*sorts by controversial
Diamond hard
I'm not allowed to own a piece of clothing without a stain. That's my fuck you from the universe
This isn't meant to be political but could you imagine how funny it would be if a senator deadass decided to filibuster the debt ceiling bill💀
Major profit taking is starting tomorrow
Huge gap up tomorrow. Biggest you’ve ever seen 🤗
has Apple had a failed product in the past 2 decades ?
You're the Elon Musk of trading! Congrats!
What if NVDA is headed for 1000 ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)
So if it dips at open tomorrow I sell out of my puts and buy 0dte calls right? You guys wouldn't lie to me if you weren't gonna do the V tomorrow
Just as hard as lulu 🍑s make your dongus
Them dumb bitches!
If you end up with a realized gain, uncle sam gonna want his cut
Put options all day baby…. Target is totally screwed. They have a huge decline in sales, the consumer is against their products, they’re overpriced cheap products, and they have owe a boat load of money to JP Morgan.
You’ll get em next time homie ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8882)
Dude the year is 2023. It was a fucking chair probably made in China, not an autographed pair of Jordan’s. But you’re right and the stock market is wrong 🥴
TQQQ $35, SVXY $73.5
If this gets 10 upvotes I will buy hot Cheetos despite what my butthole will have to go through
From +400 to -140 ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)
Wallstreetbets users eating their own asses now 😳
i have expiring 210c tomorrow
Bought DIS and ULTA.
This just awoke the ber in me
Why all debit spreads ?
I can't decide if you didn't get the joke or if you did, but decided to be pedantic anyway. Regardless, Gonna have too give you a great big L for not playing along.
Idk what wsb has been saying tho ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4260)
nice. donate to my bank
Hope the fucker dips in the morning, I'll get back in again and again and again ![img](emote|t5_2th52|29637)
Coulda just bought the stock in Jan and had less risk and made more. Also good luck with those taxes.
Nobody tells him
A lot of people did this sort of rational move. That’s why we rip higher tomorrow
Inverse WSB of course!
How hard are my 360 calls gonna print on Lulu tomorrow?
Can I get my HYS funds out first?
Because you think it wont
All in on puts. Should be double digits before the end of the year.
That would be considered a “loss” you can write off up to $3000 per year
It’s called a flex for a reason poor
Butthole or dik ?
My lulu lemon workout leggings get way more stares from the ladies at the gym than my generic ones. They’re really great at accentuating my huge droopy balls.
Who’s got good options plays for tmrw
NVDA $500 strike price calls for October 2023 🚀 💰
Just wait till Apple says the magic two letter acronym
Need those eyeglasses to reveal the truth about the "give us your money, homo's" joke supporting LGBTQ
TSLA puts on the menu
The market growth is limited, lots of investor money has been wasted on AI companies with negative EPS and no way to fix that. I think the bubble is very similar to the 2020-2022 crypto bubble that Nvidia hugely profited from.\n\nNVDA also isn't really growing, their margins and earnings are up from selling higher-margin products, but their revenue has fallen quite substantially.
Warren buffet has a flip phone; but you’re likely correct about this guy.
If you're coming up on 100k and haven't changed your spark plugs, you're throwing away a bunch of money on fuel and making the car run less efficiently. If you ever go to sell the car, you're also leaving a poorly maintained car to be someone else's problem.\n\nAt a maximum, 25k-30k.
i did an AVGO call a week ago\n\nit was a 10 bagger at one point\n\nguess who still has a call instead of profit?
What’s do I do?
Any answer, would just cause more questions.
I actually sold covered calls on CHWY this morning around 11 lol
Why they kill SoFi ![img](emote|t5_2th52|30641)
Bought some hedge puts that are worthless now , what a waste of money . Recession my ass... Mike Wilson z Dan Nathan, wrong af
CEO was a bum on the CC. Mono tone at and scared to answer AI questions
If you could dig up pile of dirt in your backyard and sell it for millions, why would you ever stop unless you ran out?
Rn is under 400![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
Come on bers, explain to me why market is tanking tomorrow
Sounds like u should google it lazy stupid fvck
It’s a bubblegum of AI
NIO is reporting earnings on the 9th. You know what to do and I know what not to do ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4275)
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Bulls always win.
You missed that excitement by 2-3 days
This is retoded but I bought spy and nvda puts for 2 weeks out at close, about 14k worth. So bull run will continue until that position is at zero
\n\nDamn, I was hoping that the bearish price action heading into LULU earnings was finally signaling Lululemon had reached its cult peak. But I guess not.\n\nI still don't understand what makes their leggings (and other clothes) worth like 5x the cost to customers of the many other brands. But I guess that's the silly world we're in right now... the more expensive something is (leggings, phones, stocks, whatever) from a price-to-value standpoint, the more people want it.
Also, the L+ community doesn’t support pedos
🔌 came thru bigly
Smart that way they trash all your rentals and you spend more on mortgaging and fixing them up than you get from rent
yeah I see that now
Man this place got sawft as shit; "Fuck You" is all you use to get. What a pussy of a mod.
sorry, this is probably too much gallows humor
lmaooo\n\ntypical WSB
I bought a call option right before close that should make a small dent in my debt
You're just a poor person who doesn't know any better. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps? That's not how the world works. You need to be born into wealth and privilege to succeed in life. Keep a stiff upper lip? Please, that's just another way of saying "suck it up and deal with it."
Of course they can't say that outright.
just keep going, ya know? pull yourself up by your bootstraps and keep a stiff upper lip
If all those old cars were steel , why did they crumple like an accordion when hit ? Is it the thinnest steel ever? Using steel in buildings made it possible to build skyscrapers so why is steel in cars not stronger?
That sucks. Good luck with therapy me dude
On spy its bearish, on nasdaq 100 its hiroshima of bears
You say that like straight men and women can’t be pedos.
might be hiding cash, gold, silver, or jewelry.... a lot of shit could be worth selling but would it be worth it.
Better buy assets now
Put your head on my 🅱️eeeenis
Hmmm, where was this reported? Because its absolutely false. It was adult swimwear.
then post about it in r/ news or something everytime an article about rent prices increases pops up. hehe
How does buying puts and calls at the same time towards a company affect you when filling taxes?
Yeah but the implied move was huge. No big profits to be had
Yeah, no one has really talked about it. My calls absolutely printed.
Data hasnt done much for spy honestly... since the fed said we are pausing. \n\nBut yes i am watching it and a lower print would be bearish
Puts it is, then
Damn, good call\n\nEdit: never mind, why would you inverse your own logic you dumbass lol
Dual economy… 40% rich, 60% pooor degens. Pick your poison
that's tough man, I'm sorry... hang in there
It’s a good thing I got $2k comin in hot cause I’m not gonna miss the next bull run
AI chat chatbot when Reddit IPOs go all in because AI
Dual economy… 40% rich, 60% pooor degens. Pick your poison
It's paying off mine rn😃
Thank you lord and savior JPOW
Everything is fine
Id say like 0.1% room for error...\n\nDouble bottome and tops usually happen immediately after eachother
Man we're still pumping
I'm so sorry. You did a kind thing by checking up on him. I highly recommend talking to a therapist stat. Just the fact that you're here talking about it shows that it's deeply affecting you.\n\nTake good care of yourself.
Yup gonna buy all the poor apartments and charge double rent just to flex and piss poors off cuz fuk em
that pattern is uber bullish not gonna lie but tim apple is selling shares so i don't know what to think. Hard to see them go much above 3 trillion mkt cap in this market
same brother, hope it rockets
yeah gonna be strictly desktop and old reddit for me. once they stop old reddit im outtttaaa here.
or 300
calls on ROPE?
Hold on.... wth? AIs are this good?? DAMMM no wonder the AI hype.
What's hilarious with the current market and economy is that the poor's are getting hit with recession and high inflation while the rich are being hit with +100% gains in 6 months off an ai bubble\n\nCompanies catering to poor's are getting obliterated while those that cater to rich people are posting record earnings\n\nIt's a hell of a sight to behold
Come on lulu, please let me pay off my credit card
Debt ceiling lifted to unlimited, let’s get those stimmy cheques rollin!!!!
well, never say never but basically your kids will make meme's about you being able to aford a home for $400k (you couldn't) as homes are then $40 million
I just discovered that Reddit is increasing API prices to such a ridiculous extent as from July 1st that 3rd party apps will effectively cease to exist.\n\nFuck that shit, I'm not reading Reddit in their own app. Guess it's my last month on this shit hole.
yeah me either tbh.
TSLA over under $210 tomorrow?
NVDA is never going to be below $400 ever again
\n\nwhat strike
Woman are the reason to blame for LULU stock going up! SHAME!
You in Bay Area or Seattle lol that size was the average , I have seen those older 500 sq ft houses , it seemed ridiculous to make a house that small and it was always on a large lot
It goes up
IYW is up 38.6% YTD
Not at this rate, if groceries are hitting 100% yoy, fed will under report it as 10% anyways
Inflation has been coming down. What you talking about Willis?
Not sure if this counts as insider trading ![img](emote|t5_2th52|27189)
$LULU should change their name to LULUAI
it's a french expression, it means "what will be the purpose"
shitting so bad right now in AH though...wonder what my position will look like tomorrow....need big swing in either direction...was hoping for it to moon
I’m gangsta until i see a cat. Those bastards are adorable.
AVGO, more like av-guh
no one mentioned CHWY today ? mother fuckers up 25%
> From one survey from 2 years ago\n\nHere's [another]( from today. I'm sure this one doesn't count either.\n\n> then you can assume most customers support LGBTQ individuals than don't support.\n\nMost people don't give a shit and just want to buy a pair of shoes or a burger or whatver, which is what that survey you want to hand-waive away stated because it doesn't fit your narrative.
That's not how it works
I have yet to find any leggings that are as fantastic as LUlU - some getting close but still not there yet and they have a cult following. Add in their ABC pants for men (which look too good) and it’s a winning combination.
Aight good luck
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I help with lawns occasionally for our community, so yeah
Because brokies can't afford to trade anymore
That's Budweiner
Ever since this nvidia pop, options premiums on everything have been super high.
Is this a real person or an AI chatbot
Gud 1
Literally zero enjoy losing ur money in the morning
What happens if inflation never comes down
imagine being on a marketing team and your company has been working on a Pride thing for months or some new promotion and you see all this chaos so you go balls to the wall on Puts, make a shit ton of money then just quit and retire. that would be amazing.
If it does I’m going golfing to celebrate ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4258)
clown emoji
Nice post! Thoughts on employment report tomorrow? It should determine tomorrow’s open, no? I’m surprised you didn’t mention it today
Damn, I couldn't imagine Reddit without NSFW. That's what makes it Reddit, scrolling through your page normally, and then randomly seeing some squirts.
How come?\n\nThey look like they've done pretty well over the last 5 days unless, of course, you bought the High.
Started accumulating some 1m out puts today and will keep adding if we go higher
>I agree that the healthcare industry is one of the most promising sectors for growth in the post-COVID world. I believe that Veradigm has strong potential in this sector, and I would recommend buying shares of MDRX at its current price.
I’m naming my daughter Anne F. Tee ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8883)
1.\tIf that really happened, I’m sorry you witnessed it. \n2.\tI’ll pour one out for him. \n3.\tThere’s a bunch of resources out there for folks who need help. They work well, but it takes a while.
\n**User Report**| | | |\n:--|:--|:--|:--\n**Total Submissions**|1|**First Seen In WSB**|2 years ago\n**Total Comments**|127|**Previous Best DD**|\n**Account Age**|8 years|[^scan ^comment ](\)%20to%20have%20the%20bot%20scan%20your%20comment%20and%20correct%20your%20first%20seen%20date.)|[^scan ^submission ](\)%20to%20have%20the%20bot%20scan%20your%20submission%20and%20correct%20your%20first%20seen%20date.)\n>TL;DR: Veradigm announced a 250 million dollar stock buyback in Feb and as it goes lower there is a better entry for a company in this growing industry. Even if there is an earnings miss, which is unlikely, right now is a good entry for this stock with a price target in the mid-20s.
What is this. Don’t ruined my puts. Go home
The face you know, the name you trust
Damn he must have bought C3 AI calls.
JUST IN - U.S. Senate votes to repeal Biden's $400 billion student loan handout and send it to Ukraine.
I'll cum in your great great grandma
What cost?
Yeah I got 6/9
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A dissapointment
I chose S over LULU
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Imagine paying 50 bucks of mortgage payments lol
nvda at 700 billion in few months
Broadcom you uncultured swine
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Doesn't matter if the IV stays jacked
Not tomorrow but in a month or two
Rose? That you?
dump free cash on anyone with calls.
Pics or you don't have one
Feel you that’s all that happens on wsb
I know LULU is the boxers company. What the hell is AVGO?
Regarded post
Very disappointing indeed. But yeah I get it, though I would say if you’re drinking bud lite, then the original is likely stronger. I guess it’s a little confusing
[My kitties]( are the cutest, funniest kitties in the world, I don’t think anyone can contest this.
Biden will VETO it
They preannounced 3 weeks ago what the fuck were you expecting
fuck, i hope not
It’s odd to have the exact level match, didn’t know how much wiggle room the levels could have.
Let me screenshot this so that I can demand proof later ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
sure but at what cost ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271) 🐻
yeah, a billion a quarter from AI alone and might represent the same level of growth as the core semi business
When you say AVGO it reminds me when the cuck salt bae said avOCDoo
no pdt on cash accounts
Ummm ok... tell me youve shorted nvdia without telling me "Ive shorted NVDIA"
Yeahhh didn’t know wtf to do, I had to kinda leave him there and call the cops. I didn’t want any blame but fuck
>The S&P 500 is a good investment for those who don't have millions to invest, but it's not guaranteed to outperform the market. Insider trading may help some funds beat the market, but it's illegal and risky.
Your reply was regarded
LT investing
Hedged too much now going to lose my fucking ass on NVDA calls that would've made bank come morning
What are the odds AVGO goes under $700 tomorrow?
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Sell puts it's the way to go. If your wrong about the time frame just roll them to the next month and collect even more money.
seems like every slot machine has NVDA cards.\n\nNew slots all the time.\n\nDid they break out their revenue enough to see how much they make on slot machines?
Put an eggplant in ur pants whenever you walk by
You guys will keep repeating that until SPY 500.
Asking the important questions 😎
T-20minutes till NFLX Shareholder meeting.. probably to laugh at the number of cucks who paid an extra $7 to share an account. If they announce NFLX will run tomorrow like a motherfucker
But that name is sexy
That’s Erdogan levels of economic ignorance. You think, you HONESTLY THINK that the government is preventing people from competing with Walmart? The government is stopping a Microsoft competitor from emerging?!? The Senate passing laws is why 10 companies own over 200 brands and 90% of the manufactured food available for sale in your grocery store???? \n\nNo. Those companies aren’t paying off the government to put barriers in place to stop new competitors, they are paying off the government to lower their taxes and look the other way as they break anti-trust & anti-union-busting laws.\n\nStopping competition they can do on their own by offering better returns as investments than competition can offer. If you had 50 million in investment funds, you are not going to build a competitor to Unilever. You are either going to buy equity in Unilever and get steady stable returns generated by their monopoly positions, or you invest in a risky startup in a growth market. There is NO MONEY in competing in saturated markets, or against massive established players.\n\nEcon101 lied to you. There are no perfectly competitive markets. Any economic theory based on market competition fails when applied to real world data. Markets are filled with inefficiencies and barriers created by the market participants. Government regulation doesn’t make monopolies, they are a natural consequence of unregulated capitalism. The US had a huge monopoly issue at the end of the 1800s, then it increased regulation and the problem went away, then we weakened the regulations and stopped enforcement and now we have a monopoly problem again… shocked pikachu face
SOFI calls. Student loan borrowers are about to get rekt. Plus, the treasury needs 1.4 trillion by August.
What will happen first?\n\nNVDA at $ 2trillion\n\nNVDA back at $900 billion
\n**User Report**| | | |\n:--|:--|:--|:--\n**Total Submissions**|1|**First Seen In WSB**|2 years ago\n**Total Comments**|17|**Previous Best DD**|\n**Account Age**|11 years|[^scan ^comment ](\)%20to%20have%20the%20bot%20scan%20your%20comment%20and%20correct%20your%20first%20seen%20date.)|[^scan ^submission ](\)%20to%20have%20the%20bot%20scan%20your%20submission%20and%20correct%20your%20first%20seen%20date.)
Help a brother out and start your conversion right away.
Holy fk, good awareness though ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8882)
Robinhood lol
This is why Target Canada failed. They attempted to switch over to a new ERP system (SAP) and it was a disaster. Some stores had too much inventory, others not enough. Their IT has been a shambles since the CIO was pushed out following an expensive cyber incursion in 2013. \n\n\n
Damn, avgo cucked me to oblivion
Will LULU open at 400?
But I already bought calls!
Would you like to know how bad an investor I am? I finally got on the right side of AAPL shares today. That’s how bad.
Go get some ice cream buddy
Wsb is good for mental health
There's war in Ukraine and sanctions on one of the largest fertilizer producers and exporters. That war caused all kinds of food related fuckery in Europe. Ukraine is a large agri-producer in it's own right too.
It's alright I got a 4 digit inheritance coming my way
That moment you realize dollar general had stock
NVDA AAPL AND MSFT should merge in to one company
Knew you wouldn’t have anything good as a rebuttal.
Mind = blown
Damn lucky. I can’t even move my 401k into stocks cuz it’s restricted 🫠
Just buy my course where I show you how I make money.
I don’t even know if good numbers are bullish or bearish at this point
Poison IV 🍃
Hmmm thats a tough one eh?
In the same boat ☹️
damn man im sorry, hope you can find solace in knowing there was nothing you could have done to stop him. Much love brother
blind or denial of reality bulls
I'm listening looks like it's going to shit the bed tomorrow, you think it'll go up?
nothing beats talking to a nice pregger women at the doctor's office and explaining to her that the upcoming recession is gonna be bad.\n\nLike real bad.
Bears disgust me, ride the wave of innovation ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4276)
Y you skip the last two times????
85 cents Colonel
Moved just like Nvidia
Why do people keep messaging me offering financial advice? Just stop, I know myself how to lose money ![img](emote|t5_2th52|30641)
Up is up tho
As an AN AI ~~Overlord~~ language model I find your lack of faith to be disturbing.
My local DG hasn’t had AC in a year and we live in the south east\n\nOn top of looking like crack heads raided the place
Coulda been 300k 😭
So did you check the house for anything worth stealing?\n\nThanks for the awards ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
With summer coming up, lulu forward guidance should be bussin
nah last week AMD did me well...made about 13k from AMD so not really down....just a bummer
The following week Will moon, always does after lulu earnings
That one felt nice
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I think the PDT flag is still there, but it doesn’t have any impact.
Lulu lemon yoga pants 🤤🤤🤤 catering to a higher income earner and brand loyalty....
I’ll cum in your mom
Double top has to perfectly be equal... so both candle bodies have to be at say exactly 357. Otherwise its not an actual double top
wait a bit we'll see who's funny
Don't worry brother, you still have pm ![img](emote|t5_2th52|18630)
Hopefully my 4x 424c 6/2 @0.49 will save them
How about you eat a little bit less butter huh, fatass?
I tried yesterday to buy 2k of calls for 11.5 12 for this Friday. But my transaction never went through 😢 it would have been a nice 3-4x
Visualmod is salty af
Booties be looking thic as fuqqqqqq
He didn't say NVDA, he said Nvidia, which is a company, not a stock. As a company it could open things (eg a new manufacturing location).
HD is offering me the biggest discounts on purchases if I use my HD cc that I have ever got.
Was doing a welfare check on one of the dudes in our neighborhood, but no answer. So, I got mustered up some guts and knocked on the door of that grumpy old dude who lived in our hood, you know, the one who was a total jerk to everyone. But damn, no answer. \n\nGot me all worried, so I decided to sneak a peek inside, and what the hell I saw was straight-up bone-chillin'. The dude had actually hanged himself from a freakin' rope thing. \n\nIt's like a scene out of a messed-up movie, man. That image of his dead body is gonna haunt my nightmares for real, a reminder that even in our own hood, bad stuff can go down.
Learn to trade like me and you'll be able to afford this lambo
New Bull run is neigh
bro, why TROW?
For a 15 vix i feel like trading days have been volatile
I’m in
LULU never disappoints!!! The stock and the apparel 💅
if TSLA 215 tomorrow i will C U M
How are AVGo calls going for you ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4267)
Most acts of sexual assault against children are done by heterosexual men, the vast majority being cases of incest against young girls. I don’t think there’s a single (normal, well adjusted) person on this planet who doesn’t think pedos should get the chipper, it’s just weird how certain people fixate on one demographic in this conversation. Almost like they’re just a scapegoat…\n\n
Lemme tell you something son the names ya boi and I ain't gonna say it again
If it goes to 220 I’ll donate $100 to any non-profit organization of your choice
Did you sell?
We’re back on the Robinhood train lol. I literally just wrote out a long explanation why in another sub. It’s in my immediate comments history if you’re interested
they'll blackmail you tho
Thought V counts as double I so it is really AII
VIX in the mid 15s… I could be wrong with the mid dated spx puts but if you don’t take a stab in the 15s then I dunno what
I really bought some dell instead of lulu ![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)![img](emote|t5_2th52|4267)
$LULU is a trillion dollar company
We've come full circle. \n\nThose dipship investor videos that went away in 2022 are coming back in full force selling their 🅰️ℹ️ trading courses.
The reason those sticks are low is that people spend a shit ton more when they move into a different home than they do in their current home. High interest rates decrease mobility and therefore reduce profits for $HD and $LOW. When interest rates fall it is easier move and their profits will increase
when you listen to the bulls, don't you feel like it lacks argument? 🐻![img](emote|t5_2th52|4271)
Stocks are so hot right now. Calls on stock
Inverse the majority and you're good dude
You're an idiot if you bought NVDA. They are about to drop like a rock and everyone knows it except for clueless noobs like you.
I bought into NVDA. You have been warned. Brace yourselves for the drop. 🤣
You clearly made the wrong choice - anyone with half a brain would have gone with AVGO calls. LULU is a complete joke of a company and their stock is only going to go down from here.
I fuckn hope so. I'm all in on $7 calls for the 23rd
C3 AI realistically should be a 200m dollar company lol
It was either LULU calls or AVGO calls. Guess which I went with?
Waiting 30 mins to sell my 375 6/9 lulu calls after open tomorrow. Going to moon
watch premarket
Never chase your losses fwend
my body is ready
I completely agree - Karp comes across as very confident and cocky on TV. He seems to really enjoy showing off his wealth and intelligence, which I find extremely annoying.
Being poor will make you bitter and hateful
Mate I'm hopeful for you! I'll have a great day too if you get there! \nThere's always next week if not 😎
Never bet against big booty spenders. Hope lulu opens at 400+ tmrw. I need to pay off my furniture ![img](emote|t5_2th52|30641)
Put in another 30k, buy the dip!!!
A stick of butter is retailing for $9.29 and everyone is going along pretending everything is fine.\n\nEverything is not fine.
Say what you want, Karp really likes to swing his dick on national TV with a level of confidence I have rarely seen
I'm sure the evidence would speak for itself
Nah you fucked up only called a dip cause it’s normal market movement. After a rally but the trend is bullish. I bought the dip
Or I just don’t like companies that do stupid shit like they did. It’s not smart business to push agendas like that. \n\nI’m sure if a beer brand said they supported Trump you wouldn’t drink it. Quit being a damn hypocrite.
I'm a bull but yeah all this buying right before employment numbers tmr ...either they already have them or bulls get slaughtered tmr hmmm which will it be 🤔
What if nvdia has some chips in apples VR glasses
A bubble inside a bubble inside a Ponzi scheme
right before eod
Remember inflation? Neither do I
**If the rainbow's on display,** \n**put your wallet away.**
AVGO should be up huge in the morning following this call
I grabbed 10x SPY 426c 6/2 @0.19… how fucked am I?
Which Lulu call is gonna be a 10 bagger tmrrw
Are you telling me Amazon is using household products to spy on us? Hold on, let me ask my wire tap that always knows when I talk to it if this is true.
SWEET ![img](emote|t5_2th52|8882)![img](emote|t5_2th52|8882)![img](emote|t5_2th52|8882)
Thank you brocake I appreciate you
I have no idea it’s making me nervous af right now
Absolutely not lol it crushed earnings and SPY is up
Everyone thinks this way, therefore Apple 200c 0dte tmrw at open
I've become bitter and hateful since coming here. But mostly just very poor
Bears so wrong it's not even funny
Fed's QT continues as balance sheet runoff progresses at same pace, still on track to return to Mar 1st level before end of this month, that's also same level as 8/25/21, and total securities held outright are at lowest level since Aug '21
is this the Buddhism sub?
Oh look bulls win again
Not enough AI
Should’ve bought calls 🤣
Come to webull nick gurr
Join the bull side bro. The fact that doomer bear porn is in such high demand should show you why we keep pumping. Start buying pull backs and corrections before it’s too late
Why would it not be considered if you don’t mind me asking?
Champ is back! Keeps the 100% win streak alive !!!!
You got an enlarged nutsack, I'll give you that, but shorting tech in this holy year of AI is absolute madness.
That 27%er is nice.
This is haram.
pretend she has a penis and then go for it
Nice call. Any update?
Pics or it doesn’t matter
Tell her
Lmao im all in at 430 see you on the other side soldier ![img](emote|t5_2th52|18632)![img](emote|t5_2th52|18632)
if you have to ask then just use the shy virgin angle
so in other words, they didn't force anything on you and this whole event had zero meaningful impact on your life, aside from the rage baiting spurred on by the media. Stay dumb and distracted
Lulu makes my butt look
True, maybe the stars are aligned. At the end of the day no one knows I just didn’t see it mentioned.
Not your fault man. It was extremely volatile. Hope you didnt lose too much from your initial investment
Why the f AVGO dropping????? Solid earnings no???
No. But cash takes longer to settle, and funds are not readily available after you sell. But as long as it’s available you can trade as much as you want
Why are you Gae!
Tigo Energy looks pretty ok
For Robinhood, if you switch to cash account would that still carry PDT flag if you were flagged on margin account?
but bers said we'd dump because SeLL tHe NeWs LMAO 🤌
I’m sure it will too, they wont let the US default
From one survey from 2 years ago, on one of the LGBTQ groups, that wasn't even that conclusive (a lot of the percentages were equal in accepting/disagreeing). I'm not here to debate with idiots, if you believe companies only care about profits, and most of all companies are showing support for pride month, then you can assume most customers support LGBTQ individuals than don't support.